Weekly EAW Cards (Click for larger view)

Friday Night Dynasty Card: 4/3/2020 Saturday Night Showdown Card: 4/4/2020 Sunday Night Voltage Card: 4/5/2020

LIVE! From an empty Pensacola Bay Center in Pensacola, Florida!

- Drake King vs Ronan Malosi - World Heavyweight Championship - Lethal Consequences on commentary

- SOSA Henderson vs Impact vs Chris Elite

- Cage vs TLA - Grand Rampage Preview

- Cage vows to finish Chris Elite “one way or another” 

- The Visual Prophet vs Justin Windgate - Jalyn Garcia ringside

- “She better not get hurt in all of this”

- Dr. Bethany Blue provides an update on the status of Darcy May Morgan

- Korey Gaines vs Serena Bennett

- Serena Bennett addresses last weeks altercation

- Andre Walker vs Kasey Kaos

- Bozo Victims Unit: Spousal Abuse Awareness Edition 

- W1LH3LM vs Dray Fontana vs Osamu Arcichida vs Mike Gambino vs Angel de Plata Jr vs Gwyn Gilfried vs Hevel vs El Landerson vs Melissa O’Malley vs Lisa Wren - 10 Person Over The Top Battle Royal - Winner secures a late entrant in the Grand Rampage 

- Dynasty gets Super! SASS invades Dynasty and makes their decision

LIVE! From an empty Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana! 

- Cameron Ella Ava vs. Shaker Jones w/The Bozo Victims Unit  

- "I know we've had our differences in the past, but if you let me in the Grand Rampage, you will not regret it."  

- Harper Lee vs. Shane Gates

 - Santo Muerte sets his sights for the future. 

- Tom Ferrari and Brutal Bruce Everett vs. Lance Blackfyre -- 2-on-1 Handicap Match

-Kyra Phillips conducts an interview between the three competitors in the Answers World Championship Match at Grand Rampage.

-Bronson Daniels vs. Lucas Johnson w/Albert Hitchman  

- Alexis Chambers w/Jake Smith vs. TNT  

- Jake Smith gives a last minute lecture to Alexis Chambers before her match.  

- Jordan Payne vs. Brian Perkins vs. MITSUBACHI  

- Ahren Fournier begins his "Road to GOATdemption Tour!"  

- "I'm sorry, Harper, but Veena is not even at the arena tonight..."  

LIVE! From an empty Toyota Center in Houston, Texas

- Rex McAllister vs Shawn Sturgis - Grand Rampage Preview Match

- Minerva & Raven Roberts Contract Signing for the UWC match at Grand Rampage

- SASS: Sierra and Sarah Supergirls vs Malcolm Jones - 2 On 1 Handicap Match

- One Voltage Elitist finds themselves with the last entrant in Grand Rampage!

- Terry Chambers vs Colby Sol vs Grizzly Bear Rocco vs Charlie Marr vs Alun Wyn Jones - Grand Rampage Preview Match

- Colby Sol gives Jesse Barlow his answer!

- Dorian Cade vs Jesse Barlow w/Hannah Marin

- Dr. Bethany Blue finds out what her Unique Opportunity’ is.

- Komatsu Ogawa vs Kristopher Killbourne

- Limmy Monaghan & Mark Macias vs Maxwell & Gavin McArdle

- Andrea Valentine calls out Malcolm Jones

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