Weekly EAW Cards (Click for larger view)

Friday Night Dynasty Card: 10/25/2019 Saturday Night Showdown Card: 10/26/2019 Sunday Night Voltage Card: 10/20/2019

LIVE From the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida

- Visual Prophet vs Drake King

- The King in a Cage

- Jaded Hearts vs TLA & Jenny Cien

- “The New Breed Princess”

- Justin Windgate & Darcy May Morgan vs Osamu Arcichida & Lethal Consequences

- “Once upon a time in 2011”

- Aniyah Mitchell vs Ronan Malosi 

- Impact Presents: Mamba Mentality

- Angel de Plata Jr. vs Archimedes J Manson

- Kassidy calls out Visual Prophet


LIVE! From The Amway Center in Orlando, Florida!

Showdown Presents: Brody Sparks Appreciation Night! 

- "It's been two years and the Spark remains."

- Ahren Fournier w/Chris Elite vs. Cameron Ella Ava w/Jamie O'Hara 

- Amber Keys stands before trial.

- Harlow Reichert vs. Ryan Wilson

- The Grave Worm makes his presence known on Showdown.

- Xander Payne vs. Shane Gates

- Jake Smith vs. Santo Muerte — PURE Rules

- "I'm sorry that you were busy getting a facial to realize what was going on." "Pause."

- Kensingten Calhoun-Astor vs. Shaker Jones

- Jenny Punk draws two more names for the fatal-4-way match at Reasonable Doubt. 

- Lucas Johnson vs. Constance Blevins w/Minerva

-"I'm sorry. We can't let you inside the arena."

LIVE! from José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico

- Jack Ripley vs. Terry Chambers

- “I’m just going to put it out there. I will be the EAW World Champion before the season is out.”

- A Sofia Clarke Exclusive: A Sit Down Interview with Terry Chambers

- Ms. Extreme vs. Korey Gaines - Charlie Marr and Consuela Rose Ava take over commentary!

- Frankie Paradise vs. Sarah Price - The winner receives a spot in an Interwire Championship #1 Contendership match at Wicked Games

- Sarah Price is not impressed with Shortfuse PAKA!

- Serena Riot vs. Zak Simmons

- Jesse Barlow vs. Damian Butler - The winner receives a spot in an Interwire Championship #1 Contendership match at Wicked Games

- Korey Gaines explains his actions against Consuela Rose Ava

- Zak Simmons has had enough!

- Andrea Valentine and The Woogieman vs. Veena Adams and Shawn Sturgis

- “Four.”

There is nothing to display.