Weekly EAW Cards (Click for larger view)

Friday Night Dynasty Card: 12/06/2019 Saturday Night Showdown Card: 12/07/2019 Sunday Night Voltage Card: 12/08/2019

LIVE! From the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec

- Serena Bennett & Sienna Jade vs The Visual Prophet & Drake King

- The Poons prep TLA for his first defense

- Osamu Arcichida vs Lethal Consequences

- Lethal Consequences holds court

- Mike Gambino vs Angel de Plata Jr.

- #10Reignz

- Ronan Malosi, SKA & Nathan von Liebert vs Justin Windgate, Mr. Cool, & Archimedes J. Manson

- The Explicit Champion returns

- Darcy May Morgan calls out the Specialists Chamber participants

- Darcy May Morgan vs El Landerson

- Stew-O hosts a contract signing between Jenny Cien and Raven Roberts for the Universal Women’s World Championship at Road to Redemption

LIVE! From The Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

- Mr. DEDEDE (c) vs. Clark Duncan vs. Finnegan Rapefield vs. "The Fiend" Eclipse Diemos vs.  Axl Turner vs. Jeffrey Epstein's Ghost - Extreme Elimination Chamber - Answers World Championship

- The ILLIONAIRES (Chris Elite and Ahren Fournier), Xander Payne and Mark Michaels vs. Heavenly Hell (Constance Blevins and Minerva), Jamie O’Hara and Cameron Ella Ava 

- The ILLIONAIRES go to Santa Claus about what they want for Christmas.

- Ryan Wilson vs. Candice Blair— King of Elite Tournament Qualifying MatchKensingten Calhoun-Astor on commentary! 

- Harper Lee introduces herself to Jenny Punk.

- Pulp Fiction Style: The Road to Redemption Extreme Elimination Chamber participants introduce their weapons.  

- Santo Muerte vs. The Ring Master — King of Elite Tournament Qualifying Match

- "Yeah, I can't compete tonight...but, she can." 

- Shane Gates vs. Dray Fontana — King of Elite Tournament Qualifying Match 

-Jake Smith calls out Harlow Reichert to the ring. 

- Lance Blackfyre vs. Shaker Jones — King of Elite Tournament Qualifying Match

-“We don’t care about your contract.” 

LIVE! From the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario

- Charlie Marr w/Jordie Ripley vs. Terry Chambers - Extreme Elimination Chamber Preview Match

- Raven’s Final Thoughts

- Zak Simmons vs. The Woogieman - Big Bak Bhampionship Rematch

- Dr. Bethany Blue DEMANDS A No-Disqualification Match at Road to Redemption!

- Jesse Barlow w/Hannah Marin vs. Joy Cassidy

- Sierra Bradford vs. Jalyn Garcia

- “If those flowers are from Jake you can toss them right in the trash.”

- Komatsu Ogawa vs. Korey Gaines - Deathmatch

- Talib Bari Presents ‘Cloth Talk: The Charlie Marr Must Die Edition’. Starring the members of the EAW Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber.

- Sapphire Estelle vs. Sarah Price - Dynasty vs. Voltage

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