Weekly EAW Cards (Click for larger view)

Thursday Night Empire Card: 2/21/2019 Friday Night Dynasty Card: 2/15/2019 Saturday Night Showdown Card: 2/16/2019 Sunday Night Voltage Card: 2/17/2019

LIVE! From the DirecTV Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Visual Prophet vs. Andrea Valentine

- The Blue Carpet Treatment

- Kassidy Heart vs. Chelsea Crowe vs. Constance Blevins vs. Layla Lockhart - Iconic Cup Qualifier

- Wrath of the Machine

- Remi Skyfire vs. Minerva - Iconic Cup Preview

- "Baby, I Love You"

- Mali Evans vs. Io Shimori vs. Karina-Ann

- The Jaded Nile

LIVE from West Virginia University Coliseum in Morgantown, West Virginia

- Theron Nikolas vs Hades the Hellraiser - Answers World Championship

- Andy Dominguez, John Conning and HRDO meet with Starr Stan to discuss the developing lawsuit against Elite Answers Wrestling, Inc.

- Jamie O'Hara and Cameron Ella Ava w/ Ms. Extreme vs Monster & The Devil w/ Soothsayer Hamasa - Devan Dubian and Bowie Gray on commentary

- Monster & The Devil come to collect

- Malik Kennedy vs Kevin Hunter

- The DDD Task Force interrogates members of the Dynasty roster

- Ms. Extreme vs Mark Michaels - Non Title Match

- The FloBros throw their hat into the race

- The FloBros (Thadd Blazevich and Crosby Carter) w/ Carsyn Carter vs The Legion (Finn Edwards and Kyle Daniels)

- Kathy Kush interviews "The New 1%"

- Darkane, Erebus Jennings and The Score are all banned from the arena "for their own safety"

LIVE from Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

-Damon Diesel vs Drake King vs SOSA Henderson - Number One Contendership for the Interwire Championship

-Ahren Fournier vs Ollie Odinson

-TLA has a prophecy

-The Revolution (Jake Smith and Josh Nicholls) vs Jack Haze and Cody Marshall - Number One Contendership for the Unified Tag Team Championships

-Terry Chambers vs Solomon - No Disqualifications

-We Kneel to No One

-Jax Walker vs Justiciar Eric - Qualifier for the New Breed Gauntlet Match

-Shane Gates vs One

-Dynasty demands their rightful chance

-Chudd vs Provencal w/ El Landerson on commentary

-Greatness Incarnate comes to Showdown

LIVE! from Xfinity Center in College Park, Maryland

- Champion versus Champion: Noah Reigner vs The Visual Prophet

- “You seriously want to step up to me??”

- Charlie Marr vs Jack Ripley

- An Update On The Condition of Rex McAllister

- Lethal Consequences vs Myles

- The Blaydemerican Dream!

- Farrell V and Korey Gaines vs Xander Payne and Denis Ryley

- A More Devastating Breakup Than One Direction :(

- The Prince of Phenomenal vs El Landerson

- The Woogieman speaks from heart!


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