Weekly EAW Cards (Click for larger view)

Friday Night Dynasty Card: 2/21/2020 Saturday Night Showdown Card: 2/22/2020 Sunday Night Voltage Card: 2/23/2020

LIVE from the Dome of Doom in Laramie, Wyoming

- Kassidy Heart vs The Visual Prophet

- Angel de Plata Jr vs TLA

- Cage confronts StarrStan regarding the events at King of Elite

- NvL vs Lethal Consequences

- Osamu is done waiting for his turn

- Darcy May Morgan vs Justin Windgate - Champion vs Champion

- “We don’t need copouts”

- Melissa O’Malley vs Lisa Wren

- “When the doors close, you blow the roof off”

- Ronan Malosi vs Niklas Arnold vs Gwyn Gilfried

- Drake King addresses the crowd for the first time since winning the World Heavyweight Championship

LIVE! From The Danny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! 

- Harlow Reichert (c) vs. Lucas Johnson -- PURE Championship

- Jenny Punk raises the stakes for the PURE Championship Match at Under Siege!

- Harper Lee and Jake Smith vs. Alexis Chambers and Lance Blackfyre

- Shane Gates vs. Rico Reeves

- Heavenly Hell celebrate Minerva's Iconic Cup win!

- The Ring Master vs. Oliver Queen

- The ILLIONAIRES regroup with Jenny Punk after their loss at King of Elite.

-Shaker Jones w/The Bozo Victims Unit vs. Tobias Drakkenson 

- "I only want to face the best and you're the best in this company…"

LIVE! From The Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota! 

- Dr. Bethany Blue vs. Ms. Extreme (c) -- Interwire Championship

- Charlie Marr vs. Korey Gaines 

- Captain Charisma meets with Korey and PAKA ahead of their Shock Value grudge match!

- Fire & Ice vs. SASS: Sierra and Sarah Supergirls

-New Breed Wildheart

- Terry Chambers vs. Shortfuse PAKA

- The Corvus has a message for Ms. Extreme and Terry Chambers!

- What's going on with the Big Bak Bhampionship?

-Komatsu Ogawa vs. Shawn Sturgis -- Winner goes into the 'Unique Opportunity' match at Shock Value! 

- The Woogieman demands Jesse Barlow to apologize!

- Grizzly Bear Rocco vs. Alun Wyn Jones -- Winner goes into the 'Unique Opportunity' match at Shock Value! 

- What Charlie wants, Charlie gets. 

There is nothing to display.