Weekly EAW Cards (Click for larger view)

Friday Night Dynasty Card: 2/26/2021

Saturday Night Showdown Card: 2/27/2021

 Sunday Night Voltage Card: 2/28/2021

LIVE! From the World 1 Theatre in East Rutherford, New Jersey

- Mr. DEDEDE vs Donovan Duke 

- Harper Lee searches for answers regarding last weeks unfortunate events

- Visual Prophet vs Limmy Monaghan vs Andre Walker

- Adam Lucas vs Jake Smith 

- Xander Payne vs Dray Fontana 

- “Enough is enough” - Xander Payne

- Impact vs Veena Adams

- Chris Elite vs Maxwell 

- Chris Elite has his eyes set on revenge

- The Fallen Angel vs Mike Murphy

- Dissecting Insurgency

- The Living Highlight vs Jonny Airhart

- Charlie Marr and Veena Adams address the “fake woke clowns” in EAW


LIVE! From the World 1 Theatre in East Rutherford, New Jersey! 

- Jack Ripley vs. Harlow Reichert - Answers World Championship - King Kass on commentary! 

- Xavier Williams vs. Raven Roberts

- "That Interwire Championship will look great wrapped around me...and so will you."

Justin Windgate & Dr. Bethany Blue vs. Chained Fury

Consuela Rose Ava vs. James Ranger

- Kensingten's Country Cookin: Featuring Bronson Daniels!

- Cage vs. Lucas Johnson

- Lucas Johnson still wants his Interwire Championship title shot. 

- Cage returns to Showdown! 

- Antoine Iacob introduces himself to the EAW fans. 

- Strawberry Steve vs. Strawberry Steve - BBB Bhampionship

- HRDO visits Showdown again and addresses Ryan Wilson's actions. 

LIVE! From the World 1 Theatre in East Rutherford, New Jersey

- Terry Chambers vs. Minerva - EAW World Championship

- Drake King blesses Minerva before her EAW World Championship match.

- Ms. Extreme vs. Jon Kelton w/Londyn Zelaya - Voltage vs. Showdown Showcase

- “You want a match at Shock Value. I DEFINITELY need a match at Shock Value. Electric Knife match, anyone?!” 

- Drake King vs. Miku Sakai w/Hikari Kanno

- Candice Blair vs. Kensingten Calhoun-Astor - If Candice wins, Kensingten must make a plea to the Saudi Royal family to free Lisa Wren!

- Myles vs. SOSA Henderson

- “I don’t care who’s the champ come Shock Value, bet on SOSA Henderson taking back what’s his.”

- Darcy May Morgan vs. TLA

- A. Catalina Flowers vs. Azrael

- Captain Charisma rewards TLA for his efforts at King of Elite.

- Holly Arrow vs. Harper Lee - Voltage vs. Dynasty Showcase

- A. Catalina Flowers goes searching for her own opportunity.

- Shane Gates w/Lizzie the Doll vs. Alexis Chambers

- IDOL-GUN stir up trouble.

- Sierra Bradford vs. Mary S. Atlas - Voltage vs. Dynasty Showcase - Constance Blevins joins commentary!

- Lisa Wren speaks to the EAW Universe from her jail cell.

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