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 Friday Night Dynasty Card: 10/29/2021  Saturday Night Showdown Card: 10/23/2021  Sunday Night Voltage Card: 10/24/2021

LIVE! From the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

- Jack Ripley vs. Dr. Bethany Blue

- “These bitches still love SOSA”

- Xander Payne vs. Solomon Stane

- Terry Chambers vs Xavier Williams w/ Harlow Reichert

- Xander Payne looks past House of Glass and instates The Evelyn Convention Center

- Andre Walker vs Andrea Valentine

- Solomon Stane seeks more after a momentous House of Glass victory! 

- Lisa Wren vs Ximena Velasquez vs Domino Stone

- "It was YOUR fault House of Glass turned out like that."

- Johnny Andrews vs. Sierra w/ Ximena Velasquez

- Ximena Velasquez & Sierra take a step back to reevaluate. 

- Dr Angelo D’Angelo & VPLA hosts a World Championship victory celebration for The Visual Prophet!

LIVE! From the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

- Theron Nikolas Vs. Adam Lucas

- A breakdown of the card at Reasonable Doubt by Mikaela Street

- Theron Nikolas, Impact and Kassidy Heart have their final words before Reasonable Doubt!

- The Reasonable Doubt rewind: Armageddon Hell In a Cell 2020

- Limmy Monaghan vs. Ronan Malosi w/ Jon Kelton on Commentary!

- TLA and Charlie Marr make it official!

- Ayu Megumi Vs. Jon Kelton

- “The Specialists Championship Number One Contendership is MINE!”

- Abel Atami Vs. Oliver Taylor

- “The future is bright for you Elitists. Abel Atami, Oliver Taylor and Roberto De La Rosa…”, That is until a Hellcat steps in!

-TLA vs. Ashley Flores

- “WE WRESTLE!” Showdown kicks off with Hurricane Hawk addressing the ENTIRE locker room!

LIVE! From Capital One Arena in Washington, DC

* * * deadline is Friday, Oct. 22nd @11:59PM EST * * *

- Drake King vs. Donovan Duke - EAW World Championship

- Justin Windgate gives Donovan Duke some words of advice ahead of his EAW World Championship match!

- #Dramille5ever

- Ms. Extreme vs. Holly Arrow - Universal Women’s Championship

- Chris Elite and Jake Smith attempt to bond.

- Minerva vs. Kirk Redwood vs. Shane Gates - National Elite Championship

- Cleopatra has a final warning for Rebecca Blackwell.

- Jay Jerry Johnson is extremely bored.

- Danny Tanner w/Candice Blair vs. Kelin - Alex Myers and Ryan Wilson take over commentary!

- MaryBecca react to what went down at House of Glass!

- Lizzie finds Josh!

- The Woogieman vs. Sebastian Garcia - Anything Goes Match

- New Eden decide to hold Voltage hostage until their demands are met!

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