Weekly EAW Cards (Click for larger view)

Friday Night Dynasty Card: 8/23/2019 Saturday Night Showdown Card: 8/24/2019 Sunday Night Voltage Card: 8/25/2019

LIVE from The AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas!

- Provençal vs Jack Ripley - Non title match

- ”Hey, Starr...will a real challenger please stand up?”

- Drake King vs Darcy May Morgan

- The Orchestrator meets a new friend

- Jake Smith vs Justin Windgate

- Impact basks in a job well done

- Osamu Arcichida vs Archimedes J. Manson

- Fatal Destiny gets good news and bad news

- Helena Merriman vs Ronan Malosi

- La Pantera Sexual “...no está solo contigo todavía…”

- Miho-Li and Karina Ann vs Mike Gambino and Eric Havoc

- Serena reflects on her match at Operation: Doomsday!

LIVE! From the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas

- Jamie O’Hara vs. Lucas Johnson — Last Man Standing

- Jenny Punk evaluates Jamie O’Hara’s match last week.

- Chris Elite and Ahren Fournier w/ The Bozo Victims Unit vs. Xander Payne and Myles

- Cameron Ella Ava vs. Io Ishimori

- Ryan Wilson refuses to let anyone hold him back!

- Harlow Reichert vs. Viktor Stone— Mark Michaels on commentary!

- “…yet, after everything I’ve done, you still want to write me off as nothing?”

- Kensingten Calhoun-Astor vs. Constance Blevins w/Minerva — Jenny Cien ringside!

- The Visual Prophet vs. Ryan Wilson

- The Visual Prophet provides a medical update on Nina D.

- Shaker Jones vs. Shane Gates

LIVE! from American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas

- Scott Diamond vs. Consuela Rose Ava

- Andrea Valentine vs. Charlie Marr - Champion vs. Champion

- Terry Chambers vs. Ms. Extreme

- Veena Announces Next Week’s Main Event!

- Fire and Ice vs. Serena Riot and Shortfuse PAKA

- The New Breed Opportunist

- Frankie Paradise vs. Korey Gaines

- EAW Chairman Mr. DEDEDE and EAW Vice President HRDO have a little meeting with Matt Daniels and Veena Adams.

- Jalyn Garcia vs. Jesse Barlow

- “I know you didn’t try and put a hit on me.”

- Sarah Price vs. Aniyah Mitchell vs. Damian Butler III vs. Shawn Sturgis

- The ENTIRE Voltage roster is FORCED to attend the crowning of Charlie Marr as EAW World Champion

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