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    MATCH PROMO Antivenom [Voltage #1]

    - - The Court - 3:11 PM EST Atlanta, Georgia. “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!” Adam Graves backs down a random plug the size of Damon Diesel while simultaneously draining a skyhook into the chain net. He retrieves the basketball and slams it into the chest of the man who is dwarfed by Adam Graves...
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    MATCH PROMO Don't Poke the Bear [Showdown #1]

    Adam Graves relaxes in his office chair, gazing up at his corner TV watching Damon Diesel spew incoherent bullshit. “It’s time to go bear hunting..” Damon says on the television screen. Adam points the remote to the TV and abruptly shuts it off. “This little bumble bee sure has some balls...
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    MATCH PROMO Pedal to the Metal [Showdown #1]

    - - The Gym - 6:00 AM PST San Diego, California. “GOD DAMNIT! This isn’t happening!” The Kodiak Killer paces the floor of his gym, shirtless and drenched in sweat. He suddenly grabs a set of barbells and pumps iron at a blistering pace. His knuckles were visibly soaked with blood and the look...
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    MATCH PROMO Rat in a Cage [Showdown #1]

    - - The Outskirts of ManchVegas - 11:22 AM EST Manchester, California. “No. Seriously, come take a look at this!” Adam Graves shakes his head in the driver’s seat of his brand new 2019 fire engine red Ford F-250 and shows the camera a recap flyer depicting Wrath of the Dragon. “Look at this...
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    MATCH PROMO Nightmare at Hugo's Cocina [Wrath of the Dragon #2]

    -- Lunchtime - 12:15 PM PST - San Diego, California. Adam Graves sat uncomfortably in the intense heat at a local Mexican restaurant called Hugo’s Cocina on sunset blvd. The indoor air conditioner was busted and the place had an oscillating fan around every corner or so it seemed. Adam was...
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    MATCH PROMO Rise and Shine [Wrath of the Dragon #1]

    - - The Beach - 8:27 PM PST San Diego, California. The day was coming to an end in San Diego. Car doors were closing and engines were starting as the residents and beachgoers were heading home for the night. The sunset was simply marvelous, massaging the sea over the horizon with an amber hue...
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    MATCH PROMO You've Got Another Thing Comin' - [Showdown 1]

    -- You've Got Another Thing Comin' - 2:03 PM San Diego, California. “Is THIS your idea of a joke, EAW?” Adam wastes no time questioning the hand that feeds him at home while he drums his fingers along his freshly polished chestnut desk. He licks his lip and folds his hands together. “I don’t...
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    MATCH PROMO N.Y State of Mind - [Showdown 1]

    -- Burnout - 5:00 PM San Diego, California. “NO. NO. NO! This isn’t gonna cut it! Do you know what you have here? DO YOU?! A wimpy buffalo chicken wing, this wing is meant for the kiddies. I told you to craft me a wing so spicy that it would send Lucifer himself to the fridge to chug a gallon...
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    MATCH PROMO Money talks, bullshit walks - Showdown I

    -- The Office - 2:09 PM San Diego, California. “Please! Calm down, sir!” A lanky man with horn-rimmed glasses falls haplessly to the ground and pleads with a scowling figure. “HEY! You don’t tell ME to calm down, pal.” The towering figure donned head to toe in a sharp maroon business casual...
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    Darkane's GFX Garage [Closed]

    :whew: Damn that's outta this world!!! I love it, thank you!!!
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    💀 Adam Graves

    Yeah I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end that's for sure.
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    Darkane's GFX Garage [Closed]

    I know I'm kinda new so I'm not sure if it's too soon but I really love your artwork and I hope I'm not overstepping any boundaries. I've tried my hand at signatures but I suck at them lol Graphic Type: Signature Picbase/Render(s): Batista Size: Just like idk the traditional sig size Text: Adam...
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    💀 Adam Graves

    💀 BASIC INFORMATION 💀 Wrestling Name: Adam Graves 💀 Picture Base: Batista (Bald/Buzzed version) 💀 Current Nicknames: "The Kodiak Killer"; "The Wrecking Ball" 💀 Height: 6'7" 💀 Weight: 320 lbs 💀 Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska (Now residing in San Diego, California) 💀 CHARACTER INFORMATION 💀...