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    MATCH PROMO Oh you poor fool. ---Showdown II---

    Just close your eyes. Think of a world where Ronan Malosi is reigning King Of El--:yikes: I couldn’t even finish the sentence in a make believe scenario, because it’s so fucking ridiculous to think so. But yeah, imagine he’s walking around the King...the flying cars in the sky are running quite...
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    MATCH PROMO "Take that award and shove it up your ass." ---Showdown I---

    Ronan, you have no idea how tempting it was not to post a video this week, because you do a hell of a good job saying stupid shit, you beat yourself with your own promo video and I don’t have to do a thing. But hey, I like adding insult to injury because I’m devious and evil like that, but...
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    Small dick energy.
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    Child rapist.
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    MATCH PROMO Fantasy and Reality. ---Road to Redemption II---

    I know I’m a bit behind. I know I said the Specialists Chamber was the most important thing in my career, and I meant every word of that when I said it. The thing is though, I am ahead of every single one of those girls because I’m ready for when that chain locks and we’re inside the chamber. I...
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    MATCH PROMO Peek-A-Boo. ---Road to Redemption I---

    I know how this is going to go, a bit of it has already happened. People are going to continue to throw my setbacks throughout the year in my face, and of course, people are gonna call me a sidekick, sort of like how they did this past week on Voltage. It honestly just seems like people are...
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    MATCH PROMO Stay Quiet And Eat Your Food. ---Voltage I---

    Okay, what is everybody expecting of me here? Is everybody expecting me to come out and brag that I beat Candice? Is everybody expecting “the real me” to come out as I was this mean spirited person this entire time? Nah, I’m straight forward and call things how I see it. Me and Candice had a...
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    MATCH PROMO k rewd. ---Voltage II---

    Well damn, tell me how you really feel Candice. :wow: Even when I take the high road and the humble approach, I still get called “bITcHLeXiS” and her saying I have a “pussy scented mouth,” and other hurtful things. I thought one of the most friendliest people in this company would understand...
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    MATCH PROMO Hey, I Like TikToks. ---Voltage I---

    It's been a tough time for me. I'm at a very low point in my career. Let's tally up the disappointments. I lost a New Breed title match at Midsummer Massacre, I tapped out to Veena Adams in the first round of a tournament that meant a lot more to me than people think it did. I let down Bethany...
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    MATCH PROMO Honey, Just Shush. ---Reasonable Doubt II---

    Just because you “pointed out” what I was going to say in my video, doesn’t make anything less true. You are doing the same thing Kassidy did a few weeks ago. “I knew you would talk about these things in your video!” So are you trying to imply I can’t talk about the things I was gonna discuss...
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    MATCH PROMO Watch Your Back. ---Reasonable Doubt I---

    I did what I had to do. Someday, maybe you will be in my shoes one day and understand that. I didn’t want to throw away a match and have a loss to Jon Kelton on my record, but it’s what was right for me in the long haul. What’s important is the match coming up here in a few days, and I needed...
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    MATCH PROMO Aligned For A Common Goal. ---Showdown I---

    Yeah, I’m heartbroken. I felt something just got ripped from my soul with that loss to the Jaded Hearts. I feel like I let Bethany down. This Grand Prix was supposed to be our chance to shine and defeating the Jaded Hearts would have been our break through moment, but the dominos didn’t fall...
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    MATCH PROMO Your old pimp was right, you truly are a dumb cunt. ---Voltage II---

    ALEXIS AND BETHANY’S APARTMENT -- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2020 It was a rainy afternoon in Jersey. Both Alexis and Bethany were one day removed from Showdown, and decided to spend the day inside watching football all day. You can hear the ending of the Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets game being...
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    MATCH PROMO "Winning Grand Prix ain’t even scratching the surface of what the Maidens Of Malpractice are capable of together." ---Voltage I---

    Yeah, I beat Woogieman, whatevs I guess. Like I said last week, beating him did me no good. People are still going to hold that loss in the first round against me. People are still going to use the questionable decisions I’ve made in my past and try to throw them in my face in the current day to...