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    and this is WHY you’ll always jus be a kid goofy Ohio boy!
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    MATCH PROMO You Talk TOO Much...

    [ Bashar is laying in bed inside a hotel next to the beautiful blonde girl from the club, Rashaad is then seen telling Bashar that camera men are waiting on him to do another promo on Kid Ohio ] “As Bashar covers up the half naked woman laying next to him, he begins to laugh” Man, ain’t...
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    Road To Redemption (2020)

    clean edits like always omm ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼
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    MATCH PROMO Can You Shut Up?

    [ Bashar and his men are seen entering a night club that’s barely illuminated by dimmed colored lights. All anyone can see is the beautiful women dancing. The cameraman eventually finds Bashar and his men sitting down watching a beautiful blonde woman dance for them while Bashar counts...
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    MATCH PROMO It’s Business Time...

    da pleasure is MINE 😏
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    MATCH PROMO It’s Business Time...

    [ The Jackson brothers can be seen inside their Escalade truck talking strategy, and business when suddenly Bashar tells the camera man to start recording their promo ] “Bashar Jackson stares at the camera and he begins to drink Hennessy from the bottle, and then gasps after the strong...
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    well i’m guessing @Ryan Wilson got a lil too heated wit me and dat suit guy @Simon Incognito and sent us to voltage #whatsupwitdat?
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    but fo my strength so whats up boss whats next?
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    why would a door bite me?
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    aye bruh it’s 1-1 actually 😉 come at me when ya kno da right statistics
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    It was a mistake to not put da Jackson brothas on Reasonable Doubt... #SoonEnough
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    tell me bout it!
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    MATCH PROMO Just Anotha Body...

    [ The Camera hovers above Brooklyn New York and suddenly a camera switch happens and the viewers are greeted to Bashar Jackson and his guys kidnapping a man and driving into a run down apartment ] “Bashar and his men begin to unmask and take out the man they...
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT By Any Means Necessary

    [ Bashar is seen celebrating his debut victory with his brother Rashaad backstage of Saturday Night Showdown.] “A camera man is seen walking backstage when all of a sudden he’s pulled to the side by the Jackson Brothers.” Hold up, hold up, HOOOOLD UP! Did ya see what I did out...
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    Bashar Jackson

    added new entrance attire, entrance, and a manager. plus pictures! 😏