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    Yooo! What a show the Empire crew thru last night!! IN MY HOMETOWN AT THAT! Got to meet most of EAW last night as well; AMAZING group of Superstars in every aspect of this business. #HONORED OMW to LA now! Backstage for Dynasty. Get to sit back & observe my future home show!! What a time...
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    Feels good to be training again! Big sweat over here boys!! 😆 Ready for whatever EAW throws my way. Shout-out all my EAW brothers & sisters! #EAWSTRONG
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    Previously The Prelude *clickable link One Day Thursday; May 30, 2019 2008. United Center; Chicago, IL Walter Wiggins: What an UNBELIEVABLE match this has been Rich! Brandon 'Guruhi' Washington verus Spyda for Windy City Wrestling's Jr. Championship folks. We've really seen Spyda put in ON...
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    I got mad love & respect for my community manager! Handling all my social media pages, my EAW page, keeping up with the fans & even getting together a wiki 👀! This is a dream!
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    WE MADE IT! Shout-out all the fans man this is for you! The journey isn't over.. All the day 1's who been rocking with me. THANK YOU! EAW prepare to be AMAZED!
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    The Prelude Tuesday; May 28, 2019 Prelude noun an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important. Every story has a beginning & this is no different… It's a simple story really. A story you may have heard many times. A story of triumph and heartbreak. Dreams and...
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    ... "OH MY GOD!" ...
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    BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Brandon 'Guruhi' Washington Social Stream: @BEEWASHI Picture Base: Shelton Benjamin Current Nicknames: 1. Bee 2. Guruhi 3. The Highlight God Height: 6' 2" Weight: 248 lbs. Hometown: Chicago, IL CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: FACE Gimmick: Pure...