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    MATCH PROMO "I'll hit them with all 300 lighttubs if it means I can secure myself the victory." -- Bloodsport I

    Undisclosed Gym -- Newark, New Jersey -- August 9, 2020: “I thought this was going to be a date.” “You thought wrong.” “FUCK SHIT. I JUST STUBBED MY TOE ON THE DOOR.” “For fuck sakes, Desmond. Can you not be a baby?” Candice Blair walked inside the gym that she had rented just a few miles...
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    MATCH PROMO "Beautiful Brilliance." -- Voltage II

    Omg, do you hear that? DID ANYONE HEAR THAT? Adam Lucas said that I have my head screwed on straight. You have no idea how much that means to me. 🥺 It’s so refreshing to have someone that seems the brilliance within me. Can someone please send the video to my best friend (not Ahren’s) and...
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    MATCH PROMO "The Messenger." -- Voltage I

    First of all. ‘The GOAT Show’ should be labeled ‘The TRASH Show’ because that’s what I describe the content of whatever Ahren Fournier says. What mockery for some unprofessional piece of shit to sit there and call whatever the fuck he produced a ‘talk show.’ If that was a talk show, it should...
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    MATCH PROMO "Veena Adams 2.0." -- Voltage I

    “Hell hath no fury over a woman’s scorn…” I think that saying is quite relevant in my situation on last week’s Voltage. There was I, finally, having “Getting Candid” with Candice Blair become a reality after experimenting with the show on Showdown last season. I felt like I had finally gotten...
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    MATCH PROMO "Poker Face (Candice Edition)" -- Voltage I

    Pain for Pride didn’t fall in my favor. The feeling stings that I had to watch Veena Adams with that ugly smile on her face getting the biggest victory of her career at the expense of me. But, let me remind everyone that Veena couldn’t defeat me with her own skill. She needed to use some shit...
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    MATCH PROMO "It's my Pain for Pride and I want it now!" -- Pain for Pride I

    My first Pain for Pride. It feels real fucking good. It was a stage that I had always dreamed to be in. When signing that part-time contract, I had always thought about how cool it would be if I could get on the Pain for Pride card. Now, I’m on the card. :whew: :whew: :whew: Yeah, my opponent...
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    Fighting Spirit: Omaha 2020

    K rude. I'm being attacked rn.
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    Aight, so I wasn’t expecting to get another video out, but here I am. Jamie, fam, I wasn’t expecting to get a last-minute video out, but there were some points that I wanted to clarify and get across. I’m normally not the one to yell and all that stuff, but … NO ONE FUCKING ASKED YOU TO BOTTLE...
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    Fighting Spirit: Omaha 2020

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    EAW Hall of Fame 2020 Inductee #4

    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG! FELICIDADES, AMIGO!!!! There's no denying how much I adore you and your work! I love your character and each time that I've worked with you with any of my characters, it's always been a treat and you bring a different element to my characters. You're one of the most unique...
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    MATCH PROMO "Winning this match means the world to me and no, Ace, Manifest, Omen or GOAT is going to stand in my way." -- Odyssey III

    “Jamie’s sister-in-law.” Alright, Xander Payne’s former tag team partner (that’s you, Myles). I mean, if we’re not going to refer to people by their actual names, why not take the petty route and go along with it? I mean, it’s pretty fucking pathetic that you decided to take that Ahren Fournier...
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    MATCH PROMO "Slippery Slope." -- Odyssey II

    Nice slippery slope, Jamie. “Candice hurt my knee, which kept me in the sidelines, which prevented me from competing at Grand Rampage, which prevented me from physically supporting Cameron during her big Answers World Championship, which lead to Cameron getting hurt, which lead to Cameron...
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    Congratulations, Rex and Raven! Both of you are fucking workhorses and this victory was well-earned for the two of you. I always enjoy reading your work and it's been amazing to see that your team evolved to so much more. Enjoy this moment!
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    Congratulations, Sarah! You've been one of my favorite characters since your arrival. It's been amazing to see you grow and improve over these last several months. This is truly a feel-good moment and I'm more than excited to see how this reign goes for you! Enjoy this moment! As for Darcy...
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    MATCH PROMO "For Cameron." -- Odyssey I

    My last chance… It’s my last chance at getting to Mr. DEDEDE and avenging my sister for the hell he made her life. He completely stripped her of her livelihood and he would have taken so much more from her. He already took so fucking much from her and it eats me alive everyday. I have that...