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    MATCH PROMO "Remember The Name." — Road to Redemption IV

    I mean, there was your mistake on why you weren’t being noticed. You relied on REMI SKYFIRE to be your skyrocket to relevance when the bitch wasn’t even relevant since that Specialists Scramble at Pain for Pride XI. That was kind of a dumbass choice, Darcy. Everyone knew that you were supposed...
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    MATCH PROMO "Blood, Sweat and Tears." — Road to Redemption III

    If this was secondary school or whatever the fuck you call it in the UK, you’d be getting a lot of fat jokes your way. All we need is someone to see your potential and sign you up for a beauty pageant and you get the entire fucking plotline for Insatiable. Whenever I see you on EAW television, I...
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    MATCH PROMO "Say It To My Face." — Road to Redemption II

    All of these bitches have something to say. And when it comes to Darcy and Joy, it’s the same fucking thing. Okay, I know I was spoon-fed. I know that my connections got me this contract. I know that you two aren’t going to be the only bitches that I believe that I don’t deserve a spot in this...
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    MATCH PROMO "Hello, Bitches." — Road to Redemption I

    There are so many things in this world that I am thankful for. One of the things that I’m thankful for is the idea that I was always this beautiful. Even when my family couldn’t provide us the most lavish clothing growing up, I still found a way to look presentable. I always saved money so I was...
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    MATCH PROMO "This tea is fucking cold." — Showdown II

    HOW FUCKING DARE YOU COMPARE ME TO MARK “OVERBOOKED” MICHAELS?!??!?!?! HOW DARE YOU FUCKING CALL ME A KAREN, RYAN “PISS BREAK” WILSON?!?!?! (Breaths in and out.) My apologies. I had lost a bit of my temper over there, but it seems like you made quite a contradiction there, Ryan. You go from...
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    MATCH PROMO "The Candice Blair Show." — Showdown I

    “Candice tapped out!” "Candice tapped out!” "Candice tapped out!” You all should be happy with the idea that I’m addressing this big, fat elephant in the room. I’m aware that there’s going to be a couple of other bitches who are going to bring that up in the Specialists Chamber. Oh geez...
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    MATCH PROMO "They ran so I can walk around backstage in these Louboutin heels. . ." — Showdown I

    UCSF Medical Center — San Francisco, California — November 16, 2019: "I'm looking for Camille Fernandez-Ava." Candice Blair Ava stood in front of the receptionist desk at the UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco, California. Next to her was her mother, Carmen Ava, who had driven her to the...
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    Sierra Bradford

    Omg, welcome. We can be new together! :D
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    Candice Blair.

    Government Name: Candice Blair Fernandez-Ava. Ring Name: Candice Blair. Nicknames: “The Plot Twister,” “The Hot Commodity,” The Model Wrestler” Picture Base: Scarlett Bordeaux. Birthday and Age: May 19, 1993 (26 years old). Height and Weight: 5’6 & 126lbs. Hailing From: San Francisco...