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    MATCH PROMO History Repeats Itself || Sunday Night Voltage #1 || vs. Jesse Barlow

    Saturday, September 14, 2019 || 3:01pm EST | The screen opens up to Cepheus St. Claire enjoying a cigar with Lonnie Delmonty. The two hang over a balcony looking on at the city of Birmingham, Alabama, assumably from their hotel room as they await the upcoming Voltage, held at the Legacy Arena...
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    MATCH PROMO People Don't Like Cepheus St. Claire || Sunday Night Voltage #1 || and Shortfuse PAKA vs. Blade and Damian Butler III

    People don’t like Cepheus St. Claire. Since the beginning of his Elite Answers Wrestling career there’s been a target on his head because people don’t like him. He made his debut and made an enemy right off the bat in Korey Gaines. Cepheus crossed lines, barriers and more with his first match...
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    Exactly like I said I would. Call me up if you ever want to ride my coattails again.
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    MATCH PROMO The Making of a Mad Man || Sunday Night Voltage #1 || & Korey Gaines vs. Jalyn Garcia & Jesse Barlow

    What makes a mad man? Is human born with the basic ideas of natural rights and wrongs that allow them to make their own decision or can some not distinguish the two? Is a mad man one who knowingly does wrong or is the scary thing about a mad man the fact that they don’t realize they’re doing...
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    I'm the only thing keeping you relevant.
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    And you want to face me... HAHAHAHAHAHA. WEAK.
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    MATCH PROMO Guarantees || Sunday Night Voltage #1 || vs. Frankie Paradise

    Monday, August 12, 2019 || 9:13pm EST | Cepheus St. Claire and Lonnie Delmonty are together in what appears to be an office. It’s easily assumable that they’re sitting inside of Lonnie’s office in the Delmonty Enterprise, due to Lonnie being at the inside chair of the desk the two sit at, with...
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    Pic Base Game

    Mr. Anderson
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    You're gonna have to give him some pain meds after I'm done with him, Sunday.
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    The compliment game

    So far one of my favorite opponents. I'm still waiting for our full length feud. :dave:
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    MATCH PROMO Prostitutes and Attitudes || Bloodsport #2 || vs. Felix Hartley

    Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 || 11:19pm EST ???: “And dye your hair purple, apparently that’s what the kooks want these days.” | The voice is heard loud and direct as the screen comes on, it’s quickly evident that it’s Cepheus barking out orders, but the person that’s being barked at is...
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    MATCH PROMO False Dignitary/Women Can't Rule || Bloodsport #1 || vs. Felix Hartley

    Monday, August 5th, 2019 || 4:23am EST | The screen reels on with Cepheus St. Claire standing in a dark room with his signature suit and tie on. Cepheus are in an unfamiliar place, usually with a dark setting, the location is The Tavern, that Cepheus has made famous with his illegal dealings...
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    It's such a shame I'm gonna have to bloody your pretty face Saturday :mjcry:
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    Bloodsport 2019 Predictions

    Malcolm Jones (c) v Charlie Marr - Veena’s Pet Cage Match - EAW Championship Malcom Jones Rex McAllister v Ms. Extreme - 30 Minute Hardcore Ironman Match Ms. Extreme Terry Chambers (c) v Korey Gaines - No Disqualifications Submission Match - Interwire Championship Terry Chambers Andrea...
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    MATCH PROMO Does He Even Have Talent? || Sunday Night Voltage #2 || vs. Rex McAllister

    Saturday, July 27, 2019 || 10:01pm EST | The screen comes on to Cepheus St. Claire and Lonnie Delmonty seated at the bar in Cepheus’s personal building, The Tavern. They’re both wearing suits, as per usual. The two seem to have been discussing something for a while, but the camera didn’t catch...