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    Dude flexing a title he won before half our fanbase was born. It's tough out here.
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    MATCH PROMO The Face of EAW (Wicked Games #3)

    The camera opens up with a shot of Charlie Marr’s face in the middle of the screen. All we can see is his head, not his body or the background at all. He rolls his eyes at the screen. Here we go again. After Charlie speaks these words, the camera then zooms out and displays more of Charlie’s...
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    Wicked Games 2019 Predictions Thread

    -Charlie Marr (c) vs. Ms. Extreme - Barbed Wire Massacre III - EAW Championship -Raven Roberts (c) vs. Constance Blevins - Universal Women’s Championship -Rex McAllister vs. Jack Ripley - Extreme Elimination Chamber Qualifier -Dr. Bethany Blue (c) vs. Terry Chambers - Stretcher Match -...
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    MATCH PROMO Every Main Event is Charlie featuring Charlie (Wicked Games #2)

    Stupid BANG BANG Fucking BANG BANG Bitch We hear a man shouting these words and then pauses in between as there is a banging noise. It sounds like he is punching something as the noise continues after we hear these words. The camera is completely black so we cannot see what is currently...
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    MATCH PROMO Keeping up with the Ava's (Wicked Games #1)

    The camera opens up with a shot of a large mansion. The mansion is surrounded by flowers of all kinds of shapes and sizes. The mansion has a beautiful Art Deco architecture style to it. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. This place looks absolutely glorious, whoever lives here is...
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    Are you going to wrestle the match for her too? She doesn't seem to be able to fight her own battles
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    Jamie's cock out of your mouth yet? The blowjobs are going to be more like gumjobs the way Ahren knocked your teeth out last night
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    Nice to see a taste of next week last night, an Ava choking on the big stage.
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    Happy Birthday to one of my favourite characters here, have a great day
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    Happy Birthday bro, had some really fun times battling against you before and I fully expect them to restart soon. Hope you have a great day
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    Reasonable Doubt 2019 Predictions Thread

    -Mr. DEDEDE (c) vs. Amber Keys - Hell in a Cell - Answers World Championship - Title versus Career -The Illionaires (Chris Elite and Ahren Fournier) vs. Jamie O’Hara and Cameron Ella Ava -Jake Smith (c) vs. Mark Michaels vs. Santo Muerte - PURE Rules - PURE Championship -Heavenly Hell...
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    Telling the World Champion to get better while you open the show every week, the irony is never lost on you.
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    Your tattoos are almost as piss poor as in your in ring ability. Get fucking better before you ever think about being on the same side as me.
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    Hey man, saw you leaving the arena and you dropped these on your way out
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    Congrats man, you completely deserve this. You've worked your ass off for this, make sure you smash it.