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    MATCH PROMO Saturdays Are for the Bad Boys [Showdown 1]

    ..::Crosby Carter::.. “Pain for Pride has come and gone and now we’re onto season 13, baby. We didn’t get it done in Atlanta. And you know most people would be pissy. Most people would have excuses. I don’t have any of that shit. On that night, Heavenly Hell was the better team. And to be...
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    MATCH PROMO Do You Even Tag Team, Bro? [Pain for Pride 1]

    It’s Pain for Pride, baybee. And the FloBros couldn’t be happier. Since they were little kids, being professional wrestlers was always the dream. Since they lied their way into the business at the age of sixteen, they had known it was everything that they wanted. But after breaking their bodies...
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    MATCH PROMO Holy Fuckballs [Dynasty 1]

    Dynasty was in the books. The FloBros had yet again successfully won a tag team contest. No shock there. And then they were confronted by the losers from Showdown, The Revolution. Pain for Pride was just two weeks away and while many people were up in arms and full of rage, the FloBros were...
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    MATCH PROMO Bro Potential - Dynasty 1

    "Hi bitches. Carsyn Carter here, your deathmatch queen, the lady bro and the best tits in EAW. Crosby thought about addressing his opponents this week, but then he got high. And honestly, why should he bother? You aren’t taking the bros seriously. You literally didn’t even breath their names...
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    MATCH PROMO Bro for Pride is gonna be lit! [Gateway to Glord 1]

    MAY 10TH, 2019 - FRIDAY NIGHT DYNASTY Tonight Crosby was supposed to wrestle Lucas Johnson one on one. The two men were not strangers. The first tag team match that Crosby and Thadd had ever had on Dynasty was against Bowie Grey and Lucas Johnson. It seemed that Lucas, Hitchman and now Feral...
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    The Official Render Thread

    I don't have any renders. But the below images should be easy to cut.
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    MATCH PROMO What's Right In Front of You [Dynasty 1]

    ..::Carsyn Carter::.. No one else has been able to beat my client? Hi. Hitchy? When I smacked you across the face the other week did I knock a few brain cells loose? Because no matter how many times you stand in front of the EAW Universe and claim that Lucas is some goddamn messiah, no one...
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    MATCH PROMO Always the Underdog. [Dynasty 1]

    “Did homie just tell me to bow out of this match?” Crosby made a confused face and looked at his wife. They had just finished watching Feral Khan’s latest video. The cutest in couple in EAW were sitting on the outdoor patio of the Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. A latte sat in front of both of them...
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    MATCH PROMO Crosby Carter is the Real Freakin’ Deal [Grand Rampage 1]

    Just being in the Grand Rampage match was a dream come true for Crosby. He’d stated again and again that winning matches wasn’t what he judged his career on. He knew that he was in a company with some of the best competitors in the world. And that meant that sometime he would fall short...
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    MATCH PROMO Roadtrip 2.0 [FloBro Dynasty Collab 2]

    When we last checked on Dynasty’s favorite tag team, the FloBros, they were somewhere in Baltimore having lost to the keys to Crosby Carter’s shitty Pontiac. This is the same Pontiac that had somehow gone missed for two days, or so the Bros claim. They couldn’t remember much of anything about...
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    MATCH PROMO Fuck Your Revolution [Dynasty 1]

    ..::Crosby Carter::.. Bro. Before we get all into the why I’m better than you and why I’m gonna smash your face in with weapons you’ve never seen before on Friday night, I got a question. For real. Why the fuck are you so mad? What is up with the school shooter persona like you’ve been done so...
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    MATCH PROMO The Flawless Flo Doesn't Lose [Dynasty I]

    EAW.COM EXCLUSIVE Last week didn’t exactly go as planned for the FloBros. They lost to Raven Roberts and Jael. For many Elitists in EAW, this would be a crushing defeat. But the FloBros went into that ring hoping to make a name for themselves. Hoping to prove that they were a grade A tag team...
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    MATCH PROMO A Murder of Crowe's [Empire 1]

    It was February and frigid as fuck in New Jersey. But Carsyn and Crosby Carter were kicked back on a gorgeous beach in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil. Since joining EAW, they hadn’t just been given the careers of their dreams. They had also been able to travel the world and do what they did best. It...
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    MATCH PROMO Blazing My Own Path [Dynasty 1]

    Crosby Carter was still undefeated on Friday Night Dynasty. It was an insane thought to have. And it was even crazier for Crosby to live it. He knew that he would be doubted in EAW. And he knew that he had the chops to make it. But he hadn’t faltered once. King of Elite doesn’t count because it...
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    Rhyse's Sig/GFX Shop (ARCHIVE)

    DIFLDJFLDSJKFJDSKFJDSKFJKSD! You never disappoint!!! It's PERFECTION!! :goat: