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    MATCH PROMO "The Civilized Ominvore" WG RP 1

    Guadalajara, Mexico 11.3.19 On 10.20.19, Dr. Bethany Blue was viciously assaulted by Terry Chambers when she “cost” him the match against Jack Ripley by injecting the referee and knocking him out, her defense, he suffered from narcolepsy and the poor bastard needed adrenaline, unfortunately...
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    Happy HEALTHY Birthday!
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    Tampa, FL. 10.30.19 She laid there motionless, sprawled out on the bed, sheet covering most of her body. It was Doctor Bethany Blue. Slowly opening her baby brown eyes feeling her mouth all dry as it looks like she had drooled on herself, the bad taste won’t go away as Bethany slowly squints...
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    Tampa, FL. 10.27.19 Doctor Bethany Blue, usually a woman that is physically in the best shape of anyone in the EAW hardly ever is down for too long, but most can agree after she was ravaged by Terry Chambers if the prior episode of Voltage, no matter how much Dr. Bethany Blue either...
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    Happy Birthday to the Greatest of all Time Mr. DEDEDE

    Happy Birthday bossman, thank you for all you do here and having me a part of it. Please have the best day and enjoy, ALMIGHTY GREAT ONE!
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    Happy Birthday GOATssidy Heart 💜

    Happy Birthday to one of the best here. Kass, I hope you have enjoyed or are still enjoying your day, may all your birthday wishes come true!
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    Dr. Bethany Blue M.D.

    Added Nurse Goldstein's move set including Signatures and Finishers, she can be used to team up with Dr. Blue or wrestle in place of the Doctor to change things up when needed as seen on Voltage.
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    Apologies All Around

    This past week I had asked for showdown off, with a new budget out and having to control my food and labor costs (Chef Stuff) I have had to cut down some of my work force and taken on more duties that have prevented me from doing my job, so the last 2 weeks at work had been rough, this past...
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    OUCH! The Scene Opens…. Inside the Trinity Medical Center in St. Petersburgh, Florida, we find Dr. Bethany Blue who has been awful quiet lately especially in the last week. The last time we saw the Doctor she was brutalized by Terry Chambers after the alleged act where the Doctor had put...
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    @Dr. Bethany Blue

    Not only am I the Most Valuable Doctor, I am now a Most Valuable Elitist! Yes, yes, no congratulations necessary, instead, schedule an appointment with me damn it!
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    Shame I missed the show last night, in-laws in town, couldn’t get away causing me to miss one of my favorite characters and opponents win this Championship by defeating in my opinion one of if not the best female in the EAW right now in @Kassidy Heart. You were one of the first to welcome me to...
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    Congratulations to the new PURE Champion!

    One of the hardest working guys in the fed, I see your name attached to almost everything here. I was truly impressed with the promo battle you and @Mark Michaels put in from the stroke of midnight on to the very end of deadline. You earned this one brother, congratulations!
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    MATCH PROMO "The Raven & Rex Effect" VOLTAGE RP 2

    Dr. Blue’s Office Boca Raton, FL. 10.1.19 Dr. Bethany Blue had been working long days on the off-wrestling events. She was hard at work both being a Doctor, training and most importantly researching her opponents, both Raven Roberts and Rex McCallister. The gorgeous Medical professional felt...
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    Darkane's GFX Garage [Closed]

    :damn: That is EPIC bro, thanks so much, it's absolutely beautiful! LOVE IT
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    Darkane's GFX Garage [Closed]

    Graphic Type: Banner (For Roleplays) Picbase/Render(s): Dr. Britt Baker Text: Dr. Bethany Blue M.D. The Doctor Will See You Now Color Scheme: Black, White, Silver, Blue... any of those combinations Additional Information: I wasn't going to ask but I really want something cool to post for my...