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    MATCH PROMO Faded Memories Of Which Never Was - Territorial Invasion Three

    You finally held it... W I L D H E A R T Glory, success, fame, fortune... Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Now look at you... Territorial Invasion, September 26-27th, 2020 Trembling with regret. ... ... … No intention of doing better? I’m sure that’s a nice way of looking at your selective...
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    MATCH PROMO North Star - Territorial Invasion Two

    I think the desperate are at their worst... W I L D H E A R T The moment they grasp something to finally hold onto... Chapter Three: Legend, Rise It’s their entire world... Territorial Invasion, September 26-27th, 2020 How cruel it is to rob them of such a world? ... ... … There is no...
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    MATCH PROMO Fucking Pauper - Territorial Invasion One

    Destiny... W I L D H E A R T The Prince... Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Have you earned the right? Territorial Invasion, September 26-27th, 2020 Or do you render both meaningless with failure? ... ... … At what point does the ideals of royalty become diminished beyond all respect? How...
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    MATCH PROMO Tomorrow. - Dynasty One

    Carelessness of comes next. W I L D H E A R T Simply moving from one night to the next. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Yet reassured more than ever... Dynasty, August 14th, 2020 ...that which comes next will be in the direction I want to go. ... ... … Mason tried. Mason tried well...
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    Terry Chambers AMA

    "well well well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions" You bring this upon yourself fam. Oh I should ask a question at this point. Terry, why do you punish yourself dealing with Cam?
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    Terry Chambers AMA

    First of all, I have no idea what she's talking about. Second of all, I tried to tell you to run far away she's absolutely cooked. Third of all, yeah of course I would win duh why is this even a question.
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    MATCH PROMO The Idyllic Fantasies of Hopeless Fools - Operation: Doomsday Two

    Your idyllic place is unreachable. W I L D H E A R T The constant chasing of ideals. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Carrots on the end of sticks. Operation: Doomsday, August 8th, 2020 All that we’ve seen before. ... ... … I’m not interested in impressing you, Mason. I don’t aim to...
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    MATCH PROMO The Mundane And The Unimaginative - Operation: Doomsday One

    Ugh. W I L D H E A R T Shit. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Fuck. Operation: Doomsday, August 8th, 2020 I really don’t want to be here. ... ... … The mundane and the unimaginative are always so detrimental. Like a fog rolling over and never lifting, the clouding of sight, clouding of...
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    MATCH PROMO Groundhog - Dynasty One

    How does it feel to be trapped? W I L D H E A R T In a place which you cannot escape from? Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Bound to forever and ever, no matter your repeated attempts? Dynasty, July 17th, 2020 I could never imagine such hell. ... ... ... Resurrections always belong to...
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    MATCH PROMO Moving Forward - Dynasty One

    Moving forward. W I L D H E A R T Can’t change the past. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Can’t recapture it either. Dynasty, July 10th, 2020 Head held high, believing in all that you are. Move forward towards a much brighter tomorrow. ... ... ... There’s a little less weight around me...
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    MATCH PROMO Can Never Be. Will Never Be - Pain For Pride Five

    Imagine a world where you no longer suffered. W I L D H E A R T Where you never walked the same heartbreaking path. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Where you learned and got better. Never repeating those mistakes. Pain For Pride, June 26th - 28th, 2020 It’s a shame that no place exists. A...
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    MATCH PROMO Baka - Pain For Pride Four

    The coming of age story plays out in this division no different. W I L D H E A R T Where the blindfold is lifted and what you see is not what you envisioned. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Cruelty. Unfairness. Disadvantage is a common sight. Pain For Pride, June 26th - 28th, 2020 Bring that...
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    MATCH PROMO The Sun Never Rises In One's Shadow - Pain For Pride Three

    At this point I’ve become convinced in my state of brilliance; unmatched by leagues. W I L D H E A R T How cocky. How arrogant. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise One must be to stare down those with their swords pressed flush against his throat. Pain For Pride, June 26th - 28th, 2020 And laugh...
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    MATCH PROMO Master Poet - Pain For Pride Two

    Poetry is a craft. W I L D H E A R T Beautiful words strung together. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Time the only factor. Pain For Pride, June 26th - 28th, 2020 Never rush a poet. Never rush the master. ... ... ... Racing away with the lead in words spoken. As if it ever matters...
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    MATCH PROMO Achieving Ascendancy - Pain For Pride One

    Laced in gold the moment arrives. W I L D H E A R T Before the world, before fate itself. Chapter Three: Legend, Rise Rise and rise and rise. Pain For Pride, June 26th - 28th, 2020 To legendary status. To become the replacement. To fill the void. The Ace to be. ... ... ... The...