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    MATCH PROMO Change Your World - Voltage

    I tried to escape the rain. The dark clouds. W I L D H E A R T The stormy nights. Chapter One: A New Star In The Skies And still it follows me. Voltage, August 24nd, 2019 Every day. Every breath I take. Change Your World - Promo One I question. I question this. I question where I...
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    MATCH PROMO This Sucks - Voltage I

    “Fuck…” “The rain is back…” W I L D H E A R T “It’s never going away, is it?” Chapter One: A New Star In The Skies “You can’t win them can’t win them all” Voltage, August 2nd, 2019 “Yeah, easy for you to say…” This Sucks - Promo One The rain is always there. Always following...
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    MATCH PROMO The Next Week - Voltage 1

    “Hey look, the sun’s coming back out…” W I L D H E A R T The rain slowly began to die and the clouds parted. I wasn’t too sure if the gloom of it all was ever going to pass. Chapter One: A New Star In The Skies The felt good. Voltage, July 14th, 2019 On my skin. The...
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    WILDHEART @JalynGarcia Credit where its due but if our paths do cross again, know that it won't be any easier. I won't be that kid, I won't be that rookie. I'll be better; can you keep up?
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    WILDHEART @JalynGarcia You're right, it is tougher. Ms. Extreme isn't a joke and I've got to bring everything I have to the table! You on the other hand...
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    WILDHEART @JalynGarcia 1-0. The perfect beginning and now the sky isn't as gloomy; the rain has stopped. Onto the next challenge.
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    MATCH PROMO Being Human - Voltage 3

    W I L D H E A R T Chapter One: A New Star In The Skies Being Human - Promo Three Voltage, July 7th, 2019 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Nothing matters. I have to remember that. Why won’t this rain just disappear? Again I find myself...
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    MATCH PROMO A Kid's Experience - Voltage 2

    W I L D H E A R T Chapter One: A New Star In The Skies A Kid's Experience - Promo Two Voltage, July 7th, 2019 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Lightning lights up the night sky, thunder breaks the almost repetitive pattern of the sound...
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    MATCH PROMO New World - Voltage 1

    W I L D H E A R T Chapter One: A New Star In The Skies New World - Promo One Voltage, July 7th, 2019 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “So...uuuhhhhh….” “CUT!!!” The bright lights were new...
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    WILDHEART @JalynGarcia Time to get to work, huh? #Voltage #SZN13
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    WILDHEART @JalynGarcia I don't know what to put here. Sacramento, California Joined June 2019 Born May 20, 1998
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    'WildHeart' Jalyn Garcia

    BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Jalyn Garcia Picture Base: Jungle Boy [RENDER] Current Nicknames: WildHeart Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 150lbs Hometown: Sacramento, California CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: Pure Babyface Gimmick: Jalyn enters EAW as nothing but a rookie in every...