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    What inspires you to promo?

    honestly, I'm just trying to outdo my original three year run here and thats my biggest motivation. Staying consistent plays a major role in doing that, so I try my best to get three promos in a week. If i go without promoing for too long then its hard to jump right back into it. I also don't...
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    MATCH PROMO Wasting My Time (Dynasty 3)

    You can go on and claim that what I said was false. You can even try to twist my words in a way that benefits you and makes me look like I’m a complete idiot that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.. But you didn’t do that Ronan.. No, instead, you chose to call me out for accusing you of...
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    Odyssey 2020 Predictions Thread

    Myles vs. Jamie O’Hara vs. Candice Blair vs. Lance Blackfyre vs. Ahren Fournier vs. ??? - No Way Out Match - Number One Contendership to the Answers World Championship Mr. DEDEDE (c) vs. Chris Elite - Answers World Championship - Chris Elite’s Gawd Contract is on the line Minerva (c) vs. Kasey...
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    MATCH PROMO Show Stealer (Dynasty 2)

    I find it funny how people want to pin me down and claim that I was never a real champion. Now this isn’t everybody. There are plenty of people that were inspired by my title reign and acknowledged what I did for the New Breed Division, but there are still those individuals that want to act like...
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    MATCH PROMO Tic-Tak-Toe (Dynasty 1)

    Sunday May, 17th 2020 5:00AM (The scene opens up, as we see Justin Windgate walking down a street, towards his house, wearing an all-black hoodie with the hood over his head, some ripped denim jeans, and a bag full of wrestling gear resting on his side with the straps going around his opposite...
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    Big congrats on a well earned victory! I remember when you first signed up not too long after I first returned, and idk what it is, but some people have a certain "it factor" where you notice them right from the beginning. You had it. Obviously you weren't as great as you are now, but the effort...
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    Quick Shoutout (Gateway To Glory Edition!) #6

    Since the day I saw you drop your first promo you have been someone I have been wanting to promo against. This week definitely brought the best out of me as well. The way we all piggy backed off of each other’s ideas and kept the story between the three of us growing throughout the course of...
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    MATCH PROMO Slide Show (GTG #5)

    That Sarah Price one lmao
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    Gateway to Glory 2020 Predictions Thread

    This has probably been the toughest card ive tried to predict yet Drake King (c) v SOSA Henderson - EAW World Heavyweight Championship Drizzy and Vizzy (c) v Fire and Ice - EAW Unified Tag Team Championships Kassidy Heart and Serena Bennett v Sienna Jade and Impact Chris Elite v Cage The...
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    MATCH PROMO A Soaring Eagle (Gateway to Glory 5)

    An impulsive decision? I can agree with that, and I expected one of you to call me out for it, as I have thought the exact same thing since the day that I agreed to put my opportunity on the line. What person would dare risk losing an opportunity that they already have? Like I said, it really...
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    The curious case of Benjamin Button on Netflix rn is a 10/10. If you are into a deep message and story to follow that is one movie I would highly recommend. Its basically the story of a person who was born with a disease where he is born as a baby with the body and sicknesses of an old man. He...
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    MATCH PROMO So what is it? (Gateway to Glory 4)

    So this is what it has come down to? A hand being extended, as an offer that could potentially corner me has been placed on the table. I’ve been preparing for what I believed was every possible scenario and outcome, but you, Andre Walker, have proved me wrong. But even with that said, have I...
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    Top 5

    Wrestlers: 1. Jeff Hardy 2. CM Punk 3. Randy Orton 4. Shawn Michaels 5. The Rock Honorable Mention: Edge Tag Teams 1. The Hardy Boyz 2. MotorCity Machine Guns 3. Edge and Christian 4. Beer Money 5. The Miz & john Morrison
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    MATCH PROMO Here We Go Again (Gateway to Glory 3)

    (The scene opens up inside Justin Windgate’s home in Detroit, Michigan. He’s sitting on his living room couch rolling up a blunt. As we get a closer look at the coffee table in front of him, we notice that he has another blunt already rolled up and ready to be smoked.) And here it is. We all...
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    Jason McKormick contract

    :blessed: You’re back!! Hoping we get to work together again bro