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    KJB returns to the seat in which he did his last promo in, he sits at a kingman's lean with a smirk on his childlike face What did I say? I was dominate against those three losers and I am currently! That means I'm better than those guys! That means I'm better than anyone who...
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    MATCH PROMO Meet KJB. God. Wrestler. Better Than You.

    BAD. HOT. DANGEROUS. GODLIKE. KENNETH. JAMES. BRADFORD. The scene opens to a suited Kenneth James Bradford sitting in a chair by the fire with his right leg crossed over the left, he sips on the liquid in the glass to his right. Five people. One matters. The only one that matters is the...
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    @HotKJB: I'm slowly waiting on my shot at dominating and destroying any hope anyone at this trashy place had of being the number one person! #GreatestWelterwight
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    Pro wrestler, Mr. Hotlanta, better than you! location: Atlanta, Georgia
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    What is/was your worst subject in school?

    Math wasn't and still isn't my strongest suit, English and literature on the other hand is my best
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    Kenneth James Bradford

    REVOLT! PRO COMBAT CONTRACT BASIC INFORMATION Birth Name: Kenneth Bradford Wrestling Name: Kenneth James Bradford Picture Base: EC3 Current Nicknames: "Mr. Hotlanta" "KJB" "Drop Dead" Height: 6’4’’ Weight: 203 lbs. Current Weight Class: Welterweight Date of Birth: 9/12/1995 Place of Birth...