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    MATCH PROMO Empire 002: Common Ground

    “Bloodletter passed me by Andrea. While you were in the main event, albeit getting robbed, I was still laid up in a hospital bed waiting for the doctors to give me the all clear to get back to my purpose in life, so however much you might feel like you were robbed at Bloodletter just be grateful...
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    Layla Lockhart

    Entrance, entrance theme, ring and entrance attire, signatures, finishers... pretty much everything touched up a little.
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    MATCH PROMO Empire 001: Do or Die

    The scene begins on a beautiful looking countryside hill at sunset, the horizon glowing a bright, blazing orange as the last traces of the sun set over the horizon. Sat on a tree stump on the hill we see Layla Lockhart, wrapped up in a bright purple jumper and thick black jeans, wearing a pair...
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    Always look forward but never forget where you came from
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    Welcome to EAW! You need anything just ask <3
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    You show me a better friend than @Lioness18 and I’ll show you a flying pig #Besties
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    Tagging Out

    I’ve been really trying to put this off as a possibility but I have to be honest with myself when I can’t deal anymore. Because of a bunch of personal problems I won’t bore you with I’ve had less and less time to give to EAW and pretty much my online life in general. One of those problems has...
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    MATCH PROMO Witch Hunt

    "I'm sure a lot of you are expecting me to say something about last week, to have something to say about Madison Kaline. But I don't. Madison's presence speaks for itself really, what she does with no retribution doesn't need any elaborating on and the fact that this is allowed and encouraged by...
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    I question the wisdom of destroying the ing when that usually means no contest
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    Do you want children?

    I'd want kids but am equally afraid of being a terrible parent
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    EAW Season 12 Tag Team Grand Prix

    Team Name: The Pride Team Members: @Lioness18 and @Layla Lockhart Team Theme Music: TBA Signatures: (3 Maximum): TBA Finishers: (2 Maximum) : TBA
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    If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

    Shapeshifter. I’m honestly really insecure so being able to be someone or something else on command appeals to me.
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    Has a movie ever made you cry? Which movie was it?

    Coco “Remember meeee...”
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    Political views