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    The compliment game

    One of my favorite people, period.
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    @Clara Lovelace Two things: 1.#DoItWithPride 2. No I don't have your $20 Slenderman
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    MATCH PROMO Respect This

    "Respect respect respect, blah blah blah.... you really love to go back to that word a lot when you wouldn't know it if it smacked you across your own smug face, you know that Kassidy? If I was playing a drinking game with how often you and Sienna talked about deserving respect i'd be in a...
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    Manifest Destiny 2018 Predictions

    Now we're a bit closer to the time... Astraea Jordan vs Kassidy Heart - EOE Finals Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda (C) vs Cameron Ella Ava - Unified Women’s World Championship Remi Skyfire (C) vs Tyler Wolfe vs Raven Roberts - Specialists Championship Triple Threat Andrea Valentine vs Daisy Thrash...
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    Dark Horses

    Who are some of your favourite stars in EAW who haven’t yet had a major title run or notable success (for any given reason)? Imma give a shout out to Constance Blevins right here <3
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    Train with determination, fight with honour, celebrate with #ThePride #ManifestDestiny
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    MATCH PROMO Your 15 Minutes Are Up

    "You know usually I like to start these things off with the pleasantries and get everyone in a good mood before we get down to the nitty gritty, I've been around long enough in Empire that anyone whose paid attention knows the song and dance now before I even play the first note. Sorry but...
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    What are your character's measurements?

    25 leg 32 waist 32b cup size 5’2 height Size 1 dress size
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    What's a food you hate that everyone seems to love?

    I can't stomach steak pies which is just alien around here in the UK
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    Is it ok for heterosexual men to eat bananas even though their geometric shape is phallic?

    If anything of this sort poses a question to you then you may be rather sexually insecure, just sayin.
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    Do you drink and/or smoke?

    I'm strictly teetotal
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    Suggest a character base

    Bad Luck Fale
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    Suggest a character base

    Matt Riddle
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    MATCH PROMO Layla's Pride

    The video opens to Layla Lockhart sat on a bench in front of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, dressed in a denim jacket and jeans with a Pride t-shirt worn underneath the jacket sporting a rainbow patterned variation of the team's logo. On the arena behind Layla large advertising is in place to...