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    I question the wisdom of destroying the ing when that usually means no contest
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    Do you want children?

    I'd want kids but am equally afraid of being a terrible parent
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    EAW Season 12 Tag Team Grand Prix

    Team Name: The Pride Team Members: @Lioness18 and @Layla Lockhart Team Theme Music: TBA Signatures: (3 Maximum): TBA Finishers: (2 Maximum) : TBA
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    If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

    Shapeshifter. I’m honestly really insecure so being able to be someone or something else on command appeals to me.
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    Has a movie ever made you cry? Which movie was it?

    Coco “Remember meeee...”
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    Political views

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    @Raven Roberts next time you try to cheapshot my friends I won’t be so nice @Remi McQueen @Mali Evans @Lioness18
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    Too soon

    Much love my friend, life always comes first.
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    If your character was given three wishes..

    Find out who her parents are Be friends with Raven Roberts again World peace
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    What was your best promo?

    I'll tell you when I make a good one :mjcry:
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    How do you want to be remembered when you're done with e-fedding

    I hope I'm part of storylines and matches that entertained people. I'm fine with that being my legacy.
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    MATCH PROMO Leave The Memories Alone (Empire #003)

    “Am I a lion without a pride? A valkyrie without her sisters? A princess with no kingdom? All that and more but the one constant, the only thing for sure about Layla Lockhart it seems is that she will always end up facing the world alone and whatever friends she makes either leave her or become...
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