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    MATCH PROMO Fight Grid Live : A fan of the show.

    "Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Max A. Million, live from New Jersey. Yes, I am wearing a gas mask and no, it has nothing to do with this state or the Coronavirus. The fact is, I am protecting myself from my host and his new habit of spitting poison clouds at people. Of course, I am...
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Voltage #2 : Korey and the meaning of "bullshit"

    "Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I am Max A. Million live from...hey, Provençal, what are you doing here you bastard ? Where's my body-guard ? - Hi Max, trust me, I don't to want here neither, but I have a very important announcement to make. It concerns the health of many fan of EAW. - Oh...
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    Hahahaha ! You are so funny, even My four year old daughter is more threatening than you !
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    Updates time : - New theme song, - Indications for his entrances.
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    MATCH PROMO Voltage : Apologies

    "Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I am Max A. Million live from an undisclosed location in France. Today, I'm not gonna interview the big lad near me, no. This fine gentleman is my body guard, hired by EAW, to protect me from my real guest. A "man" here to apologies to me after spitting poison...
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    2020 Royal Rumble Prediction Game

    Men's : 14 (the cursed number if I remember well) Women's : 21
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    No, Korey. Why should I give you a chance to defend yourself ? Did you give me that same chance when you attacked me ? No. For now on, sleep with one eye open, because it's gonna be cheap-shot galore.
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    Don't worry, I got the message : next time I'll put my nose in your business, I'll not just stay on the apron doing nothing, I'll attack you from behind, like you did, break your skull, like you did, and spit on your face.
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    New Updates : - The Booby Trap is now a signature move - New Finisher - Gimmick change.
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Happy Anniversary ?

    "Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I am Max A. Million, live from Moscow. The winter air is cold and lifeless enough for us to mourn...hum...celebrate...I mean celebrate, the first anniversary of my guest in EAW ! You might know him for losing a considerable amount of time to not only the GOATs...
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    MATCH PROMO Road to Redemption : What you can expect (Arch Enemies Promo)

    Hello everyone, I am Hajime Kawano, one of EAW's young lions and the mouthpiece of the tag team known as the Arch Enemies. Before you ask, yes, PAKA-san and Provy-san are still tag partners even though they only fought twice as a team since its creation. They both hope, as well as I do, because...
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    MATCH PROMO Road to Redemption : The state of the Provençal

    "Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I am Max A. Million, live from Toronto, Ontario and something is missing in my life. I am making the big bucks, I am traveling all over the world and I managed to interview a lot of great Elitists, champions even...but recently...I felt some sort of void in my...
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    MATCH PROMO Voltage : The goal of the Arch Enemies (Arch Enemies promo)

    Hi there, I am Hajime Kawano, young lion from the EAW performance center and manager of Provençal and Shortfuse PAKA, the team also known as the Arch Enemies. Both of them are training in an undisclosed location and they gave the authorization to speak on there behalf. First of all, PAKA-san...
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    MATCH PROMO Fight Grid : Small progress and shady plans (feat. Shortfuse PAKA)

    A few moment after his Voltage's match against Sarah Price, The Magnificent Bastard, Provençal arrives in front of a panel of sports journalists, a bottle of water in his hand, and seats on a bench. He seems pretty upset as he looks to the camera. When he finally decides to talk, the Young Lion...
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    Battle of Egypt Prediction Thread

    Charlie Marr vs. Mr. DEDEDE -- Champion vs. Champion Impact (c) vs. TLA vs. Darkane -- World Heavyweight Championship Kassidy Heart (c) vs. Kendra Shamez -- Universal Women's Championship Mark Michaels (c) vs. Jake Smith -- PURE Championship Tyler Parker vs. Jamie O'Hara The Visual Prophet...