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    MATCH PROMO Voltage : The goal of the Arch Enemies (Arch Enemies promo)

    Hi there, I am Hajime Kawano, young lion from the EAW performance center and manager of Provençal and Shortfuse PAKA, the team also known as the Arch Enemies. Both of them are training in an undisclosed location and they gave the authorization to speak on there behalf. First of all, PAKA-san...
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    MATCH PROMO Fight Grid : Small progress and shady plans (feat. Shortfuse PAKA)

    A few moment after his Voltage's match against Sarah Price, The Magnificent Bastard, Provençal arrives in front of a panel of sports journalists, a bottle of water in his hand, and seats on a bench. He seems pretty upset as he looks to the camera. When he finally decides to talk, the Young Lion...
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    Battle of Egypt Prediction Thread

    Charlie Marr vs. Mr. DEDEDE -- Champion vs. Champion Impact (c) vs. TLA vs. Darkane -- World Heavyweight Championship Kassidy Heart (c) vs. Kendra Shamez -- Universal Women's Championship Mark Michaels (c) vs. Jake Smith -- PURE Championship Tyler Parker vs. Jamie O'Hara The Visual Prophet...
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    The End of the Comic-books industry ?
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    What ? You finally found a way to not choke on a title opportunity ? Is it one of the seven plagues of Egypt ? Like we say in France : The hospital his making fun of the charity. Thanks for the laughter !
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    Alexander Cage

    Welcome to EAW !
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    MATCH PROMO Voltage : Bouncing back ? (feat. Shortfuse PAKA)

    We are a few minutes after the end of Voltage and, as usual, Shortfuse PAKA is walking towards a group of sports journalists, in full wrestling gear, with face able to scare a slasher movie's serial killer. Just behind him the Young Lion Hajime Kawano is helping PAKA's new tag team partner : The...
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    Battle of Egypt

    Magnificent !
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    Wicked Games 2019

    Yawi Wawi !!!
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    Well I am still alive.
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    Don't blame the poor Lance, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, even in the whole kitchen.
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    MATCH PROMO Dynasty & Voltage : Can we be on the same page ? (feat. Shortfuse PAKA)

    A few days after Territorial Invasion and the victory of team Dynasty against the rest of the world, The Magnificent Bastard, Provençal, is enjoying a little holiday in his home country : France. Well, enjoying is a pretty big word since he received a call from a local sports bar near his area...
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    Thanks ! How nice of you...hey...wait a minute...
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    You shouldn't be proud to be the MVP of the Everybody team, monsieur Gaines. After all, two of them were eliminated by me, showing the level difference between Dynasty and the rest of EAW. Monsieur @Justin Windgate on the other hand, he can be proud to be the best wrestler of this Dynasty team ...
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    New Updates : - The "Bon Appetit" signature move is now a finisher - New Signature Move - New Nickname