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    Happy birthday to the GOAT Mr. Impact!!

    Joyeux Anniversaire!
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    MATCH PROMO Facing an entitled Ava ( KoE Qualifier vs Candice Blair II )

    In every wrestling promotion, you have your load of special people who are full of shit. Some of them excel at being full of manure, so much that it sprays around whenever they talk and they leave a stinking trail wherever they go. Mark Michaels is among the horse fecal matter variety, his...
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    Happy birthday to a top ledge and actual GOAT Jamie O'Hara-Ava!

    To follow Estelle: ''Bonne fete mon chum!'' Quebecois for ''Happy birthday buddy!'' :D
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    MATCH PROMO I will not be denied. ( K.o.E. Qualifier vs Candice Blair 1 )

    Everything has a start and a finish. Everything has a beginning and an end. My losing streak began on October 5th with a somewhat amazing match against Jamie O’Hara in Washington but it all came to an end this weekend when I, Ryan Wilson, led a trio of two and a half men to victory against a...
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    Terminator Genesys - 6 / 10 ( Not the first time I watch it mind you ) I was in a Terminator mood since Dark Fate came out recently along with a new video game which playthrough I watched over the week-end. Not the best movie in the franchise ( T2:JD is ) but it's T3:RotM bad.
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    Look at this kissass...
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    @Mr. DEDEDE fears @Harlow Reichert it's as simple as that. #ProveMeWrong
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    @Shaker Jones @Dray I Told You I'd lead this team to victory! #MicDrop Unlike the Canadiens, my losing streak is over. Next Week! Serious business against @Kensingten Calhoun-Astor ! Time to punch my ticket in the for King of Elite Tournament.
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    Sapphire Estelle. - The Deadliest Dove.

    Bienvenu sur la Terre de l'Élite! :D Welcome to the Land of the Elite!
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    What is your theme and why did you choose it for your character(s)?

    Wilson's current theme along with one of the greatest video package WWE ever produced: As to the reason why I picked it, well first I wanted something totally different from Gangnam Style and I wanted something more serious as Ryan is running with a heel gimmick. So he will do things his...
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    I may not be a part of Dynasty's roster, but on December 6th I will be at the Bell Center.
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    One doesn't need to win to rise through the ranks. I am proof of it. Do your job tonight, and we'll do great. I'm not worried one shred about you, I just want you to do your job. I won't even ask Shaker, I know what little to expect from him.
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    Just shut the fuck and kick some ass tonight you royal asshole in a hat. I'm not asking for much considering what is in front of us.
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    MATCH PROMO Fucking Gimmicks... ( 6-Way Promo 2 )

    Have I told you, people, how much I hate the entertainment aspect of our business? Most of us acting like damn clowns running around in a circle looking all goofy and shit for the enjoyment or the crowd. I was one of the clowns once, I was aiming to do anything to please the masses so they could...
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    Who from this current era do you see one day going into the Hall of Fame?

    Raven Miss Extreme Chris Elite Darkane