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    Not betting on who will win, but pretty sure @Dr. Bethany Blue will be on stand by to do what she does best post-match.
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    Would You Rather Game

    One title a record amount of times. Would you rather have one long detailed and intricate storyline throughout a season or several short one month long ones?
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    @Ronan Malosi - I hope you seriously didn't expect me to give you an easy match. Step up or try your luck on the other two brands. #GoodLuck #YouWillNeedIt
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    Hehe, that's cute. But I like it. Keep going.
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    The stage is set. Soon the cameras will roll and the first episode of Season 14 will begin. Lots of anticipation, loads of expectations. People of the Showdown Roster make me proud tonight. #ShowdownAlphaBrand #RyanWilsonShow #ShowdownBetter
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    You, well, since you are a member of the Blue Brand you just need to show up.
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    First, you kiss my ass, second, you offer me dinner. In other words: Get off my dick Ronan. You want a shot at the number one brand? Show up on Saturday. You ain't getting a crack at the best show simply by posting on Social Media. #NotHowThisWorks
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    Where was/were your character(s) a year ago?

    Got drafted on Showdown following a win against Shaker Jones at Pain for Pride.
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    Reflecting on my choices for this Draft I am quite pleased with what I have to work with. Season 14 is going to be excellent. #ShowdownBetter #RyanWilsonShow #SaturdayNightBae
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    Ryan Wilson - Showdown GM - Season 14 Edition

    Season 14 Update; New Theme Song Several new moves added The Surprise! Signature Has now been unveiled!
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    How many championships have you won with all of your characters in EAW?

    In terms of titles it's well known that while Wilson had several title opportunities he didn't win a single one of them. However he does have a few accolades which goes as follows; Promoter of the Week ( As part of ''Everyone booked for Road to Redemption'' ) ( MVE #164 ) Promoter of the Week (...
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    "Maidens of Malpractice" The Medical Maniacs

    I absolutely love it!
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    @Dr. Bethany Blue I love you in platonic ways right now. I will be honest, let me give this match idea of yours some thought. You know, just long enough so Jake actually begins to feel like he might soil himself over the idea of facing the fine ladies who he crossed. I want to see how I can...
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT To the members of Season 14th Showdown Roster

    @Bronson Daniels I actually look forward to see what you'll do.