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    dismantling white supremacy + eurocentric beauty standards one bundle at a time
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    @Andrea Valentine
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    MATCH PROMO I’m Hot, I’m Up, I Ain’t Comin’ Down, I'm Gonna Tear That Bitch Up With A Hunnid Rounds #OperationDoomsday

    Ohhhh, look who decided to show up to work after wasting an entire fucking weekend and then some twiddling ya goddamn thumbs. Yeah, bitch, you heard that right, I’ma talk about “when, where, and what time” you decide to say something ‘cause it validates my argument, DUH. I mean, sure, I know...
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    but ain't you the one who--nvm
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    MATCH PROMO If They Gassin' A Bitch, I'ma Empty Her Tank, So You Better Stay Down, It's Gon' Be Worth The Wait #OperationDoomsday

    Hm. You know. I wonder why y’all never make fun of the white girls for wearing hair extensions. 🤔 But every chance y'all get, it's "haha, Serena's bald!" 'cause, what, I don't wear a natural hair color no more? Just a thought. This the shit I be thinking about sometimes. Just like how I’m...
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    What kind of mask do you wear?

    I've been using hand-made washable cotton masks. I have several galaxy/celestial themed ones, and a handful of solid colors, too, cuz self expression, y'know
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    I can't, I'm too busy self-preserving

    I can't, I'm too busy self-preserving
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    @Charlie Marr
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    bitch, you eat beans on toast for breakfast, don't talk to me
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    gm, y'all know I'm not booked against any of you this week, right?
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    d'aw, she's angwy. grr!
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    Midsummer Massacre SZN 14 Predictions

    Jamie O'Hara (C) vs Jack Ripley Jake Smith vs Cage vs Lethal Consequences vs Dr. Bethany Blue Consuela Rose Ava (C) vs Sierra Bradford Bronson Daniels (C) vs Alexis Chambers Jon Kelton vs Justin Windgate Xavier Williams vs Raven Roberts Ryan Wilson vs Ronan Malosi Maxwell vs Strawberry...
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    Serena Bennett

    been twerking on this for a bit, but: some changes to formatting/made shit pretty; added/fixed some reference links to finishing moves; added a fav weapons section (shoutout to my writers for the inspo); updated gimmick; updated wiki
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    @Visual Prophet