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    ahem, so, after reading your sign up, I will say that it might be helpful for you (and your writers) to add a little more to your Gimmick/Background. I promise you that this will be a lot more fun if you dig into those character layers just waiting to be uncovered. You'll also stand out a bit...
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    Nathan von Liebert

    :notbad: Welcome! Looking forward to see what you and your writers will do with this character.
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    MATCH PROMO I Got The Juice Like It's Lemonade, They Don't Want Smoke 'Cause They Been Afraid #Dynasty #PickYourPoison

    Sheesh. And that is what you waited all week to say? Wow. That’s crazy. I just gotta tell you, Jenny, I’m lowkey disappointed. Where’s all that Latina heat, the passion, the drive, the inspirational performances you promised this EAW fanbase when you first popped up? Nowhere to be found...
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    Wicked Games 2019 Predictions Thread

    -Charlie Marr (c) vs. Ms. Extreme - Barbed Wire Massacre III - EAW Championship (forever a big dick bharlie stan) -Raven Roberts (c) vs. Constance Blevins - Universal Women’s Championship -Rex McAllister vs. Jack Ripley - Extreme Elimination Chamber Qualifier -Dr. Bethany Blue (c) vs. Terry...
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    MATCH PROMO Bad Yellow Bitch With Her Eyes On The Prize, But Nigga, I Ain't No Minion #Dynasty #PickYourPoison

    Wash poppin', y'all? How y’all been? Good? Glad to hear it. Oh, me? Pssh. Look, don’t pretend to give a damn, don’t worry about how the fuck I’m doing, as far as you motherfuckers should be concerned, I’m the best I ever have been. And that’s sayin’ a lot, y'all remember what a good year I had...
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    House of Glass (2019) Reaction Thread

    Favorite Match: Favorite Moment: Most Shocking Moment: Who Had The Best/Worst Night?: Overall Rating:
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    This makes me so happy to see! We appreciate you so much here and I’m so glad you finally got an efed moment like this one. You’ve been one of my favorite promoers since I joined last year and a fantastic community member, truly. EAW wouldn’t be the same without people like you. You’re reliable...
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    Happy Birthday to the Greatest of all Time Mr. DEDEDE

    oh my gosh, Dad. You're getting up there. I don't think I know a kinder, sweeter, more generous, more understanding, or more creative person in this efed game or IRL. Thank you for being all that you are and for working alongside Banks for so many years to give me this wonderful online world I...
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    Happy Birthday GOATssidy Heart 💜

    I'm so thankful to know you and have worked with you in the many ways that I have, Kassidy. You don't even need me to tell you that EAW wouldn't be flourishing as it is now without your various contributions. You're legitimately the model e-fedder if I ever did see one. I look to your work in...
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    House of Glass 2019 Prediction Thread

    - Impact (c) vs TLA: Glass Wallz/World Heavyweight Championship (Sienna Jade Special Guest Referee) - Kassidy Heart vs The Visual Prophet: 1000 Shards (ily both though) - Drake King vs Cage: Red Wallz - Lethal Consequences (c) vs Justin Windgate: Glass Tables/National Elite Championship -...
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    MATCH PROMO I’ma Go Worldwide, I’ma Go NASA, Yeah the Arm Strong, You Can Get It If You Askin’ #TerritorialInvasion #WarGames #TeamDynasty

    Lemme catch you up, Ahren, since you're evidently so far behind the rest of my competitors--Stephon Hunte didn’t hand me a single fucking thing except a termination notice and damn near a death sentence. Copy? I was hand picked by FOX Network for all the wrong reasons, they had zero of my...
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    MATCH PROMO I Hear The Mumblin', I Hear The Cacklin', I Got 'Em Scared, Shook, Panickin', You At A Stand Still, Mannequin #TerritorialInvasion #WarGames

    Wake the fuck up. Matter fact, stay sleep. That don’t bother me. I’m just a lil’ disappointed y’all ain’t give me much to work with so far. But it's early, I know, it’s iight, you lil’ hoes don’t want no drama, and that’s okay--but if you scared, just say so. No need to put up a front just for...
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    MATCH PROMO It Could Be Four Of ‘Em, Ten Of ‘Em, I’ma Get Rid Of ‘Em, I’ma Leave ‘Em Right There #TerritorialInvasion #WarGames #TeamDynasty

    I said it once, and I’ll gladly say it again: being asked to serve as the Captain of #TeamDynasty is the opportunity of a lifetime. No doubt about it. And I know that maybe I say that about a lot of things...if I ain’t say it out loud, I know for sure I at least thought it once or twice when it...