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    MATCH PROMO If you think that this story ends with a happy ending - you haven’t been paying attention.

    The foolish man charges into battle with his sword drawn - the smart man watches others charge into battle and makes sure that there’s absolutely no chance of failure. It goes without question that I am undoubtedly the most despised person in this entire company; hated to the point where the...
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    Yeah Nah AMA: Jamie O'Hara

    Does your character have any regrets that he necessarily wouldn’t admit? What did you think about your record World Heavyweight Championship reign? Is there anything that you would have changed about it? What’s your opinion on EAW currently as it is? What originally made you decide that you...
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    AMA: Noah Reigner

    Do you think that Theron and Noah would be pals?
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    MATCH PROMO Hi pot, meet kettle.

    The world tries to hard to see themselves in the image that they dream about being in. They tell themselves that they’ve worked so hard. They tell themselves that they’re deserving; that they’re going to accomplish the one thing that absolutely no one else has been able to achieve. But, they...
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    MATCH PROMO Let’s not act like you don’t prefer being on your knees, Cam.

    It’s not just you, Cameron. There’s nobody in this company that’s on the level that I’m on. But, the world hopes with everything that they can physically muster that a name makes their way out of the shadows and manages to destroy everything that I’ve managed to create. You’re not that person...
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    MATCH PROMO There aren’t people like me - there’s just me.

    People don’t tend to understand the power that I hold. We sit back and watch. We believe he hold all the answers and always seems so surprised when the curtain is drawn back and things don’t come close to what they seem. That’s been the constant throughout my time as the Answers World Champion...
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    Stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself. #KnEeL
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    AMA God Emperor.

    This entire heel run. I’ve always wanted to have a character that was such a heel that it wasn’t even cool to cheer him. Be the kind of character that everyone wants to see burn. Things seem to be going well so far. As for Xavier - definitely the run leading into the match against DDD at Pain...
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    AMA God Emperor.

    We still Goat. To be considered as one of the undoubted goats. I haven’t had the chance to do anything with Noah so that’s something I’d hope to do before I call it a day.
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    AMA God Emperor.

    Yes, definitely.
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    AMA God Emperor.

    It’s just who I am. Puhlease. Jay White is the smartest professional wrestler in the world. It’s time to just Breathe with the Switchblade... in his New Era. They’re pretty dreamy tbh. No doubt. On his honeymoon after Celine Dion is used for every FPV theme, while still also being the...
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    AMA God Emperor.

    Brady, always Brady. Theron’s too smart for Xav. It depends. Jay White may be the last, kinda depends on where I see Theron at. DDD, Methuselah, Diamond Dallas DDD and The Gawd