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    The compliment game

    You’ve improved a whole bunch since you’ve joined. Keep it up bud.
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    There’s no greater conquering weapon than the necessity of conquering.
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    AMA God Emperor.

    Badflower Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll Would be the perfect main villain Nah Maybe?
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    AMA God Emperor.

    We can be best friends omg
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    AMA: Charlie Marr

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    What’s it like knowing that you can’t challenge for the Universal Women’s Championships because you’re actually a man?
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT "You turned your back on yourself, and now you’re asking yourself whether all of it was worth it.”

    It was the day that he never believed was going to come. Each painstaking step forward a constant reminder of everything he had just lost. Theron wholeheartedly believed everything that he had professed for months; he believed that he was untouchable, unbeatable - he truly believed that he was...
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    Theron Nikolas

    Post Pain for Pride update completed: Character Summary updated. New Theme Song. Alignment adjusted. Ultimate Finisher adjusted and the reason behind when he would use it. New Nickname added.
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    Pain for Pride day 3 reactions

    I'm not going to react to the show as others have, but instead react to the entire experience that Pain for Pride is each year. This was the first year since I've started writing for the federation that I didn't take on a major match at Pain for Pride; it's no secret that I haven't been as...
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    There's no words that can describe the heartbreak that came with tonight. The memory, as vague as it may be, of watching the one thing that you cared about more than life itself leaving in the hands of someone else was something that I never believed that I was going to have to withstand. But...
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    MATCH PROMO God? Nah, you're just an old fuck.

    I’ve spent the last forty eight hours racking my own brain. I’ve looked back at my time as the Answers World Champion while listening to everything that you said. I’ve looked at the impact that I’ve made as champion; the champion that I wanted to be before I took this championship at Operation...
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    MATCH PROMO The board can suck my dick, Ryan.

    You’re going to beat me - no you’re not. You’re going to take this Answers World Championship away from me - no you’re not. You’re going to stab that dagger through my black heart and vanquish the man that has always been one step ahead of you. No you’re not. You’re right, Darkane. We always...