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  1. bubba_teh_writer

    MATCH PROMO I'll be dancin' around you

    So my debut is next sunday. I am ready to show all of those dumb wrestling fans how I make my money. I'm going to show them how a real athlete performs. My opponents are an actual piece of cake, just look at them! I guess I'll have to run through these guys and talk about all of their shitty...
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT How to Make a Sandwhich

    Alright the people watching this, assuming you guys are wrestling fans, I will be teaching you some basic life skills in the near future. You're momma has probably had enough and she wants you to move out of the house. You are starting to stink up the place with your greasy fat roles and lack of...
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    "I ain't a wrestler. The term wrestler is a term for circus performers who like to pretend they are who I am, an athlete. Wrestler is a borderline slur. Why would someone as classy, sexy, and powerful as me want to be associated with actual clowns? Not only that, the clown act all of these...
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    The Fantastic JJ Moon

    Thanks! :salute:
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    The Fantastic JJ Moon

    ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CONTRACT BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: JJ Moon Picture Base: Big E Current Nicknames: Moonwalker Height: 6’, 2’’ Weight: 252 Hometown: Cincinnati, OH CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these options: Ruthless Heel Gimmick: Someone who...