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  1. Raylan

    Raylan Brees Contract

    I think I'm going to be signing off here. This is a great site, full of awesome people. Thanks for the experience!
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    Our Showdown GM: #ShowdownAlphaBrand :cool: #AlphaAssassin
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    Introduction Thread

    I joined up about 2 months ago but I just now noticed this thread and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 35 years old and was a high school teacher and basketball coach for about 8-9 years. I have since transitioned over to teaching online and scouting high school sports (well, pre-COVID...
  4. Raylan

    MATCH PROMO A joke is one thing. A fool is another. (Showdown 3)

    Raylan Brees is in his apartment in Lexington, Kentucky. He consented a long time ago to have cameras installed in each room for promo purposes. Raylan is currently packing a suitcase and preparing to travel to New Jersey. He is wearing a pair of black sweatpants and a black and red 'EARN IT'...
  5. Raylan

    Raylan Brees Contract

    Updated theme music/entrance info and added some stuff specific to this new season at the end of the "motivations" section.
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    MATCH PROMO A right way and a wrong way to lean on others. (Showdown 2)

    The video package opens with Raylan Brees using his phone to shoot the footage. Raylan is back home in Lexington, Kentucky, and is walking down the steps of the group meeting center for men and women who suffer from trauma or PTSD that he has been attending for what will be a month on Friday. He...
  7. Raylan

    MATCH PROMO It's not my vanity you should be focused on, Lucas. (Showdown 1)

    The scene opens in a dimly lit room. A single lightbulb hangs from the ceiling, its dangling chain offers the only promise of light in the room. The only other item that can be seen in the darkness is a simple wooden chair in the center of the room, or at least what the viewer can assume is the...
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    You heard our GM, Showdown. It's time to work day in and day out to get where we want to go. Let's do this! Be careful with any potential "by any means necessary" approaches with me though. In season 14 I'm not playing the shortcut game. I'm gonna be the scalpel this season. What are you...
  9. Raylan

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I don't rattle and I don't run from a challenge.

    The scene opens inside an EAW studio. There is a skeleton crew operating things due to social distancing precautions. EAW reporter, Amber Stephens, sits in a chair opposite Raylan Brees, who is seated in a chair of his own, six feet apart from her. Raylan is dressed in a gray suit with a white...
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    Pic Base Changing Season 14 Edition

    Nick Aldis. As usual, please let me know if this doesn't work for any reason.
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    Pic Base Changing Season 14 Edition

    Good point, sorry. I’ll think on it.
  12. Raylan

    Pic Base Changing Season 14 Edition

    Lance Storm
  13. Raylan

    Pic Base Changing Season 14 Edition

    If it isn't reserved, I would like to use younger, dark haired Cody Rhodes (like when he debuted in New Japan). Please let me know if that is off limits.
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    Getting ready to watch a whole weekend's worth of EAW shows. I'm pumped! #NoShortcuts #EarnIt
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    RT Give em hell y'all. Those fans deserve the best show in the world and I know everyone on that card is up for it. Just do things the right way. #NoShortCuts #TheRightWay
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    Raylan Brees Contract

    Changed tendency to cheat to "never".
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I'm not the only one who needs to look in the mirror. That's not an observation; it's a warning.

    The scene fades in. Raylan is in one of the bathrooms of the EAW Performance Center. The camera is at his back. Raylan is wearing the blue dress slacks and white button-down shirt that he wore to the arena before his match on Showdown. His suit jacket is nowhere to be seen and his shirt sleeves...
  18. Raylan

    MATCH PROMO Only one thing left to figure out. (Showdown 3)

    We fade in inside the EAW Performance Center in Newark, New Jersey. It’s Friday morning and there is an action-packed episode of Dynasty set to take place later on tonight. However, at this point, the building is practically empty. Raylan Brees, dressed in a light blue suit, with brown dress...
  19. Raylan

    MATCH PROMO Setting a pace and turning a page. I know what I'm fighting for. (Showdown 2)

    *The following promotional video package was put together with the consent and cooperation of Raylan Brees. The footage is courtesy of home cameras, which Mr. Brees has also agreed to, as well as an EAW camera crew, and its media & effects department.* It’s a hot August day in Coatzacoalcos...
  20. Raylan

    MATCH PROMO Practice makes permanent (Showdown 1)

    The scene opens inside of Shelley Buchannan’s gym, “The Kentucky Grindhouse”, in Lexington, Kentucky. Buchannan, like Raylan Brees, is a Lexington native. During the territory days of wrestling, he was a standout performer for years in the old Continental Wrestling Association. Since his...