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  1. Justin Windgate

    MATCH PROMO I'm working to be that person.. (Showdown 2)

    You're waiting for the person who will finally elevate this Interwire Championship into everything that it could possibly become? Well that's the guy that I am trying to be, Xavier. Notice how I said "trying," because that's really what this is.. I've talked about how impressive the length of...
  2. Justin Windgate

    "The Xtreme Classic" Justin Windgate

    updated gimmick
  3. Justin Windgate

    MATCH PROMO Eye for an Eye (Showdown 1)

    You know, I’ve always viewed myself as the type of guy that will trade an eye for an eye.. You screw me over and I’ll do the same in return times ten. We saw it when I had just returned last year before Territorial Invasion when Showdown’s talent decided to cost me a slot in the Divide & Conquer...
  4. Justin Windgate

    2021 Royal Rumble Prediction Game

    7 men’s. 5 women’s
  5. Justin Windgate

    MATCH PROMO You're All Bark. No Bite (Showdown 2)

    Bronson, do you actually believe that the fact that this match is important to you should cause me any concern or put my first match as champion at risk? It doesn’t and I’ll tell you why. Just like Jack said to you earlier, you choose to live your life in hypothetical situations, what ifs, and...
  6. Justin Windgate

    Goals for 2021

    I'm just kind of going with the flow, but it would be cool if these were to happen this year -Make the cover of an FPV Poster -Win at Pain for Pride -Outdo my New Breed title reign with this Interwire title reign (I feel like this will be tough, but we'll see) -Have a world title match -Beat...
  7. Justin Windgate

    MATCH PROMO That Killer Mentality (Showdown 1)

    (Justin Windgate is seen chilling in his living room with a blunt pressed up against his lips and the Interwire Championship wrapped around his shoulder. The new champion takes a massive hit, fills his lungs with smoke, then exhales all of it out into the open room.) You know.. It’s crazy how...
  8. Justin Windgate

    Congratulations to the Grand Prix Winners! The Blicky Boyz!!!

    Ey @Malcolm Jones and @Bhris Elite idk why there wasn’t a thread up for y’all yet, but I figured it needed to be done. This was my first time experiencing the Grand Prix and it was something that I truly enjoyed as it gave me a KOE type of vibe but with tag teams. We saw some of the best teams...
  9. Justin Windgate

    Road To Redemption Night Two - Reaction Thread!

    Favorite Match: Drake vs Darcy Favorite Moment: Jack and LC winning their chambers Most Shocking Moment: Drake branding Darcy. Now she has donkey kongs initials on her 😭 also Sebas returning as well as Viz getting eliminated first. Who Had The Best/Worst Night?: LC, Jack, Limmy for best. Viz...
  10. Justin Windgate


    @Limmy Monaghan congrats bro! The growth of your character has been awesome to watch. I wrote a few of your matches earlier on before you were even tag team champ and just by reading your promos, I saw tremendous potential in you. 2 titles in your rookie year is no joke and I know you’ll...
  11. Justin Windgate


    Congrats @Jack Ripley ! Your character has been through so much and I’m happy to see that Jack has finally gotten the big one! You caught my attention when I first returned when I saw you as the NE champ, and when I saw that you would be one of the participants in the CITV match, I was excited...
  12. Justin Windgate


    Congrats @Lethal Consequences ! You deserved this! I’m glad to see that you’ve won the big one and I’m fortunate enough to have been able to promo with and against you last season. You helped me so much during the buildup to our match at House of Glass last year and I learned so much just by...
  13. Justin Windgate

    Road To Redemption Night One - Reaction Thread!

    Favorite Match: Voltage EEC Favorite Moment: Azrael pulling out TLAs tooth, Ronan makin sure that fucker is staying in, and Maxwell winning Extreme Enigma Battle Royal Most Shocking Moment: The controversial ending to the voltage eec Who Had The Best/Worst Night?: Maxwell, Blicky Boyz, Kasey...
  14. Justin Windgate


    Hey don’t get discouraged about the result of your match at RTR. I read one of your recent promos and the potential is there. In my opinion, I think all you need is to just add a few more topics and talking points for your opponents and yourself to use on one another to add even more depth in...
  15. Justin Windgate


    Thanks everyone! I have to give a huge shoutout to @Black Mamba and @Consuela Rose Ava for this week because everyone showed out with some creative promos. This was one of the most fun weeks of promoing due to the storytelling that we all did together and we definitely made it feel like the way...
  16. Justin Windgate

    MATCH PROMO Elevate VI: The Roots of 2021 (Road to Redemption 7)

    Elevate VI: The Roots of 2021 (The scene opens up in the back of the Amplified Weed Dispensary in Detroit Michigan, where we see Justin Windgate and his best friend, Mike Flowers taking two blunts to the face in the middle of a smoke session. The two sit in separate chairs. Windgate is...
  17. Justin Windgate

    MATCH PROMO The Title Won't Make Me Great.. Because I'm Already Great (Road to Redemption 6)

    Consuela, I want you to take a second and take in everything that you have done this year and give yourself more credit when compared to your sisters. Yeah, you may not have a world title reign like the others, but 2020, the same year that you like to acknowledge as your year has definitely been...
  18. Justin Windgate

    MATCH PROMO Legacy (Road to Redemption 5)

    There are many ways for a person to expand their legacy.. Some do it through championship reigns.. Some do it with the moments that leave an everlasting image in the minds of the fans around the world.. Others do it by leading by example and setting a blueprint for those who will follow their...
  19. Justin Windgate

    EAW Road To Redemption 2020 Prediction Thread

    SOSA Henderson (c) vs. TLA vs. Terry Chambers vs. Ahren Fournier vs. Azrael vs. Rex McAllister - Extreme Elimination Chamber - EAW World Championship Visual Prophet (c) vs. Xander Payne vs. Mr. DEDEDE vs. Chris Elite vs. MITSUBACHI vs. Lethal Consequences - Extreme Elimination Chamber - EAW...
  20. Justin Windgate

    MATCH PROMO Lone Wolf (Road to Redemption 4)

    That was a nice little story.. Truly it was. I’m glad that I was able to listen to it while smoking my blunt a few moments ago because it got me thinking.. You truly have faced some demons and gone through wars earlier on in your life. You are no stranger to the pain that we as Elitists go...