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  1. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO A Tin Crown Is Better Than No Crown 🤭

    What would you be without the women standing by your side? That’s the question that I want both Kassidy and Sienna to ask themselves. Where would the two of them - or better yet - what would either of you two be without each other? There’s a harsh reality that some people are always forced to...
  2. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO Pot Meet Kettle.

    Oop. You got me, Rex. You’re right. You’re so right! I’ve spent the entire year struggling to accept the truth. I’ve been trying to prove to the world, but most importantly to myself that I am the absolutely best thing that this business has to offer. I’ve failed to climb mountains that I...
  3. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO Equal Rights, Equal Fights.

    You’re setting yourself up for failure. I know that I’m a little late to the party, and while you’re going back and forth with those good ol’ dick measuring contests - you’re trying to climb a mountain that you’re never going to actually conquer, Tyler. I can find respect in wanting to try to...
  4. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO I would rather deal with Mark Michaels again over this garbage.

    People like to stand in front of a mirror and believe that they’re seeing someone who is everything that they want to be. They see someone who they believe is the best thing that this business has to offer. They see someone that bares this company on their shoulders and is carrying it to a...
  5. Theron Nikolas

    Dynasty Card: 9/14/18 (Deadline Saturday at 11:59 EST.)

    - Stew-O sits down with Theron Nikolas before War Games at Territorial Invasion - ZERO congratulates Andy Lush on his win last week - Shaker Jones, Lucas Johnson and Ventura vs Ryan Wilson, ZERO and Erebus Jennings - The One Percent prepare for War. - Darkane reacts to the announcement of...
  6. Theron Nikolas

    Friday Night Dynasty Card: 9/7/18

    Live! From The Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri! Darkane © vs Kevin Hunter - Answers World Championship The One Percent personally invite the World Heavyweight Champion and The Co-National Elite Champions to Dynasty Ryan Wilson vs Lucas Johnson - Winner becomes the No. 1 Contender to...
  7. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO Dynasty - I

    You all believe that I’m some kind of bad guy, but all I am is simply the monster that they created. Truthfully, I never wanted any of this to happen. I was happy. I was happy with the belief that all the hard work was eventually going to pay off, but the harsh reality that I was only climbing...
  8. Theron Nikolas

    Dynasty: Revolution Reaction Thread

    Favorite Match: Favorite Moment: Most Shocking Moment/Result: Who Had the Best/Worst Night: Rating/General Comments:
  9. Theron Nikolas

    Friday Night Dynasty Card: 8/31/18

    LIVE! From the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! - StarrStan looks to find common ground with Theron Nikolas; looks to have the King of Elite lead Dynasty to War. - Darkane vs Erebus Jennings - Darkane looks towards his next defense; Kevin Hunter looks to make history...
  10. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO “Heroes and Villains” - Dynasty: Revolution I

    They’re just waiting for their hero to walk out of the shadows and slay the man that they’re made to believe is the villain. The truth is that I accepted my role in this story a long, long time ago. I used to worry about what the world thought about me; I used to hold the same dream as every...
  11. Theron Nikolas

    Dynasty: Revolution Card.

    OFFICIAL THEME: Darkane (c) vs Jack Ripley - Answers World Championship Johnny Ventura vs Mark Michaels - Hardcore Championship Cameron Ella Ava vs Impact Theron Nikolas vs Andrei Sokolova Lucas Johnson vs Shaker Jones vs Ryan Wilson vs Kevin Hunter - No. 1 Contendership for the Answers...
  12. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO “The Messenger.” - Dynasty II

    “Left, right, duck and counter with an elbow!” Theron always refused to train with anyone other than the man that taught in the fundamentals of the business. The man had countless facilities and resources at his disposal, but still willingly chose to travel back to where everything started and...
  13. Theron Nikolas

    Is there a song that reminds you of your own character?

    As the title says ( and I don’t know if this thread as been made before ), but there any song you can relate to your character?
  14. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO “Hope.” - Dynasty I

    There was nothing that Theron hated more than travelling between shows, but this time was seemingly worse than any other. He found himself slouched back in his chair, a half finished glass of whiskey sitting on the table next to him as the sound of the engine of his travel bus echoed throughout...
  15. Theron Nikolas

    Friday Night Dynasty Card: 8/17/18

    LIVE! From the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York! Jack Ripley vs Zed Diamant Darkane sends a message to his challenger before Dynasty: Revolution. KMK vs Sunami Tayo Theron Nikolas vs Lucas Johnson Andrei Sokolova vs Jason McKormick Cameron Ella Ava refuses to leave the arena until she...
  16. Theron Nikolas

    Friday Night Dynasty: 8/10/18

    LIVE! From the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York! Darkane calls out Jack Ripley; welcomes him to his own funeral at Dynasty: REVOLUTION. Kevin Hunter vs Andrei Sokolova Cameron Ella Ava demands Impact to meet her in the middle of the ring; demands answers for last week's attack Lucas...
  17. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO “Admiration” - Dynasty I

    You don’t bite the hand that feeds. I warned Mark. I told him everything that was going to happen and he still stood in front of the world with that false sense of bravado. He made promises that everybody knew he wasn’t going to be able to keep. He called shots that he believed was going to...
  18. Theron Nikolas

    Friday Night Dynasty 8/3/18

    Live! from Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island - Jack Ripley vs Cameron Ella Ava - Number One Contendership for the Answers World Championship - Johnny Ventura and Mark Michaels sit down interview concerning their upcoming match for the Hardcore Championship - Theron Nikolas vs...
  19. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO “Insert A Title That’s Almost As Unbearable As Your Promo Here”

    You’re bad at this. You’re so fucking bad at this. Guys, I must apologise. I must apologise for everything that I’ve said about Mark Michaels. I was wrong. I’ve been wrong this whole time. Mark Michaels isn’t a failure. Mark Michaels isn’t worthless. Mark Michaels isn’t going to spend his...
  20. Theron Nikolas


    “You call me an idiot, but” - goes onto talk about things has obviously has no fucking clue about and continues to prove he has little to no fucking sense. BuT i’Ve PrOvEn To Be OnE oF tHe HuNgRiEsT aNd TaLeNtEd MeN iN tHiS bUsInEsS. Why am I doing this - it’s a fucking miracle that I haven’t...