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    Would you rather

    Be on the Indy's Would you rather have your dream job or your dream soulmate ?
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    MATCH PROMO Just A Pawn, Crane.

    It's time to stand up and prove myself in this business. Finally, I'll be making my debut on Showdown and I will make sure that everyone will remember that I took my first steps into this business successfully. I'm ready to solidify everything that I have inside of me to show that I was MADE for...
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    Introduction Thread

    Hi, my name is Chris Mainstream! I'm not really new to roleplaying, but I'm a bit fresh to e-fedding. I've always liked wrestling. I'm a huge fan of guys like Shawn Michaels, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, and Cody Rhodes. Outside of wrestling, I really like anime and I'm...
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT It's More Than A Lifestyle

    The camera fades into a beautiful area in the Hidden Hills of California, where huge mansions and beautiful scenery is shown. The camera starts to zoom in on a particular mansion with a man leaning on the door of his all black matte Rolls Royce Wraith. He isn't looking at the camera until he...
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    BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Christopher Mainstream Picture Base: Sami Zayn Current Nicknames: #Mainstream Height: 6'1 Weight: 215 lbs. Hometown: Los Angeles, California CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these options: Cowardly Heel | Ruthless Heel Gimmick...