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  1. VIP

    MATCH PROMO Real G's move in silence like lasagna

    Ayo hold up. It's ya boi VIP comin' at ya live, and I'm hearing some wack ass shit from CarMade... my bad, MarrKade. Of all the unoriginal ass names out there. These corny ass motherfuckers gone and outdone themselves. That's like me and my boy Vizzy calling ourselves VIProphet. A two-year-old...
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    MATCH PROMO Last name ever, first name greatest...

    ... Like a sprained ankle, boy I ain't nothing to play with. My name is Lethal Consequences and I love to start a promo with a snappy one-liner. I'm so deep. I can use big words and talk philosophy! I listen to Ben Shapiro on YouTube so I know how to run a debate and control the narrative! I'...
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    MATCH PROMO I'm not a rapper... but I still spit supa hot 🔥

    [Scene opens when VIP is walking in the back hall in a throwback Vince Carter jersey and some OVO sweats. He's signing autographs while Sofia Clarke runs up and stops him.] Sofia Clarke: Sorry to bother you, VIP, but I'd just like to -- [VIP snatches the microphone from Sofia] 🔥VIP🔥: You...
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    MATCH PROMO good lucha things

    Ayo what's good it's ya boi Vincent I. motherfucking Pride. Facing off with El Landerson on Voltage Sunday night and boi we bout to kick it up to another level. Lethal Consequences wanna hate but he ain't been hot since Soulja Boy was topping the charts. Dark times. We takin over and we ain't...
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    Ayoo y'all already know who it is! It's ya boi Vincent I. motherfucking Pride, the one and only, back by popular demand to save Voltage from the dickeaters. I been taking a little vacation these last few weeks. Got fans calling me up asking where I been. Got bitches hitting me up asking where I...
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    boi who are u
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    Colton Asks: In America, What Is Wrestling?

    lil peep ded. lil pump next.
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    tupac is alive and well in Cuba. He appeared to me in a vision today. He told me to deliver the world this message: tekashi69 is the future of rap Kthxbai
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    What is your character's religious view?

    VIP worships the 6ix God, Drake. In the event the 6ix God is not available, Lil b (the based God) will do
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    MATCH PROMO Two JRs and a VIP walk into a bar

    What's good, it's ya boi Vincent I. motherfucking Pride here with one of dem deadline bombs. It's ok tho, cuz Ima still beat these two bush league fuckbois tomorrow night. I'm upset that Commissioner Daniels even thinks these bozos are good enough to share the ring with VIP. Them motherfuckers...
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    Dynasty Revolution prediction thread

    Darkane (c) vs Jack Ripley - Answers World Championship Johnny Ventura vs Mark Michaels - Hardcore Championship Cameron Ella Ava vs Impact Theron Nikolas vs Andrei Sokolova Lucas Johnson vs Shaker Jones vs Ryan Wilson vs Kevin Hunter - No. 1 Contendership for the Answers World Championship
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    MATCH PROMO Crossfire 3: Lots more jokes, fuckboi

    Yo, it's ya boi Vincent I. motherfucking Pride. Xander Payne wanna be all serious but only thing serious 'bout this squash match is the injuries he's finna leave with. Muthafucka gonna be lookin' all deformed n shit. Ima make his ugly mug even uglier, so ugly his wife won't fuck him anymore...
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    MATCH PROMO Two can play at this game, bozo

    [Fade in to VIP standing in line at a McDonald's, wearing a Xander Payne t-shirt over one of those silicone pregnancy bellies they use on TV. His hair is spiked up horribly, bearing a striking resemblance to Xander Payne's sorry ass haircut. His attempt to dress up as Xander Payne isn't wholly...
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    Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co.,Ltd

    found some defects Better make a new batch bois
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    MATCH PROMO "A few seconds to finish"... You saying what you tryna do to me, or how you make love to your wife?

    Waddup EAW, it's ya boi Dr. Vincent I. motherfucking Pride, PhD in bodying dickeaters from the school of hard knocks in the 6ix, you know it! Xander Payne think he all smart and shit. Tryna use big words and shit. Boi be thinkin' my "Drake references and slang wording" make me some kinda...
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    Crossfire Predictions

    Chris Elite(c) vs Rex McAllister – EAW World Heavyweight Championship Prince of Phenomenal(c) vs Daryl Kinkade vs Charlie Marr – National Elite Championship Noah Reigner vs Lars Grier – Extreme Rulez – Cash in the Vault briefcase on the line Lethal Consequences vs Devan Dubian Xander Payne...
  18. VIP

    What are your character's measurements?

    dick size: larger than Xander Payne
  19. VIP

    MATCH PROMO fuck it, Lars is gonna pop off at 11:59 anyways

    What's good EAW, it's ya boi Vincent I. motherfucking Pride comin' at ya live, bout to ether that fuckboi Lars Grier right here then Ima do the same in the ring tomorrow night. Trust, I ain't about them empty promises like ya boi Lars. Son was on top of the world this time last year, mixing it...