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  1. Xander Payne

    MATCH PROMO You're no different than your little slut of a wife

    The cameras begin to set in motion as it captures Xander Payne sitting back on a majestic tanned chair, bored to death as there is absolutely nothing to do in Columbus, Ohio. A roll of quarters rests on the wooden table beside a cup of coffee. Xander takes another sip of the coffee before...
  2. Xander Payne

    MATCH PROMO Nothing

    The promo commences as Xander Payne is seen sitting on a chair in a secluded area. He wears a black casual suit with a red tie with his hands clasped together. Xander continues to be calmer than ever but has seemed to show signs of annoyance after what transpired between the Wildcards and...
  3. Xander Payne


    It begins with Payne sitting atop a chair in a secluded area, wearing his signature merchandise and his hands clasped together. After failing to keep the EAW Tag Team Championships, he seems to be at a complicated state of mind. This has proven to be a pattern for Xander Payne in the past. When...
  4. Xander Payne

    EAW Draft 2019

  5. Xander Payne


  6. Xander Payne


    What about the Drake King that existed before The Roundtable formed? Oh yeah, that Drake King who was a piece of shit couldn't achieve anything. Last time I checked, I became the New Breed Champion without any assistance and you became the Interwire Champion with the help of The Roundtable. So...
  7. Xander Payne


    and if I recall the last time the Interwire Championship was relevant was before you won it.
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  9. Xander Payne


    drake its going to be ok im sorry i offended you
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    what did I do
  11. Xander Payne


    Best remember that it is our time
  12. Xander Payne


    It opens up to Xander seated in the middle of the tanned couch, with his hands clasped together as his face looks downwards. When he woke up, he realized he was twenty-four hours away from defending his EAW Tag Team Championships and began to develop anxiety. However, he has soothed himself as...
  13. Xander Payne


    Ahh... Doesn't it feel good to be featured in the Grand Rampage video? Just so honoured!
  14. Xander Payne

    MATCH PROMO PFP 2 #2: We goin' all out!

    We are days separated from the biggest night of the year and The Wildcards are nothing but prepared. Earlier this afternoon, they hosted an autograph session at the Pain For Pride 12 Axxess. Throughout signing their initials and catchphrases on hundreds of photographs, they conversed with many...
  15. Xander Payne


    "It is our time"... It has been a couple of days since The Wildcards defeated The Mechanical Animals at the last Voltage episode of the season. Since the Grand Rampage event, The Wildcards have remained the undefeated EAW Tag Team Champions. They have captured victories over many individuals...
  16. Xander Payne

    MATCH PROMO Live In The Moment (Payne For Pride 2 Ft. Myles coming soon....)

    The video commences with Xander Payne sitting on this tanned couch in his luxurious hotel located in the Georgian city of Atlanta. Xander Payne will be staying in this hotel for the remainder of Pain For Pride week. He begins to talk. "For the past twelve months, I have been progressing along...
  17. Xander Payne

    MATCH PROMO Come And Get It

    Recently coming off a five-hour flight from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Miami, Florida in the morning, one-half of the EAW Tag Team Champions Xander Payne enjoys the luxury of the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. He stands on the glass balcony as the hot weather of Miami comes down onto him. He wears his...
  18. Xander Payne

    MATCH PROMO Give me all you got

    Xander Payne rests in his hotel suite in Miami, Florida. Since he is in the festive mood, he has wrapped Jamie O’Hara’s newest book to give to Myles. He begins to speak. "For the past fifteen years, I have been diligently busting my ass off and working my way up the food chain. Every blood...
  19. Xander Payne

    MATCH PROMO Embarrassments

    Xander Payne rests in his comfortable hotel suite in Uncasville, Connecticut, calmed and controlled as he begins to speak. "So, allow me to process everything that has been recently come out of the mouths of The Legion. They have this belief where everyone is out to get them. They have this...