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  1. Jamie O'Hara


    You hear what you want to hear. What best suits you. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Truly. It’s natural. We’re all guilty of it, we’re all guilty of making the same error, the same mistakes that you make. But nobody makes them in such copious amounts as you do, Raven. Nobody makes them...
  2. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Comforts In Lies - Territorial Invasion III

    Contrary to how it may seem, I detest the very idea of a “God” A God in our lives. A God in this business. It’s overflowing arrogance that more often is used to shield vulnerabilities. Your selective nature is shining, Raven. Have I not shown that even I doubt myself? I showed Camille that I...
  3. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Undeniable - Territorial Invasion II

    The individual success and acclaimed reverence of my partners doesn’t need defending. Those who choose to pick and choose what matters ultimately leave themselves open for disappointing when what they choose to ignore becomes harsh truths they cannot overcome. Touting our own success isn’t...
  4. Jamie O'Hara

    @Jamie O'Hara

    @Jamie O'Hara Mood of peak artistry. Witness mastery. Complete excellence. #TerritorialInvasion
  5. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Ninety-Nine And The One - Territorial Invasion I

    The mud never dries. It only becomes deeper and deeper and deeper. More bodies it consumes, the deeper it gets. Consuming all. Refusing to allow any to survive it’s grasp. This battlefield, this war torn strip of land where we cast ourselves out into the open, towards an enemy, rips apart a...
  6. Jamie O'Hara

    Is your current job the job/industry you want to be in for the rest of your life?

    Yes and no. I'm not the most outspoken and social person so freelancing has its limitations unless I evolve as a person. I love the work I do, it's the kind of design work that inspires me and that I always admire seeing from other studios. I would much rather work in one of the global studios...
  7. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Boy Wonder - Showdown II

    Ah…”average” You hedge your legacy on the idea of being someone nothing more than average. On being the underdog… a world where underdogs do not exist. I remember watching The Pizza Boy. A man who lacked size. Who lacked strength. Who lacked the mere physical composition to stand...
  8. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Peace & Redemption - Showdown I

    The pursuit of excellence has always been that driving force. That intangible thing. I lust for it like nothing else in this world. Excellence in every aspect. Excellence in every step I take, every decision I make. It’s the light that exists at the end of a tunnel and yet it remains forever...
  9. Jamie O'Hara

    What makes you go?

    It's the realisation that every career aspiration is a realistic goal as long as I never stray from the understanding of excellence and mastery and make some sort of effort - whether it's through thorough study, general reading, videos, web courses etc - that I'll eventually reach those...
  10. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Spuds and Snag - Showdown II

    Ah, it’s my day of reckoning, is it? Well then, cuff my hands, lead me to the gallows. Ring the bell, bring the crowds. Tighten the rope around that thick piece of wood above, ensure the trap door below will fall away quick enough for my body to fall through - quick enough for my neck to...
  11. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Disappointing Realities - Showdown I

    I’ve come to accept that reality is often disappointing. No matter how much we try to build ourselves to such unrealistic heights, reality is always going to drag us back down to earth and keep us here. Our true selves. But we don’t accept it. No, we fight against whatever confines of reality...
  12. Jamie O'Hara

    NFL Season Projections

    Super bowl winner: Kansas City Chiefs because I'm a biased cunt Team that makes the playoffs but didn’t last season: Browns Breakout star: Dede Westbrook Rookie of the year: David Montgomery League MVP: Mayfield What is your team and what will their record be: Kansas City Chiefs 13-3 Edit...
  13. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Dance My Dance - Showdown I

    Captain...oh...captain. A war of brands - of pride in one’s kingdom, the colours and the marks that don it’s gates, its walls - creeps closer and closer. And here I stand, to the surprise of what should be not a single soul in this world, stand as captain of this brand. To represent all that...
  14. Jamie O'Hara


    Congratulations legend! Well and fucking truly deserved.
  15. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Corners of our World - Showdown II

    You’re bold. But foolish. Each time I stand across from some fresh faced personality, I often find myself hoping...praying that they’re different. Each time, I spill this rhetoric, I read a pre-written essay, utter a pre-existing perspective and yet I hope, in spite of all that I say, in...
  16. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO The Ripple - Showdown I

    That breath. That first breath when the dust settles. When it’s all said and done. The most intoxicating, euphoric feeling. Pure, unfiltered air filling your lungs. And that exhale. That feeling of your body resting back to normality; comfort perhaps unsurpassed. The clarity it delivers. The...
  17. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Deconstruction and Synchronization - MSM I

    I found myself seated in nothing. A place, a fragment of space or just an empty void. The dark recesses of my mind. My soul. Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? I threw these questions around hoping they would bounce off some form of wall, any kind of surface and...
  18. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Windshield of Reality - Showdown II

    You know what I’ve really wanted to see? Just some proof. Just a shred of evidence. Just a sliver of credibility to all these beliefs, all these misinformed views that I’m just soft. And yet here I am. My arms are wide open for someone to give me something to fear, something to actually go...
  19. Jamie O'Hara

    The compliment game

    Biggest flog there is. Tho seriously, you've maintained consistency over the years that only a few could ever really do.
  20. Jamie O'Hara

    MATCH PROMO Cancerous Complexes - Showdown I

    Who have I been. That’s the hardest question to ask. And it’s one in the past that I’ve always chased the answer to believing it was at the bottom of some bottle or found at the midnight hour with a woman I didn’t know and didn’t care to. Who we are is ultimately a collection of personality...