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  1. Caden Walker


  2. Caden Walker

    MATCH PROMO “You have your butchers and bakers, but he’s the village idiot.” - Battleground - I

    This is it? Battleground is meant to be a land where unknown talents are afforded the opportunity to prove their worth to the biggest company in the world, and rather than allowing someone who was victorious last week the opportunity to take another step forward against a new name - you throw...
  3. Caden Walker

    MATCH PROMO “You Have To Earn The Right To Be A Face Card” - Battleground I

    “How?” Caden sat behind a table in a small room in front of a camera sitting on a stand; the light above his head shining down covering him in light inside a room shrouded by darkness. Caden’s looking down, refusing to look towards the camera. “It wasn’t meant to start like this.” It’s...
  4. Caden Walker

    MATCH PROMO Battleground I: Absolute Chaos

    I’ve always been told that this was the company where I should want to end up. I bought into their stories. I began to believe that this was the company where every single one of your grandest dreams in this business had the possibility of coming true. The potential to become the biggest star...
  5. Caden Walker

    Caden Walker

    Real Name: Caden Walker Nickname: “CHAOS” Age: 25 Weight: 230lbs Height: 6’3 Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand Theme Song: “It Had To Be This Way” by Jamie Christopherson Wrestling Style: Calculated/Brawler Weapon of Choice: Railroad Spike Character: People get what they deserve - or...