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    I forget how this works

    I wanna use Mandy Rose as Emily's rep as that's her on other platforms but I doubt Rose is available.
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    MATCH PROMO Queen's Fatality | Is Ishimori Vs Emily Devine

    Devine entered the Arena. A flair of her nostrils and clinched fists were more then a sign of anger. It was a sign utter disgust. So when the music hit for the first time in EAW. Walking down the ramp wasn't a skimpy seductive Emily Devine. No sir. It was instead a crazed broad in a complete...
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    Emily Divine Sign Up

    ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CONTRACT BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Emily Devine Picture Base: Velvet Sky (I have high quality renders) Current Nicknames: Tha Queen, Blood Broad Height: 5,4 Weight: 142 Hometown: Chicago Illinois CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these...