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  1. Rankon

    MATCH PROMO Preparations. [Fight Grid]

    (We're backstage in the arena as the camera pans into Rankon's locker room where he's working out. This is after the interview that he had for and he's training because that's how Rankon is. If he's not in the ring, then he's training and conditioning. His body is used to the tense...
  2. Rankon

    MATCH PROMO There's a beginning and there's a end. [Fight Grid]

    (This is an Interview! One of the interviewers for the website is in front of the camera with a microphone in hand. "There's a lot of firsts as this is the FIRST EVER interview with one of the biggest signings in the past week --- or the past year, for that matter. Another contract...
  3. Rankon


    BIRTH NAME Raekwon Moss RING NAME Rankon NICKNAMES "The Alpha and Omega" HEIGHT 6'3" WEIGHT 260 lbs HOMETOWN Pleasant Grove, Alabama BILLED FROM Birmingham, Alabama DISPOSITION Tweener THEME "Just Like It" by Gucci Mane ft. 21 Savage LOOKIN' JUST LIKE IT NOT A LICK BUT I'M LOOKIN' JUST LIKE IT...