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  1. Katheryn Wicked

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Kalista - Post Bloodsport

    Bloodsport continues on in the arena as backstage we find Kalista having been defeated staggering along sounding like an anger animal. Dragging behind her Kalista has Pet's hair wrapped in her hand. Not moving pet moans as the sound of Kalista dragging her body along continues. Suddenly several...
  2. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Faith - Bloodsport #5

    It's late the day before Bloodsport as Katheryn Wicked walks down a street. Crawling behind, her pet does her best to keep up. Which isn't too hard as Katheryn doesn't seem to be in a hurry. With her back to us Katheryn receives several strange looks from those around. A couple crosses the...
  3. Katheryn Wicked

    Opinion of other people (IC GAME)

    growls "Doctors"
  4. Katheryn Wicked

    The compliment game

    Seems very supportive and encouraging.
  5. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Crawl - Bloodsport #4

    Another day closer to Bloodsport and we return to Katheryn Wicked's dark cocoon where her transformation continues. Today we are actually greeted by only half the room shrouded in darkness. Lurking in the shadows Katheryn Wicked sits watching Pet attempting to walk in her ridiculous boots...
  6. Katheryn Wicked

    Opinion of other people (IC GAME)

    I bet she'd look better covered in her own blood, and maybe some of mine too.
  7. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Red - Bloodsport #3

    We hear the sound of water as once more we enter the dark world of Katheryn Wicked. This time we find her leaning over a large sink. Her claws run through her wet hair and a stream of crimson runs from her once blonde locks into the sink. Now red it's almost as if her hair is bleeding as she...
  8. Katheryn Wicked

    "The Psyhcotic Kitty" Katheryn Wicked

    - Added Pet as manager
  9. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Still counting - Bloodsport #2

    Pointed at a black floor the camera finds Melissa Katheryn Wickeds new pet sitting on the floor next to Katheryn's chair. Still wearing the corset and boots Katheryn placed her in last time Melissa now sports a black latex outfit to match and cuddles up to Katheryn's leg. As the camera pans up...
  10. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Preparing for the Arrival - Bloodsport #1

    In a dark room we find fingers hard at work. Laces slip in and out, over one another, and through eye holes as someone with sharply manicured nails laces a corset. Working the laces from the bottom up the camera finally pans out from the hands, and we see Katheryn Wicked lacing a corset onto a...
  11. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Too many rules - Voltage #1 8/4

    Smiling as the camera begins filming we see Katheryn Wicked sitting in a dark corner. In her laps rests the head of Melissa her captive for the last couple weeks. katheryn pets Melissa as the abuse woman surprisingly smiles and let's of a soft moan. Looking down at Melissa Katheryn grins wider...
  12. Katheryn Wicked


    An outfit fit for the abuse of @Consuela Rose Ava I'm ready for Sunday Connie! ♥♥♥ #Voltage #DressedtoKill
  13. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO The Perfect Outfit - Voltage #3 7/28

    Katheryn Wicked stands in a semi state of undress groaning and growling as she tosses clothes to the side. We seem to have joined her in a changing room, and as she goes through clothing choices she seems unhappy with the each of them in turn. Growing more and more frustrated Katheryn screams...
  14. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Lovely Words - Voltage #2 7/28

    Looking at her phone we once more find Katheryn Wicked in her dark hideout. Katheryn giggles a bit, and bits her lip as she watches from Consuela Rose Ava. A shiver crawls down her spine, and Katheryn smiles after finishing the video. “Connie! You say such wonderful things. I love it when...
  15. Katheryn Wicked

    What's your favorite wrestling promo video package?

    Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart Ironman Match Wrestlemania 12. I just remember the video package making that match feel like a epic confrontation, and then the match lived up to it.
  16. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Love is in the air - Voltage #1 7/28

    Sitting cross legged in the dark Katheryn Wicked smiles at the camera and starts to clap for a moment. Wearing a white lab coat she smiles and runs her tongue over her teeth. Somewhere in the darkness we can her a soft moan, before Katheryn begins to speak. "Well done Andrea. You got the win...
  17. Katheryn Wicked


    @Andrea Valentine I had a fun time. Call me and we'll do it again sometime. 💋
  18. Katheryn Wicked

    What are your favorite Disney songs

    Frozen - Let it go Little Mermaid - Under The Sea Little Mermaid - Part of Your World Beauty & The Beast - Be our Guest Aladdin - A Whole New World Moana - You're Welcome Moana - Shiny Moana - Pretty much the whole soundtrack. The Lion King - Same as Moana everything!
  19. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO 293 - Voltage 7/21 #5

    One day until Voltage, and the EAW crew is hard at work. The Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is well underway in it’s transformation into the Voltage Arena, for tomorrow night’s show. Back stage among the cases, lighting, audio, and rigging Katheryn Wicked lounges on top of one of the larger cases...
  20. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Two days and counting - Voltage #4 7/21

    Once more we return to the darkness and find Katheryn Wicked staring at us. Smiling she takes a deep breath, and closes her eyes. For a moment she sits perfectly still before us, and just breathes. The smile on her face makes the whole scene lean to the creepy as is a theme with Katheryn. When...