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  1. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO Reasonable Doubt Promo #2 - Fuck your self-entitlement

    Just because you put all your god damn blood, sweat, and tears into something doesn't instantly result with you being able to lay claim to it forever. When you pour your all into something, it doesn't mean jack shit. You put your all into obtaining and holding the tag team championships so now...
  2. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO Reasonable Doubt Promo #1 - Sympony of Screams and Horror

    What an absolute fucking shit show. It could've been all fucking puppies and rainbows, but you two fuckers just wouldn't have it. Instead of letting things go smoothly, you two bitches had to spread open your ass cheeks and take a huge steamy shit all over everything. That's when everything...
  3. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO Showdown Promo #1

    What a week it has been. While I've been sitting back beating my meat, these two ass hats are sucking each other off like it's a god damn circle jerk talking their shit to make their assholes tingle. But now it's my turn to make my asshole tingle, and I don't mean from a god damn rim job. I...
  4. Lance Blackfyre

    Rate the last movie you watched

    Zombieland: Double Tap. Pretty enjoyable movie though not quite as good as the first one. Probably a 6/10.
  5. Lance Blackfyre

    Opinion of other people (IC GAME)

    Lance perceives you as a slightly superior version of Ryan Wilson.
  6. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO Feed the vultures (Showdown 1)

    I don't give a flying fuck about how many times I have to whip my dick around to prove I'm the alpha male. I don't give a fuck how many nobodies and stupid cunts I have to face to prove my strength. I don't give a fuck how many throats I have to crush under my boot and how much blood I have to...
  7. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO Calling me a dumbass won't make your dick bigger (Showdown 2)

    I bet when you were a miserable fucking zit faced, mucas filled, dumbass child, some fucker who's nerve you got on said fuck it. Instead of giving you a swirly in a shitty toilet and taking your lunch money, he decided to bend and twist you like a god damn pretzel and shoved your huge fucking...
  8. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO You're Fat (Showdown Promo 1)

    When you face some fucking fat ass, what are you supposed to do? My dick won't get hard unless it's a sexy babe with a tight ass. My competitive nature won't arise unless my opponent is a competent individual than can run for more than 5 seconds without his lungs collapsing. I can't even...
  9. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO Massive Dick Invasion (Territorial Invasion #1)

    When I take one simple god damn step, I cause fucking tremors. Every fucking pansy ass motherfucker in the vicinity feels the tremor and my presence makes them shit their pants. Their bladder explodes as their warm piss fills their fucking trousers and flows down their legs like the fucking...
  10. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO My dick is bigger than yours (Showdown 1)

    When you get annoyed because of some stupid fucking bullshit, you know how a persons eye may twitch? Or they may grit their teeth in anger or cuss like a god damn sailor getting his dick sucked? Well my dick twitches when I'm annoyed. Like how am I supposed to dick down a good bitch when my...
  11. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO Righteous Dick of Justice (Showdown #1)

    Holy fuck nuts. Who are these inbred assholes from Dynasty that decided to pop a squat to try to take a shit on Lance fucking Blackfyre? I'll tell you right god damn now. These fuck wads from the arm pit of EAW need to stay the fuck in their lane before I roll up my shorts and wrap my super...
  12. Lance Blackfyre

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Lance Blackfyre Underwear

    ---- The inside of a bathroom is displayed. The angelic voice of Lance Blackfyre is echoing through the bathroom as someone in a stall is singing. ---- Lance: I'm GONNA TAKE MY HORSE to the OLD TOWN Road... I'm GONNA RIDE til I CANT NO MORE... CAN"T NOBODY TELL ME NOTHINNNNN!!! ----- A man...
  13. Lance Blackfyre

    The compliment game

    You're a solid dude. I dig the name and the gimmick.
  14. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO What was yours is now fucking mine (Showdown Promo 1)

    Now we're talking, motherfuckers. Now we're fucking talking. All this god damn indecisiveness with my placement on Showdown is a real fucking annoyance and it's killing my fucker boner. I don't like my boners being killed until I thrust it in a woman's tight fucking pussy. First I go from...
  15. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO A drug addicted raccoon with a fire cracker up its ass (Showdown 1)

    What a fucking downgrade. I'm so fucking disappointed and baffled by this bullshit. I figure I should expect it at this point due to the absolute clowns I've already had to engage with. But to go from something great to flaming dog shit in a matter of days is fucking unforgivable. I go from...
  16. Lance Blackfyre

    The compliment game

    You're and Ryan's efforts and activities for Midsummer Massacre was really impressive. I didn't expect to see a match with two people dropping 7 promos each.
  17. Lance Blackfyre


    My dick has more credibility than your entire career
  18. Lance Blackfyre


    I'll shove my ball sack down your throat you stupid fucking failure.
  19. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO I had a fucking boner (Showdown 1)

    I don't think you understand the situation. I repeat, I don't think you understand the fucking situation. I lost at Midsummer Massacre, but honestly, who gives a fuck? Because I'm still a god damn winner. Even in defeat, I'm still victorious. People are asking how the fuck did a scrawny...
  20. Lance Blackfyre

    MATCH PROMO Bitches never learn (Midsummer Massacre 6)

    Shut the fuck up, you dumb fucking bitch. I swear to fucking god that bitches like you never fucking learn. You just keep rattling on and rattling on. This is why I'm not fucking married. I don't need some bitchy wife nagging me to clean the god damn dishes all the fucking time. How about you...