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  1. Brianna Blair

    MATCH PROMO Know your place. [Empire]

    Who would've thought that a sex symbol like myself could be what this company needed? Who would've thought that a former stripper could do more in the ring than on a pole? Who would've thought that I'd, in a week, put a roster on notice? Oh, yeah, I thought that. The doubters and naysayers never...
  2. Brianna Blair

    MATCH PROMO Who even watches this? [Fight Grid]

    Not even a week after I'm in the company, I'm in a match on one of those shows that no one watches, ugh. Regardless if I'm on TV or not, I'm must-see. I'm the show. That's what I'm here for - to show off, whether you like it or not. I'm not here because of my looks, I'm here because I actually...
  3. Brianna Blair

    Brianna Blair

    RING NAME Brianna Blair NICKNAMES "The Seductress" HEIGHT 5'5" WEIGHT 135 lbs HOMETOWN Garden Grove, California BILLED FROM Los Angeles, California ALIGNMENT Heel THEME "Act Up" by City Girls PIC BASE Scarlett Bordeaux FINISHING MOVES - Bye, Bitch (Superkick) - Fatal Seduction (Inverted DDT)...