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  1. Ryan Savage

    Congratulations to the NEW EAW PURE champion!

    Congratulations Buddy. Nice work on picking up the W along with some hardware. #PureChampsClub
  2. Ryan Savage

    Pain for Pride Predictions!!!! (PREDICT NOW :D )

    ● EAW Answers World Championship: Theron Nikolas(c) vs Jamie O'Hara vs Mr. DEDEDE vs Darkane Winner: Jamie O'Hara ● Three Stages of Hell for the EAW World Championship: Malcolm Jones(c) vs Chris Elite Winner: Chris Elite ● No Ropes, Submissions Only Match for the EAW World Heavyweight...
  3. Ryan Savage


    Congratulations Daddy!
  4. Ryan Savage

    Grand Rampage 2019 Prediction Thread

    Ahren Fournier (c) vs TLA vs Malcolm Jones vs Chris Elite - EAW Championship Theron Nikolas (c) vs Cameron Ella Ava - Answers World Championship Noah Reigner (c) vs Lethal Consequences - World Heavyweight Championship Sienna Jade (c) vs Raven Roberts - Unified Women’s World Championship...
  5. Ryan Savage

    Ryan Savage Contract: Thank You.

    Coincidence lmfao
  6. Ryan Savage

    Ryan Savage Contract: Thank You.

  7. Ryan Savage

    MATCH PROMO You Too.

    The scene opens up to Ryan Savage sitting at a local bar located in Charlotte, North Carolina staring down at the drink that was served to him thirty minutes ago as memories of his previous match with Ronan Melosi and his time at the hospital fills his mind up allowing doubt and worry to creep...
  8. Ryan Savage

    MATCH PROMO Whether I'm Driven By Doubt Or Fear Or Just Wanting To Succeed, This Is What A Man Has To Do.

    There are some things that people are insecure about that usually drives them away from something that they love doing the most more than anything. For several people, it's the way they look, the way they talk or walk, or even how a person carries themselves. Being a coach at a high school you...
  9. Ryan Savage

    Do you read promos from other members here?

    Usually only my opponents but when I have some free time to myself I will read stuff from others. But I do go out of my way to read a couple people though <3
  10. Ryan Savage

    MATCH PROMO The Feel Good Story.

    So this is what it feels like to be back in EAW again? You win a match in your hometown and you get the opportunity to compete in front of your friends and family who never seen you compete in this setting and once you win a match some guy wants to run down at me and basically beat the holy crap...
  11. Ryan Savage

    Grand Rampage (2019)

  12. Ryan Savage

    💀 Adam Graves

    GOATISTA! :glorious: Hope you enjoy yourself here.
  13. Ryan Savage

    Martin Daniels EAW Contract

  14. Ryan Savage

    Amani's GFX Shop

    Graphic Type: banner Picbase/Render Brad Maddox Additional Info: If you are able to can you include the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu logo?
  15. Ryan Savage

    March Madness predictions

    Simple. Kentucky Wins.
  16. Ryan Savage

    MATCH PROMO Homecoming

    Flannery McCoy: Hello EAW faithful It's been a whirlwind of a month coming off the heels of a successful Dynasty exclusive pay-per-view! But it doesn't stop there because as we speak I'm happy to announce that former multiple time belt holder has decided to come out of retirement and once again...
  17. Ryan Savage

    Rhyse's Sig/GFX Shop (ARCHIVE)

    Graphic Type: Signature Picbase/Render(s): Brad Maddox
  18. Ryan Savage

    Rhyse's Sig/GFX Shop (ARCHIVE)

    Is it too late to request for one :lupe:
  19. Ryan Savage

    Ryan Savage Contract: Thank You.

    Added A Second Theme Song. :blessed: