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  1. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO Showdown I: 5/26/18

    Watch how quickly they turn when you stop doing what they want you to do. They say that respect isn’t a given, but that it’s earned. Truthfully, I haven’t been given that honour. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do - nothing seems to be good enough. There's been something that's been on my mind...
  2. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO Showdown I: 5/19/18

    There was something that was proven at Wrath of the Dragon; I was always right. For the better half of a year I have been chasing the same dream that so many others hold; to stand at the top of this company with that EAW World Championship resting comfortably on my shoulder. But, as hard as...
  3. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO WOTD II: Down The Rabbit Hole.

    History tells one hell of a story; one that not even the blind can ignore. It's easy, Cameron. It's easy to look at the record book and try your hardest to attempt to use it to paint me in a bad light. Four times I've challenged for the EAW World Championship and four times I haven't walked...
  4. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO A Bitter Pill To Swallow || Wrath of the Dragon || vs. Cameron Ella Ava and Scott Diamond - UTTC.

    If there's one person that should be able to see and understand everything that I've been saying for the last few months, Cameron - it’s you. You stand there so proud of everything that you've managed to accomplish. A multiple time Vixen’s Champion, a former Women’s World Champion, a former...
  5. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO The Standard Bearer. || Theron Nikolas and Rex McAllister vs Scott Diamond and Cameron Ella Ava

    Imagine how he felt. Imagine knowing that you had the world resting in the palm of your hand and not losing it because you allowed it to slip through the gaps between your fingers, but instead having it ripped away by a man that had no place in the situation to begin with. Imagine having to...
  6. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO Heroes and Villains || vs. Tommy Rough and Shane Gates

    Tread lightly. We're sitting at a table; men that sit on opposite sides of the war that has only just started to brew. We look down and see that we have everything lined out the way that we want in to go - a game of chess, each move more important than the last. Don't make the wrong one. I...
  7. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO One Day... || vs. Rex McAllister || EAW World Championship.

    Throughout everything that you've been through throughout your entire career here in EAW, Rex. From standing with Xavier Williams, to your time at New Breed or National Elite Champion - this EAW World Champion reign that you've just begun brings one thing. It's not certainty; it doesn't make you...
  8. Theron Nikolas


  9. Theron Nikolas

    AMA of the King of Elite.

  10. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO The End Of Your Story || vs. Rex McAllister || EAW World Championship ||

    It's no secret that I got a whole lot off my chest at Battle Without Honor or Humanity. I sat down on that ramp and brought a lot of problems that this company had to the surface. I forced this company to stop hiding the fact that Theron Nikolas and the Heart Break Gal sat on different sides of...
  11. Theron Nikolas

    Theron Nikolas

    Real Name: Theron Nikolas Nickname: N/A Weight: 210lbs Height: 6’0 Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Theme Song: “I Hope You Suffer" by AFI Wrestling Style: Calculated/Technical - Every move has a purpose; no wasted opportunities. Weapon of Choice: Steel Chair Character: TBP Ultimate...