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  1. TheMaverickk

    Mav's Graphics Shop (OPEN)

    We are open for business! Use this to tell me what you want/need! ~~~ Graphic Type: (signature, banner, etc.) Picbase/Render(s): (link specific pics or drop the name of your picbase, be preferred that you link or send me a render.) Size: (optional) Text: (optional) Color Scheme: (optional)...
  2. TheMaverickk

    MATCH PROMO Attention | Showdown RP

    Location: Dublin, Ireland Date: 16th of March The scene opens up in a hotel room near the National Stadium in Dublin, there we see someone messing around with the camera. They finally get it working and hold it up, pointing down at him. Man: To say you are "Elite"... you have to play with...
  3. TheMaverickk

    Jason "Maverick" Mavis

    BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Jason Mavis Picture Base: Kenny Williams Current Nicknames: The Mercenary, The Iconic Prince, The Best Kept Secret Height: 5' 11" Weight: 192lbs Hometown: Wexford Town, Co. Wexford, Ireland CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: Ruthless Heel, but the...