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    MATCH PROMO This Promo Long Enough For You, Xander? - Showdown

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    GAWDCAST Ronie Free 😷

    ( Kanye West - "Saint Pablo" ) ( OPEN: We enter a Presidential Suite in the Copacabana Palace Hotel of Rio de Janeiro. Mr. DEDEDE sits at the desk of his portable GAWDCAST set-up consisting of a MacBook rigged to a docking station that supports a keyboard, duo monitors, speakers, and a Yeti...
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    @TheGawd Available NOW #GawdzillaPro #RonieFree
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    @TheGawd I am going to save this planet, TODAY.
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    GAWDCAST Drunk Irish Father Beating

    (AUDIO FORMAT ONLY.) Voice: Testing, 1-2, 1-2 1-2, *tap* *tap* *tap* Mr. DEDEDE: I think we're on. Wwwwelcome to "The Ryan Adams GAWDCAST featuring Ryan Adams", I am your host, your highness, your humble servant - Ryan "The Gawd" Adams joined alongside the Gawdcast crew. Freddy is here, Ian...
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    @TheGawd 🤤
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    GAWDCAST Womens History Month, Ridin' With Biden, Xander Payne & MORE!

    ( OPEN: We enter the state-of-the-art Gawdcast studio in Beverly Hills, California. The usual suspects of The Ryan Adams Gawdcast are all seated at the round table ready to go for the upcoming episode. "Lose You" by Drake can be heard continuing to play in the background while the soundboard...
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    MATCH PROMO Introducing: The Ryan Adams GAWDCAST S1E1 (PART 2)

    ( The Ryan Adams Gawdcast returns from break with a noticeably more frustrated Mr. DEDEDE back in his seat after screaming at his Intern and firing her over the phone. He has since made several unsuccessful attempts at contacting Jenny Punk, but it is midnight in the East Coast and therefore she...
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Introducing: The Ryan Adams GAWDCAST S1E1 (PART 1)

    ( INTRO: "XO Tour Life" by Lil Uzi Vert can be heard in the background. ) Booming Radio Voice: The moment you've been waiting for is finally here. At long last, introducing the Ryan Adams GAWDCAST!!! ( OPEN: We enter a state-of-the-art podcast studio in Beverly Hills, California. A sizeable...
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    @TheGawd GAWDCAST official theme:
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    The game’s never seen a writer like you, Viz. This is the first of many (as many as you determine) accolades for you. In addition your attitude and approach to this game is severely underrated. You have a “give back” mentality and you genuinely care about making this game fun for others, even at...
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    Late but hats off to you Drake, it’s been astonishing watching your evolution and becoming world champion was an inevitability. Fly high young king. Hats off to TLA as well for grinding to a well deserved reign, which I’m sure won’t be your last.
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    Congrats! One of the best writers in the game period. You deserve it and I’m incredibly happy for you.
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    @TheGawd #MajorAnnouncementComingSoon
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    MATCH PROMO New Year, Who Dis

    Hello everybody happy new year 😀 As you recover from your hangovers and mourn your loved ones fiery car crash deaths I'd just like to remind you crazy kids that the Gawdverbs LIVE! tour west coast wing picks right back up in a little over two short weeks. Starting from the middle of January...
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    MATCH PROMO Ryan The Impaler

    The other night my daughter questioned me. She asked me, "Dad, did you deserve that?" "Did you deserve to have your title taken away from you by Cameron Ella Ava of all people?" It didn't register to me what she meant or where she was going with this inquiry. "Well dad I know what it's like...
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    What are you most proud of in 2019 E-fed wise?

    One of the things I take great pride in is any time something I write makes somebody feel legitimately better about their own character. Whether because the match was exceptional or their character was developed, or became more over. To me script writing (matches/segments/booking) has become...
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    Would You Rather? EAW Edition

    1. I love being cashed in on. 2. 10-0 at PFP is a lot to ask, after all it is the biggest show of the year. I’d feel a bit more comfortable going 10-0 in Grand Rampage matches. 3. Win all of big 3. And then the little 3. You decide which is which. 4. Face of all three brands in the span of 2...