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  1. Bronson Daniels

    MATCH PROMO “I’m sorry, but I don’t remember asking” - Showdown III

    “I’m sorry, but I don’t remember asking” - Showdown III (The video fades from black as Bronson Daniels is backstage getting interviewed by Kyra Phillips) Kyra Phillips: Hello, everyone! I’m joined here by “The Euphoric Machine” Bronson Daniels as he’s going to face Lucas Johnson on Showdown...
  2. Bronson Daniels

    MATCH PROMO "Say What's Real" - Showdown II

    "Say What's Real" - Showdown II (A video fades from black as Bronson Daniels is leading the cameraman into his house, which is very messy. Bronson then goes to a shelf, getting a bottle of CBD Oil with Albert Hitchman’s face on and a matchbox. The video then cuts to an abandoned house, made out...
  3. Bronson Daniels

    Mark Macias and Limmy Monaghan's tag team contract. - The Grand Athletes.

    I still like the 420s more, right @Jake Smith ?
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    Hi, I'm back here since I finally got to do a 1.5k words promo and I'm pretty proud of this one
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    MATCH PROMO "Crack Stories Episode 1" - Showdown I

    "Crack Stories Episode 1" - Showdown I (Bronson Daniels uploads a video on his brand new YouTube channel where he is seen sitting on a wooden chair, wearing black shorts, a blue t-shirt and a black baseball cap, recorded by a camera from 2005 which he found in his grandmother’s basement while...
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    EAW signup: Mark Macias

    Omg welcome to eaw Luke :salute:
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    MATCH PROMO "Oxymoron" - Showdown 3/28

    "Oxymoron" - Showdown 3/28 Shut the hell up. You have only won SIX matches out of TWENTY ONE! I have won ONE match out of THREE! Do you see the difference? You said you’ve been here for 3 years. After those 3 years, you only managed to get 6 wins out of 21 this season. So what’s your point? You...
  8. Bronson Daniels

    MATCH PROMO This Promo Long Enough For You, Xander? - Showdown

    hi i'm your #1 fan :blessed:
  9. Bronson Daniels

    MATCH PROMO "Rodeo" - Showdown 3/28

    "Rodeo" - Showdown 3/28 (Bronson is doing his daily morning jogging routine on the beach, dressed in a blue tank top with his name on it and plain black shorts, with AirPods in his ears blasting Travis Scott’s album called “Rodeo” , surprisingly not under influence as he runs into a male fan...
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  11. Bronson Daniels

    Bronson Daniels

    Updated my theme
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    MATCH PROMO “Funeral” - Showdown 3/20

    “Funeral” - Showdown 3/20 (Bronson is getting interviewed after last Dynasty, where him and Dray Fontana got defeated) Dray, you have disappointed me. For once I have spoke well of you, thought we would be great and easily win. But no. All you did was stay in your corner, tag yourself in and...
  13. Bronson Daniels

    MATCH PROMO "untitled unmastered" - Dynasty 3/13

    "untitled unmastered" - Dynasty 3/13 (Bronson’s been lately tweeting a lot about his opponents) “I took an L . I accept it . I didn’t live up to the hype . but I have another chance to prove myself this week when I team up with dray fontana against those gals” “I expect dray to stab me in the...
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop

  15. Bronson Daniels

    MATCH PROMO "You Will Regret" - Showdown 2/29

    "You Will Regret" - Showdown 2/29 (Bronson Daniels is live streaming on Instagram, interacting with his fans. One fan asks about the match he’s gonna have on Showdown) I have heard about Lucas’ response to me. He’s just talking a lotta trash. SHUT YOUR ASS UP NO ONE LIKES YOU SUCK MY FUCKING...
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop

    pow pow sig i trust u with the render text: The Skinny Dipper Lord of Pot Smoking ill give u freedom for the color scheme
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    MATCH PROMO "World On Drugs" - Showdown 2/29

    "World On Drugs" - Showdown 2/29 (The camera fades into the front of a door entering what seems to be a big room. It seems to be a rehabilitation center where doctors and nurses are helping out patients with rehab and restore certain functions after injury. The camera then pans to a specific...
  18. Bronson Daniels

    Bronson Daniels

    "Bet you 2 bucks I'll out smoke you bro." ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CONTRACT BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Bronson Daniels Picture Base: Matt Riddle Current Nicknames: The Euphoric Machine, The Skinny Dipper Lord of Pot Smoking Height: 6’, 2’’ Weight: 216 lbs Hometown: Cocoa, Florida...