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  1. Dray

    MATCH PROMO Really

    Will Revell: Hello! Hello! Dray Fontana! Can I ask a few questions to you? I’m not in the best of moods right now but yeah you can ask me something Alright sweet! This is reall- Don’t start chatting shit please, just start asking questions? Alright...alright. So, firstly, you were scheduled...
  2. Dray

    MATCH PROMO Shot Down In Flames

    What’s the point of him being here anymore? Has his beginners luck expired? Did he fall down the pecking order which I was never even high on? He’s the guy who came in with a God Complex, claimed to be unstoppable, went on a short undefeated streak and was living his own ‘Arcane Prince’ dream...
  3. Dray

    MATCH PROMO Queen? Showdown 1

    The camera fades into the corridor of a hotel in Denver, Colorado. ‘The Prince’ Dray Fontana is seen walking through it with a gloomy and unbothered expression stuck on his face. He is wearing an all black Nike hoodie, matching Nike tracksuit bottoms on with his hood up and an LV washbag and...
  4. Dray

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Fivio Foreign love and Lightwork Freestyle love >>
  5. Dray

    MATCH PROMO Trampoline? Showdown #1

    I can admit, I’ve been slipping a little bit recently. My slogan is ‘All Will Tap’ yet I was caught on camera tapping out to a nerd I ain’t ever heard of, I’ve been taking L after L after L to guys which I personally don’t think deserve to be in the same ring as me in the first place but they...
  6. Dray

    Reckless Wiring 2020

    That poster is crazy!:patrice:
  7. Dray

    If your character was real, where would he or she work?

    Probably Progress in the UK, WWE or NOAH Dream feud in Progress would be Cara Noir, WWE would be Cena and NOAH is Go Shiozaki
  8. Dray

    MATCH PROMO You’ve Fucked Up

    Don’t question my determination Jake You seriously think you want this more than me Jake? You think this is the best time to let your ignorance get the best of you? You really think this is the best time to play the smart arse like you usually do? If you think you’ve got it all figured out...
  9. Dray


    No. No. No Believe it or not, I really don’t like being the prophet of misfortune I am. Constantly being known ’party pooper’ or the killjoy isn’t truly in my best interes, HOWEVER, if ruining Terry Chambers’ sisters monumental debut and making that naive little girl cry is benefits me and...
  10. Dray

    2020 Royal Rumble Prediction Game

    Mens: 24 Womens: 26
  11. Dray

    What song are you listening to right now?

    M Huncho’s amazing man. Haven’t heard I song I didn’t like from him in a while. Utopia was full of bangers too
  12. Dray

    MATCH PROMO Egotistical or Confident?

    Shaker Jones, it seems like nowadays the only thing I hear coming out your mouth is something about my ego. Since I joined EAW it seems like 75% of the shit you say is about me. It’s like you have an addiction to me Shaker. It’s like you need to see my downfall more than I want to see yours...
  13. Dray

    Erik's Grotto

    Size: Banner Color: Up to you, maybe a bit of black Picture base: Pete Dunne Text: Boss of Life
  14. Dray


    @Shaker Jones #PlayerCoach is stupid
  15. Dray


    Glad you’re finally talking sense Shaker. The Brand that Dray Fontana carries on his back will reign supreme :sas2:
  16. Dray

    Liam O'Sullivan

    Welcome to EAW
  17. Dray

    MATCH PROMO Fighting Over the Obvious

    Only God knows why I’m always find myself in the ring with bush-league, amateurish wrestlers. I’m afraid I can’t get my head around it. First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all of you from the Prince himself. Secondly, I’d like to send my prayers out to the Ogawa, Gaines, Plata- I’d like to...
  18. Dray

    Jake's Sig Sweatshop

    Holy shit, that shit’s awesome man. Thanks so much
  19. Dray

    Jake's Sig Sweatshop

    Graphic Type: Sig Picbase/Render(s): Pete Dunne. or this Something intense please Text: ‘Unruly x Unrivalled’ Dray Fontana Color Scheme: Whatever you feel looks nice. Maybe something dark...