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  1. Ezio

    MATCH PROMO Planning is Everything // Voltage 01 // 12.01.2019

    Ezio is seen working out in the gym. He’s sweating profusely as he does the last reps of the set, dropping the barbell he was using for deadlifts hard on the ground. He stretches like it’s muscle memory, feeling the blood circulate through his torn tissue. He catches is breath finally, looking a...
  2. Ezio

    Some BIG News!

    Best wishes Serena! It was an honor (and I mean this sincerely) losing to you in my EAW debut. I wish you all the best in your new life adventure and hope you know that you always have a home here.
  3. Ezio

    State a fact about your character

    Ezio loves butts. All butts. No butt is discriminated against.
  4. Ezio

    MATCH PROMO Pick Your Poison, Sarah // Voltage 01 // 11.24.2019

    Ezio sits on the steps leading up to the ring in the middle of his home gym. Two competitors are grappling and practicing holds. Every strong movement of theirs jostles Ezio around a bit. He sits almost perfectly still. Eyes fixed on a spot or just simply lost in thought as his expression sits...
  5. Ezio

    Sincere apologies

    I want to apologize to the EAW for my no-show on Dynasty this week. And especially to Ronan Malosi and the writers/staff. I didn't realize the fed did cross-brand booking and I didn't pay close enough attention to realize I was booked. This is totally me not paying close enough attention and...
  6. Ezio

    MATCH PROMO The Joy of Cooking (Up A Win) // Voltage 01 // 11.10.2019

    The scene opens on Ezio, splayed on a sofa, swiping left and right on his phone. He swipes so effortlessly, almost mindlessly, like this process is ingrained into the foremost spot of his muscle memory. His finger stops abruptly when a text from Joy Cheree comes through. A slightly wicked...
  7. Ezio

    MATCH PROMO A True Wonder // Voltage 02 // 11.03.2019

    EZIO’S HOMETOWN GYM - PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND The scene opens on a grungy, crowded gym. Halloween festivities are in full display as boxers, wrestlers, and other fitness nuts show off their once-a-year-wears. A couple Supermen, some definite attempts at Batman… the usual suspects in a room...
  8. Ezio

    Joy Cassidy.

    Welcome aboard!
  9. Ezio

    MATCH PROMO Moving On and Moving Up // Voltage 01 // 11.03.2019

    ON A BUS - TRAVELING HOME FROM OCTOBER 27th’s VOLTAGE EPISODE The scene opens on Ezio, sitting alone near the back of the bus. His elbows are resting on this thighs, one hand on his forehead and the other cradling a phone against his ear. He pinches the bridge of his nose as he gently nods a...
  10. Ezio


    Licking my wounds after first loss. Back to the grind(r). #hmu
  11. Ezio

    Opinion of other people (IC GAME)

    DTF ;)
  12. Ezio

    The compliment game

    Courageous for being so open and forthright about recent struggles. Hope things get better for you soon, bro.
  13. Ezio

    How do you like your eggs prepared?

    Soft scrambled with cheddar cheese or a french-style omelet. *chef's kiss* Perfection.
  14. Ezio

    Rate the last movie you watched

    Free Solo. 10/10 (I think I watched it on Netflix?) Unbelievable documentary about a dude scaling El Cap without any ropes. Really shows what humans are capable of doing in an amazing way.
  15. Ezio

    Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?

    I think my earliest favorites were The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Even went as Shawn Michaels for halloween one year. I'll see if I can drag up a photo somewhere because it's hilarious... As time went on I also really connected with Diamond Dallas Page, Sting, Stone Cold, and the nWo in...
  16. Ezio

    MATCH PROMO A Bridge Too Far // Voltage 02 // 10.27.19

    A GYM - FEDERAL HILL - PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Scene opens as the camera comes through the door of an obviously “in need of some love” gym. The camera weaves through a maze of men and women training in various ways. Boxers, grapplers, jump ropers. A mix of all disciplines sectioned off...
  17. Ezio

    Sad Day

    I know I just got to the fed, but wanted to send over a note of condolences. I have a senior dog with cancer going through chemo at the moment, so I can imagine the pain you must be feeling. I'm so sorry, man. If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out.
  18. Ezio

    MATCH PROMO Birth of a Prince // Voltage 01 // 10.27.19

    AN ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN FEDERAL HILL - PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND The camera enters through the door of a classically tiny Italian restaurant. Weaving through the crowded maze of semi-rambunctious patrons, the kitchen door swings open as a server smoothly bobs past. The kitchen is loud. Lively...
  19. Ezio

    Anyone here make banners/sigs?

    I'm terrible with graphic design, so I'm hoping to get some help if possible. Thanks!