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  1. cris

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT "Out with the old, in with the new."

    Unbelievable. Simply…unbelievable. I go debut out there in front of a sold-out Empire at KeyArena in Seattle, Washington, and the first thing I hear when I get to the back is that I’m on a dying brand that, wait for it, is about to be killed off next week. I guess it really was my fault, you...
  2. cris

    Who is your favorite Superhero?

    The Flash from DC, Sentry from Marvel.
  3. cris

    MATCH PROMO Knock Knock...nobody home?

    It's funny, I thought, that, it would be simple enough for Silver Ann to show her face around the company now that she actually has someone to fight this week. But, I guess I was wrong?.... I mean, I don't claim to know her like her BFF or anything, but I never expected her to be so afraid to...
  4. cris

    MATCH PROMO A fatal Obsession // Empire 6/6

    ~Inside a damaged mind~ . . . . (Crissy is seen wandering back and forth in a semi-dark hallway. She is fidgeting with something in her hand, but it is out of the viewer’s focus. She seems to be talking to herself.) You know, I didn’t think this place would be so….damp. Dull. BORING! My first...
  5. cris

    Crissy Cain Signup

    BASIC INFORMATION Picture Base: Shotzi Blackheart Height: 5'6" Weight: 132 lbs Hometown: Burkitsville, Maryland Age: 20 CHARACTER INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Crissy Cain Nickname(s): Mischievous Misfit // Loki // The Trickster Alignment: Tweener leaning towards semi-heel tendencies...