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  1. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins

    MATCH PROMO Showdown #1

    *The scene opens up at the basement of Kevin Hawkins home where is soaking in sweat and has "Denial" by Seven Dust blasting through the speakers as he's working on his lifting* Hawkins- Tyler, go ahead and put two more 25 pound weights on each side *Hawkins grabs a towel and wipes the sweat...
  2. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins

    MATCH PROMO You’re scum (Showdown #3)

    *The scene opens with a side view of Kevin Hawkins and his friend Tyler in Hawkins 2004 Mustang Cobra crusing down the interstate, it’s around 82 degrees out on a sunny day and Hawkins has the windows down as the camera cuts to the inside view* Tyler-Man this car runs good, you should really...
  3. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins

    MATCH PROMO No Mercy Will Be Shown (Showdown #2)

    *The scene opens up at the home of Kevin Hawkins as a EAW camera crew shows up along with Mike a intern for the interview crew* Mike-I think this is the right home *Mike rings the doorbell of the house* Mike-I don’t hear anything, maybe it’s broke *Mike knocks on the door multiple times*...
  4. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins

    MATCH PROMO And so it begins...

    *The scene opens up with Kevin Hawkins at the Ohio Correctional facility in a dark blue uniform with the sewn on badge covering the heart on the left chest, American flags sewn on the shoulders and the C03 chevrons on the ends of the of the collar of the polo. Hawkins has beside him his...
  5. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins


    I changed it to a 8 font. I’m unsure how it looks on a PC Bc I’m on my cell atm. Thanks again
  6. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins


    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll change it, I’m just use to the larger font and bold font and all from other efeds that preferred it. I’ll change it tho.
  7. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins

    Taking Character Banner Requests

    btw it’s awesome man. Nice work!
  8. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins

    State a fact about your character

    Couple facts about Kevin Hawkins: -Although now portrayed to be a bigger guy and looking like some say looks like “Kevin Nash” originally was a smaller guy and more followed the foot steps of RVD -The name Kevin actually is his real life birth name Hawkins however is not -Loves to be the...
  9. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins


    Catfish Bar and Grill 2019/05/21 2134 *The scene opens up inside the bar where Kevin Hawkins is sitting at the bar with 2 shots of whiskey in front of him and a Bud light platinum sitting along side his friend Tyler* Hawkins- Man this is...
  10. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins


    THE HOME OF "THE OUTSIDER" KEVIN HAWKINS Columbus, OH 2019/05/21...
  11. The Outsider Kevin Hawkins

    “The Outsider” Kevin Hawkins

    BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Kevin Hawkins Picture Base: Diesel Current Nicknames: "The Outsider" Height: 6'8 Weight: 285 Hometown: Columbus, OH CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: Ruthless Heel Gimmick: Hawkins is the truly a heel at heart, not to be trusted by anyone and only...