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  1. Kristen Melody Myers


    @Bhris Elite last night was so fun we should do it again some time!:)
  2. Kristen Melody Myers

    MATCH PROMO Roadblock

    ROADBLOCK "My whole life up until discovering my love for wrestling has always been filled with nothing but success. I always excelled in my field of gymnastics and I was always he bar that my competitors wanted to reach. Here we are all these years later in a completely new profession and now...
  3. Kristen Melody Myers

    MATCH PROMO Vindication [Voltage 2 versus Jenny Cien]

    VINDICATION Being blackballed from a whole state and being cut-off by her parents was a traumatizing experience but also a blessing in disguise. It made Krissi learn on the fly how to be an adult and take care of herself. Everybody had counted her out and the only people she had on her side...
  4. Kristen Melody Myers

    MATCH PROMO The Start of Something Really Awesome [Voltage 1 versus Jenny Cien]

    4/22/17 - Dr. Robinson's Office in Aurora, CO Dr. Robinson: What triggered you to react in the way you did? Kristen: I.... I honestly don't know. Something in me just took over and I have never been this way ever in my life. In my 21 years of doing sports all I've ever been known as was a good...
  5. Kristen Melody Myers


    I hope you're ready for some High Voltage really soon ;)
  6. Kristen Melody Myers


    The Aerial Architect @KrissiM EAW Voltage's newest prodigy!
  7. Kristen Melody Myers

    Introduction Thread

    Hi guys my name is Emily and I'm from Kansas, I work full time as a bank teller and also bake cakes on the side. I've been e-fedding on and off for about 13 years but a lot of the places I've been in over the years have simply not been able to stay afloat for long. The hassle of going through...
  8. Kristen Melody Myers

    Kristen Myers

    ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CONTRACT BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Kristen Myers Birth Name: Kristen Melody Myers Picture Base: Kacy Catanzaro Current Nicknames: “Airbourne”, “The 5 Foot Wonder”, “The Small Giant”, “The Acrobatic Angel”, “The Aerial Architect” Height: 5′ 0″ Weight: 95 lbs...