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  1. Io_Ishimori

    MATCH PROMO 'Special guest' - Showdown #3

    24.08.19 Austin, Texas *Io arrived to the arena a few hours before the start of the show to prepare herself well for the upcoming match. When she was in the building, a reporter stopped her in one of the corridors. At first, the girl didn't want to answer her questions, but she wanted to be...
  2. Io_Ishimori

    MATCH PROMO 'I'm tranquilo about that and I can sleep well at night' - Showdown #2

    21.08.19 Miami, Florida *The video takes place in one of the sport halls in Miami, Florida, where Io, is already dressed in ring gear, and she is minutes from tonight's match alongside her boyfriend. The girl in addition to the characteristic ring attire is also wearing a T-shirt with the...
  3. Io_Ishimori

    MATCH PROMO 'You're my golden ticket, Cam' - Showdown #1

    19.08.19 Osaka, Japan *After Io heard who would be her rival on the next Showdown, she decided to go for a walk and think about some things. Two weeks ago, she slightly disregarded Santo Muerte and bear the price of her stupidity by pausing druing the previous show. Well...It wasn't an official...
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    MATCH PROMO 'If you don't have a face you can't lose it' - Showdown #1

    10.08.19 Boston, Massachusetts *The video takes place outside. Looking at the conditions it is quite late at night. Io sits on the grass under a large, old tree, and in front of her stands a few white candles, which together with the moon are a source of light. With such a poor extened of...
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    MATCH PROMO 'Being like others doesn't make you special' - Showdown #1

    01.08.19 Miami, Florida *Midsummer Massacre didn't go as Io wanted to, but despite this she didn't have much time to be sorry for herself because she promised her life partner to help him lead his wrestling dojo in Australia, so directly from Philadelphia she had to departure and she returned...
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    Maybe I lost, but Harlow's face when she heard what this special opportunity is was priceless. #BetterThanWinningTheMatch
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    Io Ishimori

    Few updates xx
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    MATCH PROMO 'Final words' - MSM #4

    *The video takes place in Wells Fargo Center, where in few hours Midsummer Massacre will take place. For now, the hall is almost empty and it is quite peaceful here, so Io came here to collect the final thoughts about the 8 way elimination match. With every hour the tension is getting bigger...
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    MATCH PROMO 'Now is my time to shine' - MSM #3

    25.07.19 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania *It is quite late in the evening and it is visible well, when you're looking at the sky. The sun has almost gone over the horizon and it's starting to get dark. However, despite this, Io decided to go for a walk. She didn't go alone because, as it turned out...
  10. Io_Ishimori

    MATCH PROMO 'I didn't forget' - MSM #2

    12.03.06 Tokyo, Japan *Io was eleven at the time and her grandfather decided to take her to the wrestling show in the capital of the country. Her mother, of course, didn't know about it. She thought that they had gone on a trip, or else she would never let her go. Her mother always thought that...
  11. Io_Ishimori

    MATCH PROMO 'The choice is yours' - MSM #1

    22.07.19 Osaka, Japan *After losing at Showdown, Io decided to go home for a few days and think about some things. It is good to draw conclusions from mistakes, and a friendly place certainly helps to focus. Until now, she doesn't know what happened during the last show. The Mechanical Animals...
  12. Io_Ishimori

    MATCH PROMO 'Uhh, you're contenders. Should I be impressed or what?' - Showdown #1

    15.07.19 Osaka, Japan *The video takes place in the dojo of her own, but actually of her grandfather. However, she spent so many years training here, that she could consider this place her own. The girl is sitting on the edge of the ring, and next to her you can see a plush cat. She just...
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    Watch your mouth @Lance Blackfyre . When I have The Vulture King at my side, I'm not interested in some fucking court jester.
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    MATCH PROMO 'Why did everyone decide to piss me off?' Showdown #1

    11.07.19 Miami, Florida *Before her departure to Indiana, Io decided to spend some time with her friend, Arata, in Miami. The girl was in a very good mood this week. She managed to qualify for the quarterfinals of the tournament yesterday, and in a few days her official in-ring debut at...
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    And inside you're crying, because being alone scares you. #YoshiSaysHello
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    Mammoth's GFX Shop

    Render: Hazuki Name: Io Ishimori Color Scheme: Something black and blue or white and blue Any Other Information: Inscription: Ice Goddess Io Ishimori
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    Pic Base Changing Season 13 Edition

    Hazuki pls
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    MATCH PROMO 'It's difficult to listen idiots and being sober in the same time.' - Battle Royal #PFP2

    *The video takes place in a large living room. The only source of the light is lit candles. Io Ishimori sits on one side of the couch dressed in a black gothic lolita-style dress. On the other side sits her the best companion, Yoshi San. On the table next to the sofa there is also a glass of red...
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    MATCH PROMO 'Change the world' - 24/7 Battle Royal #PFP1

    *Io Ishimori is sitting in the training room with her new companion, this time not plush. But Yoshi San is also here, in the end Io takes him almost everywhere. The girl has a lot of distance to Aaron because of their story, but it's good to have some advice from a veteran. In the end, despite...
  20. Io_Ishimori

    MATCH PROMO #Empire 1 'Die Miho Die' - vs Miho Li

    12.06.19 Osaka, Japan *Once again, the video takes place in an old training room with a snake emblem on the main wall. No matter how often you see this place, it always looks the same. Io Ishimori slowly walks around the ring talking to her plush friend, Yoshi San, who is sitting on the mat...