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  1. Ronn Bank$

    How long have you been here?

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    Name Change Request Thread

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    EAW signup: Mark Macias

    Welcome little dude, stick around and have fun!
  4. Ronn Bank$

    EAW signup: Mark Macias

  5. Ronn Bank$

    Korey Gaines

    Sure :mjgrin:
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    Korey Gaines

    I'm not sure if you talked to somebody else ahead of time but pic base changing season isn't till June beloved. You can ask to reserve PAC/Neville but other than that you'd have to still be TJP in the meanwhile:patrice:
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    happy 10th birthday little buddy youre now in the double digits:gladbron: Nah in all seriousness happy bday, keep being the goat that u are and a great person and model member that everyone looks to gravitate towards and support. Like Jake said you help make EAW a better place and you alongside...
  8. Ronn Bank$

    Favorite Wrestlemania

    Wrestlemania 22
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    Grand Rampage (2020)

    Credit to the top bloke ledge @Jamie O'Hara Official Themes: Match Card: - Grand Rampage Match - 30 Man/Women Over the top battle royal - Winner competes for a World Championship of their choice at Pain for Pride: Participants TBA - Andrea Valentine (c) vs Malcolm Jones - EAW Championship...
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    Be there or be quarantined with Rudy Gobert
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    💢BREAKING NEWS❗: REAL TALK... REVAMPED! Our first guests... YOUR EAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... DRIZZY AND VIZZY! (Ask your questions!)

    For Drake King: If The Visual Prophet, Jake Smith, Sierra Bradford, and Sarah Price were all drowning and you could only save one, who would it be? For Viz: How will you avoid becoming the latest "next up" award winner to become a disappointment? For both: If you could face any tag team in EAW...
  12. Ronn Bank$

    I love eaw

  13. Ronn Bank$

    Reckless Wiring 2020

    Promoing for this event is open as of 12AM EST. Promo deadline Friday at 11:59 PM EST.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Promo Deadline for Under Siege Update

    In case anybody isn't a user of the discord server and missed the announcement, due to the forum going down for about 5 hours last night and messing with some people's ability to get their promos in for Under Siege, we are adding those hours back by extending the deadline and will close at 5AM...
  15. Ronn Bank$

    Reckless Wiring: Justin Windgate vs Gwyn Gilfried(Vote Now)

    (Subject to change depending on the result of a match on this week's Dynasty)