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  1. sharan


    Shaker's a tough SOB. You got me there. But you've been more lucky than me being cocky.
  2. sharan

    MATCH PROMO Petey Asdee VS Shaker Jones

    (With theme music playing, Petey enters the ring without paying any notice to few fans cheering and holding out hands for high-fives. He rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, askin' for a mic). Most of you never heard of me, and that's all right. You can call me Petey. I will tell you what...
  3. sharan


    I'm a caged bolt of lightning, Moth. Don't get too close. You know what happens.
  4. sharan


    Looks like they've picked Shaker Jones to meet me in the ring next Showdown. I feel sorry... for him. #1425
  5. sharan


    Since I can't invite you to my personal hell, I'll bring the hell to you. Watch out, Showdown. Soon. #1425
  6. sharan

    Petey Asdee (contract)

    BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Petey Asdee Picture Base: Current Nicknames: Dog Face Boy, Survivor Height: 175 cm Weight: 95 kg Hometown: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these...