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  1. Frankie Paradise

    Battle of Egypt Prediction Thread

    Charlie Marr vs. Mr. DEDEDE -- Champion vs. Champion Impact (c) vs. TLA vs. Darkane -- World Heavyweight Championship Kassidy Heart (c) vs. Kendra Shamez -- Universal Women's Championship Mark Michaels (c) vs. Jake Smith -- PURE Championship Tyler Parker vs. Jamie O'Hara The Visual Prophet...
  2. Frankie Paradise

    MATCH PROMO Voltage 002 - Frankie Paradise/Doctor Bethany Blue vs. Fire and Ice.

    The Office of Dr. Bethany Blue The Doc was sat at her desk humming away to herself while writing up a report of some kind, she was lost in her own little world as it were proud of the fact she had achieved so much in such a short time in EAW and all while her mother disapproved. Of course she...
  3. Frankie Paradise

    MATCH PROMO Voltage #001 - Frankie Paradise/Doc Bethany Blue vs Fire & Ice

    You would think with the victory over the wannabe member of the MCU Blade on Voltage, that Frankie was going to be on cloud nine. His luck hadn’t been the best since signing with EAW and the Voltage brand when it came to inside the ring. His debut match on Dynasty was marred with a screw job...
  4. Frankie Paradise

    MATCH PROMO Vs. Blade. Voltage.

    Mother Son time… It had been a whirlwind week for our Franklin Allen Paradise, the moustache maestro, the king of swing, the hero of the people was in a very strange place right now. He went of course to see the good Doctor to celebrate her victory, he also went for his daily check-up because...
  5. Frankie Paradise

    Congrats to the NEW EAW NEW BREED CHAMPION

    Congrats on the win, from experience like everyone else as well I know how much of a challenge it can be to win a belt in this game. But you knocked it out the park this time. Only way is up for you. Enjoy it.
  6. Frankie Paradise

    Congratulations to the new Interwire Champion!

    Out of your array of characters I've worked with of yours since we've known each other. Doc is definitely one of the most fun and I see you having a ton of fun with her as well which reflects in all the writing you do. And to think the added bonus is the pic base is your mum's dentist. lol Grats...
  7. Frankie Paradise

    @Dr. Bethany Blue

    Congrats Doc, totally earned that win!
  8. Frankie Paradise

    Is your current job the job/industry you want to be in for the rest of your life?

    Working in Hospitality was never even on my mind as a career. I’ve always been drawn to security work. Had got my SIA badges for doors and cctv before getting a job as a porter for a hotel. Had been first job in a good while due to a lot of personal shit in my life going on. But getting this...
  9. Frankie Paradise

    MATCH PROMO Vs Team Dynasty - 001

    There is a lot that doesn’t faze Franklin Allen Paradise and considering his line of work and his ego you would think we would find him hard pressed to actually be stunned. But here we are, in 2019 where Frankie had been stunned. See he had recently visited the good doctor Bethany blue, she...
  10. Frankie Paradise

    MATCH PROMO Vs. Terry Chambers | Voltage 001

    The camera opens to within the confines of a white hallway. We see a few men and women walk past as if the camera isn’t there, they too are dressed in white and from better angles we can see they are medical staff. It I then we figure out that we’re inside some sort of hospital. We see some...
  11. Frankie Paradise


    Want to apologise to everyone in EAW, especially Omar (Doc) and our opponents for this tag match. Tried to write Frankie all week at various times, but just couldn’t piece together what I wanted. A mix of procrastination and writers block were my enemy this week. Getting back into the mindset...
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  13. Frankie Paradise


    Tonight I go one on with "The Monkey Flip" King, Korey Gaines. It's expected to be a hoot as my old man used to say. So with that said for your viewing pleasure here's a spoiler... Yeah, i'll probably be just as confused as the cat afterwards as he runs around the ring like an idiot, but i'll...
  14. Frankie Paradise

    MATCH PROMO Voltage 002 - Vs Korey Gaines

    We find ourselves somewhere in Dallas, Texas. The City were everything is bigger, and right now that was true when it came down to Frankie Paradise because he is on cloud nine and it shows. He was sat on a bench inside one of the many parks located in this great city, this time however he was...
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    Good. variety is the spice of life.
  16. Frankie Paradise

    Territorial Invasion 2019

    Sweet baby jesus, that is a fantastic poster.
  17. Frankie Paradise

    Sarah Price

  18. Frankie Paradise


    Voltage, I came, I saw and I came again all in 4k. I'll be the bigger man and give Credit where it's due to baby El Chapo, but there could be only one and having a shoe thrown at moi like i'm GW Bush in Iraq just wasn't going to cut it. Now if you excuse me i'm gonna go party like it's the 80s.
  19. Frankie Paradise

    MATCH PROMO Voltage 002 | Eeeyyy Mang!

    Cue the scene, we find ourselves inside a room, or more importantly than that as it becomes more apparent - the dining room - of Frankie’s mothers’ home in the hills of Los Angeles, CA. Its lavish of course, money has been well spent on a varied amount of antiques she has collected over the...