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  1. Dr. Bethany Blue

    "Maidens of Malpractice" The Medical Maniacs

    BASIC INFORMATION Team Name: "Maidens of Malpractice" The Medical Maniacs Team Members: Dr. Bethany Blue & Alexis Chambers Picture Base of Each Member: Dr. Britt Baker | AJ Lee Combined Weight: 242 lbs. TEAM INFORMATION Team Disposition/Alignment: Cowardly/Ruthless Heel Team Gimmick...
  2. Dr. Bethany Blue

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT To the members of Season 14th Showdown Roster

    I’m so happy we are on the same brand. Now, about that extra girth you’re carrying..... Call me!
  3. Dr. Bethany Blue

    @Dr. Bethany Blue

    @Alexis Chambers, @Sierra Bradford and @Harlow Reichert .... Ladies, we put our differences aside for one night and ask @Ryan Wilson our esteemed GM of Showdown to give us a four on one match against @Jake Smith. Don't worry, I'll prescribe enough Medical Marijuana to @Bronson Daniels, he...
  4. Dr. Bethany Blue

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT To the members of Season 14th Showdown Roster

    @Ryan Wilson You are both a gentleman and scholar. I am ecstatic to be here under your leadership and I’ll make sure Showdown is the HEALTHIEST roster in EAW. The Doctor is In @Alexis Chambers Girl, let’s do this!
  5. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "The Good, The Bad & The Fugly" EAW DRAFT RP 5

    6.28.2020 Philadelphia, PA. It was the morning after Pain For Pride. Dr. Bethany Blue woke up and rolled out of bed sore, she knew that her body had gone through hell the night before. The third night for the largest FPV of the year was later that day. Bethany had taken another shower...
  6. Dr. Bethany Blue


    OMG... that is so sweet, best sig anyone has ever made for me, THANK YOU! ILY bro!
  7. Dr. Bethany Blue


    Graphic Type: Sig or Banner only. Sig Picbase/Render(s): (link specific pics if you want) CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE Text: (What you want it to say.) "The Doctor Will See You Now" Color Scheme: (optional) Blue Silver and White Additional Information: (e.g. a particular style...
  8. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "PPE - Pathetic Pathosis Elitists" EAW DRAFT RP 4

    PPE – PATHETIC PATHOSIS ELITISTS CHAPTER FOUR With the EAW Draft show just a few days away, Dr. Bethany Blue along with Nurse Goldstein had made their travel arrangements and landed in New Jersey, ready to settle in and compete with some high stakes in the very first match of the card, the...
  9. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "I Don't Give A Fudge About Respect" EAW DRAFT RP 3

    I DON’T GIVE A FUDGE ABOUT RESPECT CHAPTER 3 Dr. Bethany Blue sits at home with her dog Corgi, McDreamy, named after the Grey’s Anatomy character. The Good Doctor knows and acknowledges that she is in the fight of her life, against two men that are exactly what billed as, the best in their...
  10. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "Bedside Manners" EAW DRAFT RP 2

    BED SIDE MANNERS CHAPTER TWO If Dr. Bethany Blue wasn’t more ready before than she is now to shock the EAW in the first match of the new season over a Hall of Fame, former World Champion, and a man that is highly regarded as one of the top stars in the company on all three brands, then she is...
  11. Dr. Bethany Blue


    You are the man, that is AWESOME! Thanks bro!
  12. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "A Mexican, An Aussie and A Doctor Once Walked Into.... EAW DRAFT RP 1

    6.27.2020 Pain for Pride Philadelphia, PA. Pain for Pride, the biggest event on the calendar year for the EAW, where all three brands compete in matches to end feuds, start new ones, or have a battle in a marquee matchup with some of the best. For Dr. Bethany Blue, it has been a season of...
  13. Dr. Bethany Blue


    Type Of Sig: GIF Pic-Base: Dr. Britt Baker Name: Dr. Bethany Blue Text: "The Doctor Will See You Now" Color scheme: Blue, white, silver. Theme: Anything that has to do with being a Doctor, Maybe operating room, hospital, etc. thanks bro.
  14. Dr. Bethany Blue


    Mr. Malosi, after all the trauma you experienced at Pain For Pride, that's a lot of red meat to eat chief, it will build acid in your joints causing a lot more pain then what happened over the weekend. You don't want a visit from me, so put the brontosaurus steak down and try some Quinoa and...
  15. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "You Give Love A Bad Name" PAIN FOR PRIDE RP 4

    Philadelphia, PA. 6.24.2020 It was a visit and an incident that Dr. Bethany Blue never thought was going to happen today. While working at the Urgent Care, our favorite Good Doctor was fiddling away with some prescription for a patient she just saw when a nurse there told her that she may have...
  16. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "You Give Love A Bad Name" PAIN FOR PRIDE RP 3

    Philadelphia, PA. 6.24.2020 Dr. Bethany Blue found herself working more and more in her medical work. She was taking some time between working out and helping out at the hospitals in Philadelphia. Nurse Goldstein was also giving a helping hand. The Good Doctor was ready to take on Alexis...
  17. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "You Give Love A Bad Name" PAIN FOR PRIDE RP 2

    One Week Ago Boca Raton, FL. It was hard for Dr. Bethany Blue to digest, she was seeing the writing on the wall, it was obvious that Jake Smith had fallen for Alexis Chambers and they had this little thing going on while she was being played. A lot of it was just a farce on Alexis part, she...
  18. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "You Give Love A Bad Name" PAIN FOR PRIDE RP 1

    One Week Ago Boca Raton, FL. Dr. Bethany Blue stood in front of the mirror staring at her beautiful black dress. Her long wavy sandy blonde hair was resting on her right shoulder, nails polished a bright red. The Good Doctor was made-up beautiful, and she was pondering if this was what she...
  19. Dr. Bethany Blue

    MATCH PROMO "The Swamp Thing" VOLTAGE RP 2

    The Offices of Dr. Bethany Blue Boca Raton, FL. 10 Days Ago It was not long after several meltdowns by Bethany Blue since she tried to get herself back into business with her practice. Yes Alexis Chambers was trying to steal Jake Smith who really never belonged to her in the first place and...