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    it wouldn’t I just thought it was funny. (Sorry for stealing your forum gimmick btw)
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    @LethalInjection || Mark Micheals

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    MATCH PROMO Famous last words (RTR 2)

    Oh get in the fucking sea already.
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    MATCH PROMO Famous last words (RTR 2)

    “ You know with just a few short hours to go before EAW becomes nothing more to me than a nightmarish fever dream that I will be more than happy to awaken from, I sit here and wonder what the hell made me think a single one of you could have ever been smart enough to shake off your shackles...
  6. Mark Michaels

    MATCH PROMO Dirt off my shoulders ( Road To Redemption )

    ( The video slowly fades in from black, the music playing quietly in the background becomes louder as more of the images come into focus. Images of Mark Michaels from January returning to EAW and beginning his crusade to bring down the establishment. Once it fills the screen The video quickly...
  7. Mark Michaels

    MATCH PROMO Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong? ( sd)

    “ I must be crazy to agree to this. To fight two people I don’t like, along with two I don’t give a rat’s ass about, I’m agreeing to team up with three guys I can’t stand! This is gonna be a loooooooonnnnnnggggg ass week. But you know what I wouldn’t expect anything less from the suits. They’ve...
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    Mark Michaels

    Added fpv theme
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT You’re all hopeless.

    Thursday, November 28th, 12:32 am. ( the scene opens on a cold Minnesota night where inside the Marvel Bar, we find Mark Michaels sitting alone hunched over a highball glass filled with a deep brown colored whisky instead of one of the avant-garde cocktails the small speakeasy styled...
  10. Mark Michaels

    MATCH PROMO Fuck off. Is that a fancy enough title? (Showdown #2)

    “ As I sit here fresh after my workout, I was sitting down watching some football catching some of last week’s highlights, and I heard the guy mumbling on and on till one thing he said stood out to me. One thing I heard rang in my ears. The words he said were at this time of the year it is...
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    MATCH PROMO Call it a prophecy, a preview, or a promise. In any case I’m gonna win. (Showdown 1)

    “ Before I start let me just say that I am in a good mood right now. I mean as I was walking to the back with my hand raised high in victory, the crowd jeering me like the I was public enemy number one, and even the puppets at the announcer’s desk unable to spin it any other way but that I...
  12. Mark Michaels

    MATCH PROMO no brain, no guts, no balls, you must really be a skeleton ( showdown #4)

    “ So with just a few minutes standing between me and my route to Road To Redemption, with just minutes before I go out there and smash Santo Muerte’s empty skull into the canvas, I want to take a few minutes just to let him and the rest of the world know exactly why I am gonna crush his hopes...
  13. Mark Michaels

    MATCH PROMO Of basements, bottom dwellers, and that bitch called Santo Muerte. (Showdown #3)

    The scene opens inside a dark room. Nothing can be seen past the pitch black darkness as a slow thud of footsteps in the distance grow louder and louder as they draw closer. A faint crack of light pierces through as the sound of a door slowly creeking opens is heard in what must be close...
  14. Mark Michaels

    MATCH PROMO Death, take a fucking holiday. (Showdown #2)

    “ YAWN... oh I’m sorry I just got a little sleepy listening to this motherfucker yap his gums off. You know what Santo forgive me because I get how you are death incarnate. It’s not because you’re a ruthless and violent mother fucker, that would be me, no you bring down the sword of El Ray by...
  15. Mark Michaels

    MATCH PROMO November isn’t a challenge for Santo because he has no nuts. (Showdown #1)

    “Over the last few weeks there hasn’t been a whole lot for Mark Michaels to smile about. I lost my PURE championship, I failed in getting it back in a rematch that I had to claw and scratch to get. I’ve been locked out of arenas and I’ve even been arrested because I won’t simply kneel down...
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    MATCH PROMO Reasonable doubt 2

    “HOE SHUT THE FUCK UP!” - Drake, 2013. “ Well that sums it up best. This whole week I think I made it pretty clear that I had neither any desire nor intention to waste my precious time squabbling with either of my opponents this week. Truthfully I’m glad I didn’t join them in clucking...
  17. Mark Michaels

    MATCH PROMO Reasonable doubt #1

    “ Oh my Jake made two videos about how he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, funny how he needed to name drop me every ten seconds for anyone to care. Funny how he spends his time talking about how much he wants to win, while I spend it in the gym getting ready for everything that will...
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    TLA!!!!! I am so happy for you man you have been working so hard for so long (and I’ve been waiting since BOE to post this) you've been one of the most over guys for a long time for good reason, and I’m glad you broke through and got this crowning moment
  19. Mark Michaels

    House of Glass 2019 Prediction Thread

    TLA Viz Drake LC Jenny
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    Happy Birthday to the Greatest of all Time Mr. DEDEDE

    Happy birthday boss! 🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂 man I cannot express the gratitude I have for you and all the given to this place. Your time, your energy, your creativity. You have been a leader, an anchor, and a friend. I personally wish you nothing but the absolute best in life from this day forwards, and that...