MATCH PROMO “ The Locker Room Leader ” Hahaha Ok - Gaines v Sienna - Voltage 1


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Ya know its hard to sleep when there shit bothering you, its hard to sleep when all you do is think, its hard to sleep when shit is bugging you, and its really hard to sleep when you been the fucktard that has lost the past couple tag matches. Ya see I dont like losing and especially dont like it when its consecutively. Ya see I was picked by Barlow to be the man that helps him terrorized the fuck out of any locker room that we show up in. I was suppose to be the one that helps him in this war path that we are suppose to be on in order to fuck up people and blaze towards the tag titles. Im the one hes suppose to lean on when it comes to having his fuckin back when shit hit the fan and well.....It appears that I aint holding up to the bargain. Sure we fucked up that bitch ass SKA, and sure we might of ended the career of Conor, and sure we have talked are fair share of shit but when it comes to being one of the best self proclaimed best tag teams in the world well....Barlow is wreckin shop and well I am just trippin over my feet while taking the teams losses on my back for the 1, 2, and 3!

Donnie Dukey. You got a taste of what your boy felt the week prior and well if you think this new tag team partner of yours is any improvement well lets just say the bigger they are the harder they fall. Which was fairly evident when we dropped big boy to his knees and then force fed him back Extreme where she easily fucked him up some more. You actually think that big piece of shit is any improvement to the sack of shit that you tried to team with in the first place? Come on man seriously? You prolly had a better chance of trying to beat us solo than tagging with the freak of nature that tries to be unkillable when clearly the dude weak as fuck. But its him that you are riding with huh? Well then its the both of yall that will clearly looking up from six feet below when we bury the both of yall. I cant wait to shut your bitch ass up, talking all this shit as you think your some type of badass. Bitch you are from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Land of Cowboys and Pistol Pete, all yall do in Stillwater is watch Brokeback Mountain on repete and continously get fucked up by the Sooners and those bitch asses that wear burnt orange in Austin, Texas.

So Sienna Jade says she is Unfuckwithable huh? Thats someone who feels that thay are a person who is truly at peace with themselves, and nothing anyone says or does bothers them, no negativity or drama can touch you. Well honestly that is just fuckin awesome to know cuz really I am not at peace with myself due to all the bull shit losing I am doing and all the bull shit that I have been going through to get here. But your going to stand there in your promo as you list off all the losses I have had, ramble on and on about how I havent done shit and squandered several title opportunity and then your going to break out that stupid ass bitchey smug smile as you bull shit about me being a stalker and how you feel like I am some type of pedo and some other shit. Basically barf up all the same ol bull shit that everyone has done and so on. See thats where your " thick skin " would come in to play as you are stronger than that as you wouldnt let someones negativty bring you down. But heres the thing, I aint you bitch as I let all that fuel my anger and just beat the absolute brakes off someone. " But Korey, you dont win nor beat the brakes off anyone! " I beat the absolute dog shit out of everyone, its that one second that I actually let up that I fuck myself. With you? Words wont kill you but my anger will try to do everything possible to really see if beating the dog shit out of you truly makes you truly unfuckwithable.

Your the self proclaimed " locker room leader " right? Ya see when I think of a someone whos a leader is a person that brings a team and or squad together, someone everyone trusts, someone everyone will rally around, and someone who to die for. When I see you I see someone who needs the spotlight, someone who is wants all the glory as well as wouldnt share it with anyone, someone whos needy, someone whos spoiled, and someone who feels that they should be catered to. How the fuck you going to self proclaim yourself the leader when no one in the locker room gives a shit about? How the fuck you going to lead when no one fuckin chose you to lead any of the teams at the FPW. " But I got a title to defend at the event, and I dont want to run myself thin " Oh whoopie fuckin doo!!! Ive seen plenty of double dutys at EAW events and those folks do just fuckin fine!!!

I dont give a damn what you have done in the past, I dont give a damn what fuckin style you bring to the ring as you " claim " you have learned from all the best in the world, and I really dont give a shit about the nonsense that you are going to spew when you open up your fuckin mouth. Because its about damn fuckin time you and the other fuckin vets who like to sit up high on there pedestals as they treat others like they owe them something. I dont owe you shit, I dont fuckin care who the fuck you are, and how the fuck you got to the EAW Hall of Fame. What I do care about is how many kicks, punches, and knees it takes to bring that big ass fore head of yours to the ground and how many stomps it takes to make sure you dont ever vomit any type bull shit ever again.

Im fed up, Im sick and fuckin tired of losing as I cant sleep as I take this shit seriously. Im a war path and its unfortune it for Sienna that your standing ahead of me cuz I am coming guns blazing and I coming with no fucks to give, with not a once of respect to give out, and no one fuckin shit about if I win this match or if I happen to get myself dq'd Because I have about had it with my life right now and your about to endure prolly one of the biggest ass whoopings that you have ever had to recieve. That is not a threat, that is not a warning but that is a damn promise!! Once I get done fuckin you up, I am going to stick that Elite title so far up your ass that you will be shittin gold for weeks. Im coming for you Sienna and it sure as hell wont be pretty.


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