MATCH PROMO “The Day of Reckoning…” DYNASTY✨01

Darcy May Morgan

✨⭐The Leading Lady✨⭐
Specialists Champion


Last week on Dynasty, I snapped. I admit it. I probably didn’t handle things the way I wanted to. But, can you blame me? Andrea Valentine’s almost “Miss Universe” speech rattled me to my core. Not because it made me afraid of facing her this week for her EAW Specialist Championship. But because it made no sense whatsoever. It was a pathetic attempt to try and push me off my game, by having her stupid face stare at me from ringside. I am sick and tired of this good girl act that she keeps playing up to the fans. It is fake, it is inauthentic and it screams out “attention seeking brat.” You really expect me to believe that Andrea Valentine came all the way to Friday Night Dynasty, despite the fact that she had a match the next night against Veena Adams at Wicked Games, just to show me the EAW Specialist Championship and tell me that was the closest I was ever going to get to it? Bullshit. I am sorry but I am not fooling for that crap. Longest reigning EAW Specialist Champion or not, you don’t come all the way down to another brand just to do that. And the real reason she came to MY SHOW, and watched MY MATCH, is because she is threatened by me. There is no ifs or buts about it. She made out in her little speech, that she was doing this for the legacy of the EAW Specialist Championship but it is nothing like that. She came to Dynasty for herself and no one else. She wanted to scout out what I was doing, to try and get into my head before our match this week. She wanted me to know that she was waiting. Otherwise why would she have pulled up a chair and sat at ringside? She was prepared to try and knock me off balance, and wait for a moment when I wasn’t looking, for her to pounce on me. It’s pathetic. And you know what, it didn’t work at all. You being there, only showed to me how you know how much of a big deal I am around here now. Maybe that wasn't the case before. Maybe before, you could keep putting my name to the fact of your head will you went on with your business over at Voltage. But you can't do that now. You have heard my name all the way from Voltage, and were dreading the day that I got a title opportunity against you. You said yourself, I am the biggest threat to that championship and your biggest opponent to date. This isn’t going to be a hair pulling match like you had against Celes Dumont at Pain for Pride. This isn’t an arm wrestling match like you had with Helena Merriman. This isn’t going to be a match against Serena Riot, with Veena Adams in the corner, telling her what to do every moment. This is just you and me, no stipulations or interferences. And with all that in mind, it scares the sh*t out of you that you have to defend your title against me this week. THAT is why you came to Dynasty, not for any other pathetic reason that you have made up to justify your “heart of EAW” gimmick.

And let’s go back to that point. This is a one on one match with no stipulation attached to it. How are you going to cope with that Andrea? I mean, I know you like your ladder matches, your hardcore matches etc. It is what you like to do to show that you have done everything to defend the EAW Specialist Championship. But this match is just me and you. Nothing else. You won’t have a pretty little ladder to help you win the match. You won’t have a cage or barbed wire bat to help you beat me down. You won't have any weapons in this match to stop me from coming at you. This is just me and you, and that f*cking ring. And it is going to be interesting to see how you cope without the codependency of a stipulation attached to a championship match for you. You are going to have to rely on your skills as a wrestler, your skills as a performer and your intelligence to be able to outsmart me in that ring. Are you able to do that? I guess we will have to wait and see because you have more than just the EAW Specialist Championship on the line in this match. You have your credibility as a champion, your status in this business, the fact that this whole thing with Veena was worth it or not. You beat her, and the last thing you want to do now is go back to Voltage without that championship belt around your pretty little waist. But me? I have nothing to lose. What you need to realise that Andrea, is “doing everything it takes” is not going to be good enough when facing me. You have had so much sh*t going on, while all I have been planning for is a match like this one on Friday. 24 hours of the day, I have been thinking about how I can beat you, win that championship and bring it back to Friday Night Dynasty. While you, all you have been thinking about is when and where you are going to get your hands on Veena Adams or on how you and the four horsewomen can take over Voltage. The last thing on your mind right now is defending that EAW Specialist Championship. And I don’t even think you are fully aware of that yourself.

I watched your match against Veena Adams at Wicked Games closely. I have had a few people ask me, why didn't you show up at Wicked Games? After what went down at Friday Night Dynasty, I didn’t need to be at ringside on a chair, watching your every move. I didn’t need to be there to let you see, up close and personal, the person that is going to take that belt away from you. I don’t need to play those mind games with you Andrea. I know who I am and I know that you know who I am. I fought back against you, and showed that I wasn’t going to be a victim of you sticking your nose into my business last week. That is why I did what I did. I didn’t need to prove that I can win a match against those three amateurs. I bet them all down and proved that I didn’t need to be the victor that night. You know I can win a match when the pressure is on. You saw my match at House of Glass. I am willing to go to that dark place inside of me, to make sure I win. I didn’t need to be there to interfere in your match against Veena Adams. What is that going to prove? I wanted you to win against her, and come to Dynasty as the best possible version of yourself that you can. I want you to give me everything you have. Because that is what I prepared for, and I didn’t need to be sitting back at ringside, watching your match, with a sickening smile on my face to prove that to you. I didn't need to pull of a cringeworthy promo directed at you to make you aware of me. Unlike you. The simple fact of the matter is, no matter where I am, or what I am doing.. I am still going to be the next person to beat you for that championship. You say that is the closest I am ever going to get to that championship belt? Well, I say that at Friday Night Dynasty, that is the closest you are ever going to get at trying to outsmart me. By trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Because I am not going to let you get any closer this week. You aren’t going to do that this week, because I am taking you out, fair and square, and reigning supreme over the great Andrea Valentine. At Wicked Games, you may have beaten the odds. Serena Riot was in Veena Adam’s corner, and you proved that b*tch wrong. Congratulations. But, this Friday, f*ck Veena Adams, f*ck Serena Riot, f*ck Charlie Marr, f*ck the Four Horsewomen. This is me and you. No one else in the world matters. And I am taking that belt away from you. Because no matter who you are, or what you have done, nothing is going to change that.

Look, what I want to make clear is that I am in no way putting you or your career down right now. The reason I am pissed with you Andrea is due to the fact that you came to my show to “show” me something, in a strategy which quite frankly came back to bite you in the arse. I f*cking know how much of a big deal you are to this company. I know how you have been used as the poster child for the Empire division, back when it was open. I know you have won War Games, battled the odds over on Voltage, been the elitist of the month and been in matches which has quite literally, shown your blood sweat and tears. I am not stupid. I know what you have done. Let’s also mention that on Friday, you are technically going to be the longest reigning specialist champion, tying with Brody Sparks herself. I am in no way coming at you like Serena Riot did, or Veena Adams, by saying that everything you have accomplished is bullshit, because I know that isn’t going to work. Your list of accolades is the reason I was happy to have this match against you. It is why I had all my fingers crossed, made wishes at 11.11, and everytime an eyelash fell out, I made a wish for me to be facing you for the championship. It is all these accolades, all these accomplishments, that makes me want to beat you even more. It is this reason that I am glad to be in this match with you, and the reason why I am giving f*cking everything to make sure I beat you. We haven’t crossed paths that much in our careers. The last time I faced you was on Empire, in our tag team match when I tagged with Cuntsela.. I mean.. Consuela, and faced off against you and Celes Dumont. I knew from that match alone I wanted to face you one day. Mainly because that story was never finished. My leg got pulled back by Karina Ann, and Consuela ended up eating the pinfall. I never got a chance to shine in that match, and that was down to Fatal f*cking Destiny. And look what has happened to them now? I am the reason that Celes Dumont’s career has ended. I finally made that b*tch start listening, and smashed her head into the floor, resulting in her being pulled away in a stretcher. Things have changed since when we faced off last time. I am not the person I was when we faced in that ring on Empire. We both went our seperate ways, but everything in my body was telling me that I will be facing you for that championship sooner or later. Everyone knew it as well. This is the match that people have been waiting to see. This is the match that really tests you as a champion, Andrea. And now, I am more than ready to have this story re-written and ended in the best way possible for me. I am ready for give everyone want they want, and win this match against you.

Additionally, let’s face facts here Andrea. I have said to you already how I appreciate your career. I am not going to come at you by saying your accomplishments suck. But, I am going to call you out for the stuff that I think you are doing wrong with that EAW Specialist Championship belt. You came out on Dynasty and spoke of the legacy of the EAW Specialist Championship. You have said before that you are not done with that title yet. But, really, all you have done since being on Voltage is hold that title like an accessory that means nothing to you. I hate to be the one that tells you this, but when was the last time you defended that title or made it relevant in any way? When was the last time you defended that title against someone that matters? You defended that title on FPV at Bloodsport, and since then, all you have done is go around each brand, in crappy title defences, because that what you HAD to do. You haven't spoken out and asked for challengers. There is no doubt that your career has gone leaps and bounds since Empire disbanded. You have gone on to have high profile matches, face off in main events and that title, has been the last thing on your mind. This whole sh*t with Veena Adams and the stable of the 4 horsewomen has came before your EAW Specialist Championship. Maybe you feel that you are such a big deal now Andrea, that you no longer need it? Maybe you feel that the EAW Specialist Championship, is just holding you back? I get it, it must have been hard having to deal with Veena Adams and her authoritative ways. That b*tch must have made your life hell. BUT, you are the EAW Specialist Champion, and your f*cking priority was to make sure you continued the legacy of that championship. Instead, you used that championship to get you into the Four Horsewomen and plummet your career into a main event performer. The championship comes last on your list of "goals". It proves you don’t care about that championship anymore. Stop acting like you do care about it, because you have mentioned f*ck all over the last couple of months when this sh*t with Veena has gone on. You were more interested in proving her wrong and winning War Games, then making sure you kept your EAW Specialist Championship. Your priorities in this business are all messed up. Your ego made you forget about that belt so you could become a bigger deal on the Voltage brand like you partners, Raven Roberts, Ms Extreme and Consuela.

Your priority should have been that EAW Specialist Championship.

I can’t blame you though Andrea. It isn't like you have been given the best challengers for that EAW Specialist Championship, have you? Kathryn Wicked, Helena Merriman… Serena Riot. It literally is a list of people that are either, not with the company anymore because they f*cking suck, or have their head up Veena Adam’s arse. It isn’t an impressive list, and it is safe to say I don’t think you have been pushed as a champion yet since your reign. Is that your fault? Probably not. But you can walk around and act as if your championship reign means something, but to me, it doesn’t really mean anything until you beat someone who is willing to do anything to win it. And, let's be honest here, I am the only one that has EARNT it. Katheryn Wicked replied to your open challenge, mainly because, who the f*ck else was going to answer that challenge over at Voltage? Helena Merriman was handed a title opportunity against you because I took away her opportunity of going into the Divide and Conquer match at Territorial Invasion as a consolation prize. And Serena Riot.. well, she was only given a match against you because Veena Adams wanted you to be off your game when she faced you at Wicked Games. She wanted to try and get you injured in a ladder match. Doesn’t that worry you Andrea? That Darcy May Morgan, has worked her arse off to get a championship match against you. That Darcy May Morgan has been fighting for this opportunity since the day she walked through the EAW doors. That everyone you have faced so far has been pathetic elitists that did nothing to earn a match against you. I have earnt it. I have proven already that I am championship material before we have even had the match. I deserve this. And I deserve to be the one that takes that championship away from you over anyone else in this business. I have been prepared for this match since day one, and I think you know how much of a threat I am to that title.

You keep going over and over these “goals” that you have. That you will do anything to make sure they are fulfilled. But, I want to be the one that tells you that it is time to set up a new set of goals, Andrea. It is time you let go of this EAW Specialist Championship, because you are not doing everything you can as a champion right now. Your championship run is getting stale, and everyone can see it. I believe you probably even see it yourself. I have no doubt in my mind that you are a big name in this industry, and that you are going to continue to go on to do great things with what you have. You will go back to Voltage, and you will continue to be a name and be a stand out on that roster. You will make a new set of goals and probably achieve them, now that Veena Adams is out of the picture. But you are going to do all of that.. WITHOUT the EAW Specialist Championship. Because how much further can you really take that championship? Let’s be honest? What else can you do with this championship? It is time to pass it onto someone else that can do anything and everything to regain that legacy of the championship, night after night. A person that will defend that championship at every FPV and not get distracted by petty arguements with authority because they don't see eye to eye. That person is me.

I can take that championship belt and be the champion that everyone knows I was made to be. I have always said that I was never born for this industry. Some people are and some people aren’t. Wrestling came to me as a gateway for all the sh*t I dealt with in my personal life with my family, boyfriends, my overall life. Without wrestling, I probably wouldn't even be alive right now. It saved me by making me the person I am today. I wasn’t born to do this Andrea, but I sure as hell made sure I was destined to be a champion. I worked and worked, have had setbacks and have proved people wrong, and have never stopped for a break. I have been consistently apart of this division and apart of the shows for the whole of Season 13, and have grown into someone no one thought I could EVER be. Not even myself thought I could be this person. I deserve this, I deserve to be the one that dethrones you on Friday and I deserve to be the one that is handed that EAW Specialist Championship after making you tap, or pinning you 1,2..3. Why? Because I have done everything to make sure that my ONLY goal was to be a champion since day one. That has been my priority, and this Friday, my goals are going to be achieved. And when they are, my goal is to continue to prove that winning that championship was not a mistake, and I will continue to be the champion I was always destined to be. No distractions, just me and that championship belt.

Your time is over Andrea. It is time to pass that torch onto someone who can fulfil the duties as a champion.

It has taken me 172 days to get to this point. People fail to give me a compliment, people cringe at the fact of coming to me and shaking my hand because I have proved people wrong since I have been here. I shined bright as a tag team competitor and now, I am shining bright as a solo competitor. But, the only way these idiotic, pathetic people at home are going to believe that I am the best that this business is ever seen is when it is written in the history books. This Friday, this is the time that it is going to happen.

Friday 22nd November 2019.

The date I have been waiting for. The date of the day of reckoning for Andrea Valentine. The date that she is going to be forced to deal with the unpleasant situation that she has tried to avoid up until now. The day that her mistakes as a champion are going to come back to haunt her. The day that she is losing the EAW Specialist Championship belt and going back to Voltage with her tail in between her legs.

Now, Andrea has nowhere to hide.

And I am taking that championship away from her.

That is MY priority.

Kisses, D.M.M xo

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